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  1. Thanks, I edited in bold for clarity.
  2. If you use a 5 season qualifier then the only retired players to play exclusively for us their entire career are: Gross, 11 seasons Charles Johnson, 11 seasons Minter 10 seasons Hoover 10 seasons Mangum, 10 seasons Gamble, 9 seasons Rucker, 9 seasons Goings, 8 seasons Morgan, 7 seasons Biakabutuka, 6 seasons Active players with at least 5 seasons of service exclusively with us TD, 12 Seasons Kalil, 11 Cam, 7 Luke,6 Addison, 6 Short, 5 Horton,5 Overall, Kasay (15 seasons) and Smith(13 seasons) still lead the franchise in total seasons and games played for the franchise. After this season Peppers will join Muhammad(11 seasons) and Stewart (10 seasons) as the only other players to spend 10 years here not listed above
  3. panther4life

    Rap/Hip-Hop purveyors, here's a song. What you think?

    Hip hop is different now and beef poo is played out to me. I agree if you had to pick a winner its clearly Pusha from a lyrical and exposure standpoint.
  4. So yesterday, helped a family member buy a new car yesterday. Having over a decade in the biz and much success with it, I was appalled at how horrible the experience was at every place we visited. So anyway I am going to be holding a training class for a dealer group next week and wanted some more feedback on what you hate most about the car buying process and any practical suggestions you may have to help make it better. Any feedback would be much appreciated it.
  5. I've always been of the school of thought that the 5 most important positions are. QB Edge rusher, DE or 3-4 LB OT WR CB I can't not see WR falling any lower than number 5 on that list anytime soon.
  6. I think so. Its a passing league. Every team builds around the idea of passing the ball and defending the passing game. This is why pass rushing DT's get paid more than Run stuffing DT's.
  7. I prefer to follow the money trail. WR's have the third highest franchise tag value, behind QB AND DE. Just out of curiosity, how would you rank NFL positions by value?
  8. I read the Bucky Brooks article. He just said teams are saying you can find receivers outside of the first round, so you don't have to reach for them. If you follow the money trail then you can see that WR's are not being devalued. The same can not be said for RB, which is what the whole conversation is about. 5 Wide receiver: $1.6 million Wide receivers are sometimes labeled as divas or ball hogs who get upset when passes don’t come their way. That’s hardly the case, and they’re more important now than ever before. The prototypical receiver has become bigger, faster and more precise in route running, exemplified by a guy like Julio Jones or A.J. Green. There are also smaller receivers like Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham Jr., who win with quickness, speed and the ability to get open with ease. Regardless of which type your team has as its No. 1 receiver, it’s a very important position despite the false stereotypes that come with being a wideout. Getty Images Getty Images https://www.foxsports.com/nfl/gallery/nfl-position-importance-ranking-value-every-player-053117 It's a holiday and I am not bored enough to argue back and forth with you on this. So it sounds like we will have to agree to disagree. Have a good day!
  9. Thats a horrible argument. Only 2 D.E's were taken in the first round this year. Does that mean the league is devaluing them? Number 1 receivers are not being devalued at all. They are actually increasing in value. Supply and Demand. Every team has a number 1 receiver by default but that does not mean they have the talent to be a universal number 1.
  10. panther4life

    Rap/Hip-Hop purveyors, here's a song. What you think?

    You get it. The younger generation does not. They have no clue how good rap used to be. Was talking to some co-workers in their 20's last year and they had 0 clue what Jay-Z's first album was, but can tell you all about these garbage rappers today. We are talking about the same generation who swears Lebron is the goat, but never saw the real goat in real time (Jordan). There's a small handful of decent rappers out there today and probably some hidden gems I don't have the time or care level to seek out. This song came out in 06 and it proves to be fact more and more as time goes on.
  11. panther4life

    looking to lease an suv

    Depends on what trim level you’re seeking. The Mazda CX-5 Sport has the best lease available. Google, “ money factors” and “residuals” You want the money factor as low as possible and the residual percentage as high as possible (assuming you have no intent to buy at the end of lease). Edit: forgot to mention lease cash. If any of them have lease cash available this helps as well, the equivalent of a rebate on a purchase. Also, I have no idea what you’re talking about in terms of Problems on the Mazda. I just helped a family member secure a great lease on one last week. Helped another family member purchase a Rogue a couple days ago. The RAV4 should also be one that garners your consideration. Santa Fe’s are good to, but heard their current leases are terrible.
  12. panther4life

    Thank you Big Cat!

    Hurney is basically the polar opposite of JR. He's a stand up guy and was very classy about parting ways with the team. When he did the radio gig he was very gracious and even interviewed Gettleman on air a few times. His ex wife is batshit crazy and the NFL cleared him of any wrong doing rather quickly because of that. Hurney is also the guy who fell on the sword multiple times for J.R. The 2010 season was all Richardson and the only time a Hurney led team won less than 7 games. To put that in perspective Gettleman has a 6 win team and a 7 win team in 4 seasons vs Hurney being the GM for over a decade. Multiple beat writers have also credited the horrible contract decisions made in 2011 to J.R'S ego vs Hurney all of a sudden changing his M.O. So thats another time we know Hurney fell on the sword for him. I'm sure there were other time's he did as well. I think the reason Richardson even brought him back was to atone for mistakes/ making Marty the scapegoat.
  13. panther4life

    Thank you Big Cat!

    I have no problem with being thankful for him bringing us the team. However his Statue needs to go. He sold the team for a reason and it wasn't the money. The statue was a gift to him from the minority partners, if we wants to keep in house or somewhere else thats fine. I'm amazed the Statue has not already been vandalized. If you leave it there, bad things will happen to it.
  14. panther4life

    Mike Rucker

    Is that Kevin Donnalley on the left? If so he’s lost a ton too.
  15. panther4life

    Serious: What will Tepper do with Hurney?

    If we make the playoffs and win at least 1 game in the playoffs I think everyone is safe. Many on here would want Hurney gone even if he delivers us a super bowl this year. It’s pretty much a fantasy to think he or Rivera will be fired if they have a good year and stupid fantasy at that.
  16. Matt Willig was hands down the worst player to ever start a game. Any list without him is incomplete. Todd Steussie was pretty terrible for someone who started multiple games.
  17. Very much justified. Reggie Howard was a scrub too but Cousins was even worse. Amazing that we could have beat Brady in the super bowl with those 2 as our starting corners only if Kasay didn’t screw us.
  18. Heres a recap of what stood out to me when listening to the full interview: They were ready for every scenario possible to play out Really thinks Ian Thomas can be a complete tight end and was a great value at top of 4th,made sure to mention him 1st when asked about Skill position players added. Sure sounds like our first pick was locked in on being a WR because we knew 1 of Ridley or Moore would be there. I think he assumed another team would make the decision for us on which one (Moore or Ridley) and if they had already gone would have pushed Ragnow down and he would have been the guy "Honestly it was tough decision" Tiebreaker went to Moore because of run after catch ability and the fact that he still produced while teams knew he was essentially the whole offense at Maryland and locked in on stopping him. Donte Jackson gives us a skill set we didn't have on the roster. Washington want's to play more man to man, having players like Donte who can follow a speedy guy inside or out will help with that Gaulden, has all the traits of a safety and think he will turn into a guy who will play back there for a long time Lot's of guards we liked but they flew off the board, considered trading up to grab one, but teams were asking too much so that thought didn't last long Really would have liked to add interior o-line, RB, and backup QB in the draft but board did not fall that way, so we took what the board gave us at other positions of need Kept saying you've got to decide where to put your resources you have left and what position's. Got to prioritize what areas your going to spend he resources you have left and what positions they will go to. Safety absolutely could be added "if the right one comes up and we can afford to do that then we will" Was then asked about Eric Reid and said "we definitely looked at him and now you have to decide do you feel good at saftey, backup RB, backup QB and where you're going to use your resources" Tre Boston has alluded to it before but I think the "if we can afford it" statement from Hurney kind of confirms safeties haven't signed yet because theres too much of a gap in what the players at the safety position feel they are worth and what the teams value them at. This is specific to the safety position. He kept using the word resources instead of cap space, so maybe i'm reading too much into it but a trade may be possible as well. I feel like we are almost guaranteed to bring in a vet RB AND QB after it won't affect our comp picks (may 11th). About 14 minutes,feel free to listen for yourself here: http://www.wfnz.com/articles/news/marty-hurney-we-looked-eric-reid
  19. panther4life

    Tax question (1099 Miscellaneous)

    Started a new job as a corporate buyer for a dealership group. I've held this position before but as a W-2 employee. Now this time I filled out a W-9 form. I will be paid from 3-4 individual dealerships under the same ownership group. I did this briefly last year and noticed the wages were in box 7 (non employee compensation). I'm basically trying to figure out how much of my paychecks I will need to with-hold and store in a account dedicated to paying taxes. Any help or insight will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  20. panther4life

    The Way Too Early 53*

    So much will happen between now and September, so I'll stick to the locks to make it. I came up with 37 locks, leaving 16 slots to be filled. Offense (16) QB - Cam RB- Mccaffrey, CAP WR, Funchess, Moore, Samuel, Smith, Wright TE, Olsen, Thomas 0-line, M Kalil, R. Kalil, Williams, Turner, Larsen, Moton Defense (18) DE: Peppers, Addison, Hall, Haynes DT: Short, Poe, Butler, Love LB: Luke, Davis, Shaq, Carter(5th round rookie) CB: Bradberry, Cockrell, Jackson S: Adams, Searcy, Gaulden Special teams (3) Gano,Jansen, Palardy
  21. Here's another Hurney quote from the pre-draft presser. Half of this board was okay with spending our 1st on Justin Reid. He went at pick 68. The GM's league wide spoke on how they viewed this years class at the safety position. How many of you would have believed pre-draft that Edmunds would go 40 picks before Reid? Or that Bates would be off the Board at 55? Or that Tracy Walker would go ahead of Ronnie Harrison? So maybe Harrison wasn't so great after all?
  22. PFF had him as the ninth rated guard. According to them he only allowed 23 pressures over 1265 passing snaps over 3 years at WVU
  23. Now we have hindsight to kind of guide us here My personal preference would have been: Ridley- He was my favorite player for us. Same position as Moore and they chose him over Ridley. They are the pro's so we shall see what happens. Personally I would have traded up for Harold Landry or Josh Jackson. Similar trades were made packaging 2nd and a 3rd to move to get them. For the sake of this exercise I'll take away the trade possibilty and go with Isiah OIiver. So again same position and the experts took their preference. Ronnie Harrison would have been my choice. Theme continues of same position different player taken. (Yes I know Gaulden played Corner in college, but now he's going to be a safety) Nyheim Hines RB. Would have been a great compliment to McCaffrey. Plus I just don't trust CAP. Side note: Never ever could have imagined we'd have our choice of top receiver, Mike Hughes/Josh Jackson but 4 interior O-lineman would be gone already plsu 5 more before our pick in round 2! I also would have thought at least one of these backs would have been there in round 2 for us: Penny,Michel,Jones, Chubb or Johnson. And one of them would have been my preference. 24. Carolina Panthers: WR D.J. Moore, Maryland 25. Baltimore Ravens: TE Hayden Hurst, South Carolina 26. Atlanta Falcons: WR Calvin Ridley, Alabama 27. Seattle Seahawks: RB Rashaad Penny, San Diego State 28. Pittsburgh Steelers: S Terrell Edmunds, Virginia Tech 29. Jacksonville Jaguars: DT Taven Bryan, Florida 30. Minnesota Vikings: CB Mike Hughes, UCF 31. New England Patriots: RB Sony Michel, Georgia 32. Baltimore Ravens: QB Lamar Jackson, Louisville Round 2 33. Cleveland Browns: OL Austin Corbett, Nevada 34. New York Giants: G Will Hernandez, UTEP 35. Cleveland Browns: RB Nick Chubb, Georgia 36. Indianapolis Colts: LB Darius Leonard, South Carolina State 37. Indianapolis Colts: OL Braden Smith, Auburn 38. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: RB Ronald Jones II, USC 39. Chicago Bears: C James Daniels, Iowa 40. Denver Broncos: WR Courtland Sutton, SMU 41. Tennessee Titans (trade up): DE Harold Landry, Boston College 42. Miami Dolphins: TE Mike Geisicki, Penn State 43. Detroit Lions (trade up): RB Kerryon Johnson, Auburn 44. San Francisco 49ers (trade up): WR Dante Pettis, Washington 45. Green Bay Packers: CB Josh Jackson, Iowa 46. Kansas City Chiefs (trade up): DL Breeland Speaks, Ole Miss 47. Arizona Cardinals: WR Christian Kirk, Texas A&M 48. Los Angeles Chargers: LB Uchenna Nwosu, USC 49. Philadelphia Eagles (trade up): TE Dallas Goedert, South Dakota St. 50. Dallas Cowboys: OL Connor Williams, Texas 51. Chicago Bears (trade up): WR Anthony Miller, Memphis 52. Indianapolis Colts (trade down): DE Kemoko Turay, Rutgers 53. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: CB M.J. Stewart, UNC 54. Cincinnati Bengals: S Jessie Bates III, Wake Forest 55. Carolina Panthers: CB Donte Jackson, LSU 56. New England Patriots (trade up): CB Duke Dawson, Florida 57. Oakland Raiders (trade down): DL P.J. Hall, Sam Houston St. 58. Atlanta Falcons: CB Isaiah Oliver, Colorado 59. Washington (trade down): RB Gerrius Guice, LSU 60. Pittsburgh Steelers: WR James Washington, Oklahoma State 61. Jacksonville Jaguars: WR D.J. Chark, LSU 62. Minnesota Vikings: OL Brian O’Neill, Pitt 63. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (trade down): CB Carlton Davis, Auburn 64. Indianapolis Colts (trade up): DE Tyquan Lewis, Ohio State Round 3 65. Oakland Raiders (trade up): OL Brandon Parker, North Carolina A&T 66. New York Giants: EDGE Lorenzo Carter, Georgia 67. Cleveland Browns (trade down): DE Chad Thomas, Miami 68. Houston Texans: S Justin Reid, Stanford 69. New York Giants: DL B.J. Hill, N.C. State 70. San Francisco 49ers: LB Fred Warner, BYU 71. Denver Broncos: RB Royce Freeman, Oregon 72. New York Jets: DL Nathan Shepherd, Fort Hays State 73. Miami Dolphins: LB Jerome Baker, Ohio State 74. Washington (trade down): OL Geron Christian, Louisville 75. Kansas City Chiefs (trade up): DL Derrick Nnadi, FSU 76. Pittsburgh Steelers (trade up): QB Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State 77. Cincinnati Bengals: DE Sam Hubbard, Ohio State 78. Cincinnati Bengals: LB Malik Jefferson, Texas 79. Seattle Seahawks (trade down): DL Rasheem Green, USC 80. Houston Texans: OL Martinas Rankin, Mississippi State 81. Dallas Cowboys: WR Michael Gallup, Colorado State 82. Detroit Lions: DB Tracy Walker, Louisiana-Lafayette 83. Baltimore Ravens: OL Orlando Brown, Oklahoma 84. Los Angeles Chargers: DL Justin Jones, N.C. State 85. Carolina Panthers: S Rashaan Gaulden, Tennessee 86. Baltimore Ravens (trade down): TE Mark Andrews, Oklahoma 87. Oakland Raiders (trade up): EDGE Arden Key, LSU 88. Green Bay Packers (trade up): LB Oren Burks, Vanderbilt 89. Los Angeles Rams (trade down): OL Joseph Noteboom, TCU 90. Atlanta Falcons: DL Deadrin Senat, USF 91. New Orleans Saints: WR Tre’Quan Smith, UCF 92. Pittsburgh Steelers: OL Chukwuma Okorafor, Western Michigan 93. Jacksonville Jaguars: S Ronnie Harrison, Alabama 94. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (trade up): OL Alex Cappa, Humboldt Staet 95. San Francisco 49ers: S Tarvarius Moore, Southern Miss 96. Buffalo Bills: DL Harrison Phillips, Stanford 97. Arizona Cardinals: C Mason Cole, Michigan 98. Houston Texans: TE Jordan Atkins, UCF 99. Denver Broncos: CB Isaac Yiadom, Boston College 100. Kansas City Chiefs (trade up): LB Dorian O’Daniel, Clemson
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    Post Draft Objective Observations

    Lol at 5th rounder being wasted pick. Who did you want there?
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    Post Draft Objective Observations

    http://draftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=81720&draftyear=2011&genpos=OLB Addison was 6'3 245 at combine. 1 inch and 10 pounds is similar.