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  1. NFL has never been more popular, media loves New England 
  2. LB Adarius Glanton

    he played well for us in a pinch last year. best of luck to him 
  3. Captain America: Civil War

    ^lol  this looks awesome, between star wars, civil war and batman v supes my nerd boner is going to last for more than 4 hours 
  4. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    just imagine if Smitty was still on this team
  5. 49ers Alex Boone rips the NFL officials

    officials have been god awful this year
  6. Panther's should fear Bucs

    Wasn't Billick the one who infamously created Donald LaFell?
  7. Saints Fans and a Delorean

    the patriots have had an easier schedule than us 
  8. Panthers Work Out Cortland Finnegan

    glad we are working out a nickel. shows gettleman and Rivera have both grown from their past ways of not letting go of players biases.  not glad we are working out Finnegan. I can't stand the guy. 
  9. if you were a fan in 2010 you wouldn't feel guilty 
  10. Johnson and Hardy

    What? I never said you were, and I don't believe I was being dismissive. I wasn't referring to you specifically. I was referring to the posters on this board who literally think Hardy did nothing wrong.  Exactly who knows what would have happened? Knowing Hardy he would have made some other poor choice off the field by this point. My original post was that Hardy rarely showed up against good teams- we are a good team. Thus I'm not surprised he didn't register a stat against us. You can say his presence was felt in terms of pressure and run support, but not registering a tackle against us doesn't really lend itself to that argument. 
  11. Star and Addison have low ankle sprains

    give star as much time as he needs before playoffs 
  12. Johnson and Hardy

    People have selective memories. 
  13. Johnson and Hardy

    I'm not downplaying Hardy, I'm just not a Hardy homer. He is a really good player, but he isn't great i.e. JJ Watt or Luke's level. 
  14. Johnson and Hardy

    probably was wondering if he bought a bojangles sweet tea on his way out of Carolina