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  1. im a hokie fan, but dude isn't worth. even outside of academic, he's had multiple issues with selling/distro pot. can't get his head out of that life. he's got the size, and athletic ability though. no point in giving away picks for a guy who can't stay on the field
  2. guess we need more special teamers lmao
  3. He seemed like he knew which questions were baiting him into headlines and made the appropriate responses while being confident in his own ability and also not throwing someone under the bus or bashing someone.
  4. The biggest knock on Ridley I saw compared to Moore was he gets bullied by physical CBs which every team in the NFL now has or is striving to get. Moore has the physicality and YAC threat where you can't just be physical because he's gonna be just as physical. But whatev. We don't know jackshit about how good he fits us until September. Better to just smile and wave boys
  5. Seamonk

    AFC Wild Card games thread

    At least they have more sacks than points
  6. Seamonk

    AFC Wild Card games thread

    Texans came in with no gameplan. Unfortunate that anyone from the AFC South made it into the playoffs.
  7. Seamonk

    Hawks Fans are mad RW isn't MVP

    The simple fact is, Cam makes the team around him better. Russell Wilson had to wait for his team to get better before he started to look good.
  8. Seamonk

    What Falcons Fans Are Saying

    What's funny is, Kansas City is way hotter than Seattle right now and no one pays them any attention.
  9. Their defense should be dead tired now. they gave everything just to make a few plays and they're still getting run over and passed over. their offense has only scored 1 TD on colin jones. saints can only cage us up for so long.
  10. i mean. do boykin and olsen need extra work? no. it's preseason. let guys who need more work get it.
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    there's a huddle steam group afaik. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/carolinahuddle# don't think anyone has used it since we made it years ago.