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  1. by the way - this guy is a Nickel while the other two were outside guys- with how much we play nickel in the modern NFL this is almost like drafting a different position Sanchez will get great tutelage from both Bene and Boykin this year and is great insurance against losing Boykin next offseason (bc we all know were going to make him look great and some team will overpay for him)
  2. After watching that it sounds like after Ogbah, Henry (x2), Cravens, and Sterling all got picked James Bradberry was the guy we were targeting. Very interesting. Teams have been know to keep tight lids on guys they really wanted - Jax taking Bortles is a recent example I think we called teams to try and move up- and those teams asked for future 1sts- which is too rich for G-man. Knowing that we were sitting at the end of round 2 - I think Bradberry was our target all along.
  3. I loved the Falcons draft last year....that hasn't worked out quite as well as expected.
  4. hoping Cash falls to us - really like him- also I wouldn't be upset if we went with a WR or RB prospect
  5. I'm sure you know this but it's worth typing out The Jags defense this year is adding: Dante Fowler, Jalen Ramsay, and Myles Jack. Holy fug balls.
  6. that guy Ethan Young knows his shit
  7. MFW we take a CB in rounds 5 and 7
  8. Gettleman is marching to the beat of his own drum - so while drafting a punter seems logical I'm not putting anything past Gman
  9. keep in mind everyone that OP is the one who thought Gettleman hated Cam Newton
  10. Completely different situations, but what the hell are facts
  12. yea it was brandon hogan ....whew that did not go well
  13. really really interested in the off the field issue with him pushing a female. not a fan of that at all but obviously I don't know the whole story
  14. I'm more pissed ESPN can't take 10 seconds to show Gamble announce our pick