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  1. Discord

    Anyone know how to set up a discord server? Permissions seem confusing as fk. and for those of you who are wondering what it is, discord is a VoIP program like Ventrilo, Mumble, Teamspeak, etc. but it's got a pretty neat chat component. could be cool for gameday/draft :D
  2. Let's take a look back at that game and year... - Peyton Manning was actually still good and reliable to throw more than 20 yards down the field - They had a return TD that wasn't a TD - Name a wide receiver from that team that's not Steve Smith and ask me if they're relevant in any shape or form today. Let me give you a hint. NONE of the WRs from that team are on the roster today. - We were 2-6 going into that game. We weren't very good to begin with. This was the year where we'd lose every game by 1-4 pts every freaking time before ending on a 4 game winning streak when it didn't matter. - We lost to the chiefs with Brady Quinn. We were 1 of 2 teams they beat that year. - Cam had won 1 game up til that point where he has any turnovers. He legitimately had to play mistake free or we didn't even have a shot. After the game he fell to 1-16 in games where he has a turnover. Put that into perspective.. Let's look at now... - We're in the super bowl and we fuging deserve every bit of it. No bullshit 'I'm 7-9 and made it through the playoffs because that's the only time we played good". No we've been fuging teams up since preseason. HUGE difference.
  3. Notes and Memos - NFC Championship

    Dear Cardinals, WE ARE WHO YOU THOUGHT WE WERE Sincerely, The best team in the NFL.
  4. Taiwanese game preview

    the last 3 seconds of that need to be turned into a gif
  5. Baldy has always had a hardon for Cam.
  6. Michael Irvin "Open Mike"

    cocaine's a helluva drug
  7. A Great Positive to Take Away

    We had penetration on Wilson when we tried. We played a lot more contain on him on the second half and that's how he started to pick up yards and make plays happen. You gotta hit him in the mouth before he realizes he should be running. I hope our DE rotation is a bit better next week to keep our guys fresh. Palmer isn't as big of a threat to run as Wilson but he's got plenty of targets and knows how to get the ball out quick. We can't be doing this 10 yards off poo like we did with Wilson. Disrupting timing on routes and stopping the run will be a huge focus. fug Russell Wilson.
  8. I don't see it as coaching. We were getting to Wilson in the first half and we couldn't do it in the second half on obvious passing downs. CJ looked gassed the entire second half and they kept putting him in coverage during the zone blitzes. Dude needs to know when to take himself out of the game because we all know he wanted to play when they were up on Atl. Secondly, fug russell wilson. dude fugs his team over with 2 picks, starts running around playing backyard football and LOFTS it up. note how i said loft. All of his passes are lofts and they start scoring. fug that poo. legit all 50/50 balls to get back into the game. you can't blame coaching for that.
  9. Game ball, who gets it?! 16-1

    Stew put the pressure on the seahawks. He deserves it. They had to sell out and stop the run because he was just pumping out yards on them.
  10. NFCC game pie... cum get you some

  11. AFC Wild Card games thread

    At least they have more sacks than points
  12. AFC Wild Card games thread

    Texans came in with no gameplan. Unfortunate that anyone from the AFC South made it into the playoffs.
  13. Panthers vs. NFC West in the Playoffs

    I thought 2005 was a good year, we just had too many injuries going into that game. Lost Deshaun Foster against Chicago and Nick Goings in the game. We were down to our 4th running back off the practice squad. "Just triple cover Steve Smith" and it worked. 2008 was just unfortunate. 2013 sucked but it was venturing into new territory and set us up for our success now.
  14. I thought it was interesting that we've only played the NFC West in the playoffs since losing the NFCCG to Seattle during the 2005 Season. 2005 - NFC Championship - @Seattle (Lost Super Bowl to Steelers) 2008 - NFC Divisional - Arizona (Lost Super Bowl to Steelers) 2013 - NFC Divisional - San Francisco (Lost NFCCG to Seattle) 2014 - NFC Wildcard - Arizona 2014 - NFC Divisional - @Seattle (Lost Super Bowl to NE Deflated Balls) Judging by how the playoffs are projected to play out with a lot of people picking Seattle over Minnesota and Arizona possibly winning in Divisional, it looks like it will be more of the same. Doesn't matter because we can beat any team in our way, just thought it was interesting. #KeepPounding
  15. Hawks Fans are mad RW isn't MVP

    The simple fact is, Cam makes the team around him better. Russell Wilson had to wait for his team to get better before he started to look good.