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  1. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    some of you guys have never gone out late night- finished drinks at closing maybe had a beer or two with your boys afterwards and then gotten up early to do something? Alcohol doesn't magically disappear with a few hours sleep
  2. Panthers Motivation Monday one of my absolute favorite regular season memories as a Panthers fan; it's perfect
  3. Got a relationship question...

    dude if there is one thing I've learned it's this: Dudes love to say, "Women are x" or "Women love y" That's all true and it's crap all at once. While there are definite trends, every person is unique. Usually you can't go wrong by being confident, not ALWAYS being available, and being interesting not just interested. I'm sure you are a really interesting dude, but you sound very INTERESTED. It sounds cheesy but you have to be willing to walk away in order to truly win her affection. If she doesn't reciprocate then it wasn't meant to be. Edit: I only read the OP then got caught up on the thread, take this my advice above for the next relationship but dude you need to bite the bullet here and move on. It's a sunk cost at this point, but you learned a valuable lesson. Be confident man.
  4. Panthers Release Boykin

    didn't you hear? you HAVE to pass judgement on the move within the first ten minutes
  5. Panthers Release Boykin

    OR MAYBE MAYBE we intend to start our rookies and since we had promised Boykin a starting position/playing time- we were doing him a favor by letting him go seek out a starting position on a different team IT'S WEIRD THAT WE MIGHT NOT KNOW THE WHOLE STORY THO AMIRITE
  6. Panthers Release Boykin

    Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you'll land among the stars Keep trying SMF one day, one day you'll actually become a good troll
  7. Panthers Rookie Camp Wrapup

    I love Garrett so glad he's a Panther
  8. plus Addison has proven he can excel on pass rushing downs- he's not a 3 down end, but he has an NFL skill and is familiar with our system
  9. tarheel checking in Russell is making poo up also State had Glennon waiting in the wings (he gave them two great years)- what were they supposed to do? Be held hostage while Russell made up his mind? NC State did nothing wrong, and I'd be willing to bet a bunch of money that TOB never told Wilson any of this shit Wilson is all about his legacy, always has been. Just go listen to the audio from the playoff game- he kept saying "greatest comeback ever" or some poo. He thinks he's in a Disney movie.
  10. Bradberry vs Byrd

    damn Zod are you like a professional photographer or something? jk of course these pics are incredible
  11. I'm so psyched about Garrett Here's how I see WR unfolding: KB, Funch, Ginn, Brown Those 4 are locks, thinking we keep 6 WRs Bersin, Garrett, Byrd, Hill, and Norwood are all competing for those two spots My best guess is: Byrd goes back to practice squad, Bersin gets cut (nothing against Bersin), and Hill, Garrett and Norwood have a blood bath battle for the last two roster spots Don't think we take the chance of losing Garrett by putting him on PS and I think one of Norwood or Hill will shine during camp (Panthers have invested in both players and I don't suspect us wanting to lose one) Either way you slice it or dice it, this could be the best WR corps the Panthers have EVER had.
  12. Star Wars TFA Discussion <Spoilers>

    I think you are going to piss off a whole lot of fanboys if you even mention the word: midichlorians....fug if you google "midichlorians" the first link to come up is: "midichlorians ruined star wars."
  13. I love our new corners
  14. Reasons I cant trust Pitbulls

    some dogs are just flat out mean- and it isn't the way you train them; while some dogs truly have the most gentle souls despite the horrible treatment their owner's inflict on them Some of you saying, "Oh it's all in how it's raised." That's false. That is for the most part true, but it is not definitive. I've been around a dog that was mean for no other reason than it had a damn demon inside it- was raised by a very loving family. Pit Bulls are a problem not because they are all mean, but because they have been bred to literally rip another animal to pieces. Yea some pit bulls are nice, and some are mean- how they got there isn't as important as- what it could do to your 3 year old.