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  1. Overwatch

    Couple tips and comments... Bastion Bastion is only OP if you keep running into his fire and chain dying. Hanzo/Widowmaker counter him if he's not being healed by a Mercy. He has a weakspot behind him that does x2 damage to him so if he's ever running away from you, hit that spot. Junkrat is the medium/short range counter. Tracer/D.Va/Junkrat ults flush and/or kill everyone who is healing him/blocking him. Reinhardt can pin him if he's focusing someone else. If you chain die, just run in and go for kills and aren't patient, you will find him OP because you'll just help him charge his ult. Pubstomping Quick Play has it's own MMR. Competitive will have another MMR as well. Malicious griefing is part of every game. The difference is Overwatch costs $40/$60. Getting banned for being a dickbag hurts a lot more than CS:GO on sale for $7.50. I also know that (at least for the PC version) there's a preferred player and avoid player list that you can add/remove people to. ~10 minute games and the ability to leave and rejoin with a new team means you don't waste much time getting tilted or getting super salty because of certain players. Getting curbstomped by players that are more skilled than me is the least of my worries. Realistically the people stuck playing with you are just as bad as you. Play the objective A lot of people who start out the game wanting to go after kills and prove their superiority. Lock in widowmaker/tracer/hanzo/bastion/whatever but they don't play the objective. Playing the objective and your role nets more elims for you and your team. Bastion's point is to hold down a point of the map. Widowmaker should be hunting priority targets with low HP. Tracer should be distracting the enemy team as they spawn and harassing their healers/snipers. The gameplay is designed to be adaptive. Each hero has multiple heroes they're strong or weak or neutral against. It's not TF2 It's not. Launch TF2 maybe, but TF2 as it is now is a joke. TF2 has Crits, Hat-focus, and drop dependent entry to play. Overwatch is designed to be balanced from the get go. New heroes might mess up the harmony. Stealth(invisibility) is not a thing and according to the devs, will not be a thing as it's a cancer mechanic. While the objectives are similar (payload and King of the Hill and Capture points), adding in ultimates and other abilities with the ability to use them in combination is a huge swing compared to just a demoman spamming grenades in an area and occasionally using stickies. The element of timing adds depth and an element of teamplay/wombo-combos that surprisingly TF2 only sees at much higher levels. Learn the meta I'm not talking about the professional scene meta. I'm talking about hero counters, when to change heroes, learning what your team needs, recognizing different points in the game, etc. One of the things that surprised me about this game much more than TF2 is the depth of the game. There's a lot of different situations and plays that can be made at different points on a map. It encourages you to use the map and be creative. Some of of the best Play of the Games were when 1 person made a creative play. As opposed to the typical bastion/hanzo/torbjorn PotGs where they get away with being bad. Conclusion Overwatch is not really a complicated game. The mechanics are simple but they work pretty well even in the beta. Unfortunately the current gamemodes may not appeal to people who prefer to deathmatch. The skill in the game is more seen by how well you play your role or hero, not necessarily how well you aim. If it isn't apparent so far, I've had a ton of fun during the overwatch open betas. If you wanna be good, it really doesn't take 100s of hours of play. fug Blizzard.
  2. Discord

    Anyone know how to set up a discord server? Permissions seem confusing as fk. and for those of you who are wondering what it is, discord is a VoIP program like Ventrilo, Mumble, Teamspeak, etc. but it's got a pretty neat chat component. could be cool for gameday/draft :D
  3. Let's take a look back at that game and year... - Peyton Manning was actually still good and reliable to throw more than 20 yards down the field - They had a return TD that wasn't a TD - Name a wide receiver from that team that's not Steve Smith and ask me if they're relevant in any shape or form today. Let me give you a hint. NONE of the WRs from that team are on the roster today. - We were 2-6 going into that game. We weren't very good to begin with. This was the year where we'd lose every game by 1-4 pts every freaking time before ending on a 4 game winning streak when it didn't matter. - We lost to the chiefs with Brady Quinn. We were 1 of 2 teams they beat that year. - Cam had won 1 game up til that point where he has any turnovers. He legitimately had to play mistake free or we didn't even have a shot. After the game he fell to 1-16 in games where he has a turnover. Put that into perspective.. Let's look at now... - We're in the super bowl and we fuging deserve every bit of it. No bullshit 'I'm 7-9 and made it through the playoffs because that's the only time we played good". No we've been fuging teams up since preseason. HUGE difference.
  4. Notes and Memos - NFC Championship

    Dear Cardinals, WE ARE WHO YOU THOUGHT WE WERE Sincerely, The best team in the NFL.
  5. What Falcons Fans Are Saying

    What's funny is, Kansas City is way hotter than Seattle right now and no one pays them any attention.
  6. Official Panthers - Saints Gameday Thread

    Their defense should be dead tired now. they gave everything just to make a few plays and they're still getting run over and passed over. their offense has only scored 1 TD on colin jones. saints can only cage us up for so long.
  7. i mean. do boykin and olsen need extra work? no. it's preseason. let guys who need more work get it.
  8. Xbox/Playstation/pc

    there's a huddle steam group afaik. don't think anyone has used it since we made it years ago.
  9. Official Netflix Thread

    Yeah I get it. I'm not really a joss fan btw. A lot of his stuff is overhyped by jossheads
  10. Official Netflix Thread

    Cabin in the Woods was intentionally campy and made a lot of references to other horror movies. Once you understand that, you'll find the humor in the horror. Joss Whedon's notorious for this. Caution Spoilers, etc
  11. Official Netflix Thread

    I want the old Hitchhiker's guide tv show back on streaming . Had a sudden urge to watch it recently... :'(
  12. kekekekekekekeke

  13. Official Netflix Thread

    Senna. It's a documentary on Ayrton Senna, legendary F1 driver who took it upon himself to challenge the F1 scene and change it forever. Some of the things he did in real life are just ridiculous, like straight out of a movie.
  14. Official Netflix Thread

    sounds like "Party Down"