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  1. When did you 'know' this team was Superbowl bound

    When I decided to buy tickets to the Game in Atlanta. Don't worry I didn't buy any super bowl tickets.
  2. Best "Hitler reacts" videos

    Just saw the one about the panthers reaching the Super Bowl. First one I saw was on the huddle a few years ago but can't remember what it was about other than it was fuging Hillarious. So please post your favorites on here and hopefully it'll show up.  Thanks 
  3. Marty Hurney

    Hurney     Gettleman    
  4. Marty Hurney

    I'll just throw this out there too. Our 2013 Season where we went 12-4 was mostly made by Hurney as well. All 7 pro bowlers that year came from Hurney.  Things that changed from 12 to 13. Riverboat Ron was born. Star and Short were added. Mike Mitchell and Ted Ginn were key free agent signings that worked out well. Others did not (Antoine Cason, Drayton Florence, etc. not g-man's fault as  he was on a tight budget) I am a proud of what Gettleman has accomplished since coming on board. He was smart enough to retain all of the coaching staff, front office and young core of the team that Hurney had in place. He also did the necessary but brutal house cleaning in 2014 where we lost aging vets in Gross, Wharton, and Steve Smith and he allowed his very own 1 year rentals he hit on flee for more money (Mitchell and Ginn). Leaving us with Bell and Chandler as our stating tackles, the secondary was a hot mess and outside of Benjamin and Olsen Cam had nobody to throw to, much less the time to find anyone.  The short term result was predictably disastrous as we tumbled back to 7-8-1. However it had to be done at some point for the long term health of the franchise moving forward. Hurney would have kept the band together as long as he could simply because he had no contract and was in a win now mode without regard to the future of the team.                     
  5. Marty Hurney

    What's wrong with giving him some credit for the good he did?  Cam, Kuechly,Davis, Kalil,Olsen,Stewart,Norman, Tolbert, CJ,Dwan Edwards, Gano, Jansen, Colin Jones, Derek Anderson, Rivera and the front office are all products of Hurney currently on this team that come to my mind without further research. He was the GM on our first Super Bowl run and provided us talented rosters over the years he was here. Yes he went crazy with the checkbook after the lockout. To his credit J.R. did tank the 2010 season and allowed many of our top players to hit free agency in the same year. The first year of the new CBA where every free agent got paid league wide. Yes he had trigger finger on draft day that did more harm than good. Mostly this was out of desperation as I believe he worked without a contract for a time there and was in emergency job save mode without regard for the long term. He's gone now and nobody is missing him. However it's silly to be annoyed that he's being given credit for the things he got right. He has taken plenty of flak for everything he got wrong.             
  6. Random pics from the Game

    There was some left over food in there. Looked gourmet but I was already full on Bo'jangles
  7. Random pics from the Game

    Just another ✔️ On the ole bucket list
  8. Random pics from the Game

    Here are some pics I took at the game.  After we won I asked everyone behind me to do a celebration dab. I also wanted to see what it's like inside a Luxury suite so I snook into one on the 45-50 yard line.  So there's an inside glimpse in case you were curious like me.
  9. Anyone Buy One of Our Nike KO Hoodies?

    I bought the 1st one pictured. It is a "therma fit" to help keep warm. I also bought the Nike therma fit base layer shirt as well.   I wore those 2 layers and a northface jacket to the championship game. Along with a Panthers tobaggan and gloves. The combo was sufficient in staying warm the whole game.  I like the way it looked and it served its main purpose of enduring the elements on Sunday night.    
  10. Poll for the psl owners sb lottery

    I own 2 since 2013. Did not win
  11. Good article on Gettleman

    Agreed. Pretty much all of the NFL Radio personalities are very good 
  12. Tickets

    You can sort to have the prices listed with fees. I did this when searching for tickets to the Atlanta game. I specifically wanted front row of the mezzanine (like our 200 level here but a tad bit higher up). I searched stubhub and NFL ticket exchange. Finally secured the best deal on Friday afternoon for seats I wanted on ticket exchange.  
  13. Coach Carousel 2016

    At this point we are more likely to lose a position coach to a coordinator job. 
  14. So we agreed to change our Facebook profile pics for 1 week if our respective teams lose. I can make him change his to anything family friendly that's panther related. Here's the pic that I have to use for my profile in the less than likely chance of hitting the powerball that we lose.  So I need a good pic for him to use after we win. Please help with something good
  15. What if it was the Panthers relocating....

    Many of us have a damn good idea of how it feels from when the Hornets left. Any native of Charlotte can vouch for how brutal that was. I'd get into it more but need to leave for work. That being said, the Panthers are never leaving Charlotte, so don't even entertain the hypothetical thought as it will cause unnecessary stress.