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  1. Reports are that we currently have 15 million ( http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/cap/ ) to 20 million in cap space( https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/carolina-panthers ) We also will need to allocate close to 7 million for our upcoming rookie class. Here are our top 6 free agents: Norwell, Star,Gano, Peppers,Derek Anderson and Ed Dickson. Peppers cap hit last year was 3.5 Million and would likely cost the same if he decides to return. Gano's last contract was a 4 year 12.4 million deal and he's coming off his best season yet, so not sure what his value on the market may be. There are ways to free up some space and we seem to be poised to free up 9 million just by parting ways with Stewart,( 3.7 Million) CJ, (3.25 million) and Shepard (2.125). Other potential cap casualties include Ryan Kalil (6.8 Million) Kurt Coleman (2.65 Million) and Mike Adams (2.1) Million. Some of those players could potentially have current backups move to a full time role but there is nobody on the roster ready to take over both safety spots. I also don't think anyone is or should comfortable with CAP being the 1-2 punch CMC.I am also not convinced that Love/Butler could fill the void left by Star or that Moton or Larsen filling in for Norwell would not cause a huge drop off. The franchise tag is just north of 14 Million for either Star or Norwell and there has been no indication we intend to use the tag on either. Which free agents do you think we should push to keep and are there any players we should target heavily with the money saved if we choose to let Star/ Norwell walk? Gettleman did not execute his philosophy very well but I did agree with him in principle that you should use free agency to free yourself up to truly go BPA in the draft. With that being said and the lack of space available with 2 of our top players hitting free agency this year that job seems pretty tough this year and for the first time in a long time I don't have a strong opinion on how we should move forward.
  2. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    It’s a business decision that needs to happen. Stewart, CJ, Shepard, are all no brainer cuts. Coleman, Adams, and possibly even Kalil are other potential cap causualties to watch out for.
  3. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/article200362604.html Never heard of him. Has a 15 minute Ted Talk video online.
  4. Panthers to raise ticket prices again

    I had a pair in the first row of section 505. Sold them in November of the 16 season and made a small profit. Just happened to get lucky as a seat neighbor was looking to add a couple next to his current ones. I still watch every game from home and so far I surprisingly don’t regret it.
  5. Well to be fair Rivera only coached us for 2 years under Hurney. Also the whole playoffs 4 out of 5 seasons under Gettleman has a major asterisk next to it due us making it in with 7 wins thanks to the south being complete poo. We did not beat 1 team with a winning record in 2014 and 4 of those wins came against the other NFC south teams who couldn’t beat us out for the division. This isn’t so much about defending Hurney as it is exposing Gettleman. He sucked. Point blank.
  6. At this point Hurney is the best man for the job in 2018 imo. Free agency and the time to figure out whether or not to use the franchise tag is less than 30 days out. Then the draft will be right behind it. Too late in the game to bring in a new guy and try to get them up to speed. Also do we really trust Tina Becker to hire the next long term GM? Any candidate that we miss on right now will also be available next offseason if Hurney shits the bed.
  7. To me Johnson and Stewart are no brainer cuts. I believe even if Hurney is retained as GM they will still be cut. Shepard is also an easy decision to cut. Kalil largely depends on what the doctors say his liklihood of playing a full season is. Coleman, I could go either way on him. If we cut the others then the extra couple million for him won’t be vital to have. If we plan on keeping Star and or Norwell I hope we can extend them before free agency hits. The franchise tag cost for either of them is just over 14 million. Our current cap space is just shy of 12 Million.
  8. Math question

    I’m a used car manager. I’ve set a goal for myself to sell 62.5 cars a month which is 750 a year. I predict the average number days each vehicle will be in stock at 35 days. For example one car may sell in 20 days and another takes 50 days to sell. The sum of those 2= 70 and 70 days divided by 2 = 35. So how many cars do I need to keep in stock to achieve this goal, assuming I’m turning each car within an average of 35 days? This is probably much simpler of an equation than I’m making it out to be but brain is fried at the moment and im need of help. Thank you
  9. Over or Under 7 wins next year?!

    Hurney’s first offseason without any meddling from JR. I faith he learned from his mistakes and badly wants to have the interim label removed. He was really starting to trend up when we pulled the plug on him last time. So count me in as a believer that we finally have back to back winning seasons!
  10. Playstation vue

    Had it for probably 2 years now. No panthers games are blacked out. What does happen and is annoying is some NFL Thursday night games could be blacked out because any streaming cable service is not allowed the rights to games that twitter or yahoo paid for. You can cancel and restart any time. I normally drop it after the football season ends because it’s the only live tv I really care about aside from Game Of Thrones.

    Gettleman sold this cap hell excuse way too good. It’s simply not true. We never created a lot of space in spite of massive cap increases every year. All he did was cut and let valuable players walk. Why he gets praised for that is mind blowing. Every GM in the league has their team under the cap by the start of the league year (including Hurney) because it’s a league rule. 5 years later and we still only have 15 million in cap space this year even though the cap has increased close to 50 million since he got here. That number would be only be 6.5 million if Hurney didn’t wisely trade Benjamin for a third round pick.

    Still will cost us $26 million for 2 years of service. It’s a bad deal no matter how you shake a stick at it.

    If he didn’t waste money franchising Hardy he could have done something. He also didn’t have to restructure gross’ to expire a year early either. He also could have chose to draft one as well. Butler and Thompson were both luxury picks in the first round. He saved money by letting Norman walk after pulling the tag and then blew that whole wad on Kalil. There were other instances where he wasted precious cap space too. Paul Soliai for example. Had the 8th biggest cap hit in 2016. The same year he drafted Butler to ride the pine. Total wasted just shy of 5 million 3.75 in cap hit in 16 and 1 million of dead in 17. 13.1 million in Hardy in 14 There’s more instances of course those just come to mind immediately and easily confirmed with a quick google search. Also the year before Gettleman got here the salary cap was 120 million. By 2015 it jumped to $143 million and last year it was up to $167 million. This year it will be 178 million. We are only rolling over 2.7 million from last year. Leaving us with 15 million to play with this year and important contracts expiring. If we didn’t dump Benjamin’s 8.5 million for next year we’d only have 6.5 to play with. He was so over rated it’s not even funny. Giants fans better hope he learned from his mistakes just as we should hope Hurney learned from his.

    Not only that. Go back and look at the free agent tackle class the year we franchised Hardy and moved Byron Bell to LT instead. Gettleman was a joke and I’ll never understand why the majority of this forum thought so highly of him
  15. Shula called a great game last night and the huddle still wants to blame him for everything. Cam and Shula both did everything possible to win this game. The missed FG, dropped passes, bogus grounding call, Brees and crew playing lights out, were reasons we lost. Not the offensive coordinator. The blind hatred some of you have is beyond ridiculous.
  16. Spotrac has us just shy of 18 million in space and does not include the 18 rookie class as best I can tell. This does however include the 8.5 million saved by trading Benjamin. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/cap/ Using that link will help you see the cuts that make sense financially. Take the current cap hit and deduct the dead money from it( dead money is listed in parentheses. You can spread the dead money over 2 years if you’d like).
  17. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/kurtbadenhausen/2017/12/18/here-are-12-potential-new-owners-of-the-carolina-panthers/amp/ On phone so if some can add the list I’ll copy and paste into OP
  18. Is Hurney good as gone?

    Short answer = no. Too quick of a time table for the new ownership to come in and get their feet wet. He's under contract through the offseason and will have a prove it year so to speak. Also provides new ownership an easy scapegoat if he sucks. Would be much easier to give him/Rivera one more year and if they fail in 18, clean house and start from scratch. I'd say he's got a 50/50 chance of surviving this with each playoff win working in his favor and if we get bounced in the first round that would decrease his chances.
  19. The other owners have to approve it. It was already a topic of discussion in league meetings at March. Any new owner would have to sign like a 20 year commitment to Charlotte. Jerry knew his days were numbered. That’s why he put his statue out there and bought the naming rights to unc Charlotte stadium. Trying to preserve his legacy.
  20. NFC Playoff Picture Through Week

    Yes. Plus we still need Vikings and Saints to drop 1 more. If that happens and we can win out we’ve got the # 2 seed.
  21. NFC Playoff Picture Through Week

    Because of the weird tiebreaking procedures if us Vikings and Rams all finish 12-4 we drop to 4th see even if we win the division. If the saints finish 12-4 then we lose the division and become the 5th seed. Only way we can have a first round bye is Saints, Vikings and Rams all losing 1 more game. Otherwise we could fall to as low as the 5th seed even if we win out. Also a chance if we lose 1 game we are out. Too much to explain but check out the ESPN playoff machine and there is a ton of ways this thing can shake out.
  22. After you mrs Gettleman
  23. All this Hurney hate and everyone is missing his biggest snafu. Keeping John Fox too long. I mean fug having to suffer with him as head coach, Dan Henning as OC (he makes Shula look like a first ballot hall of famer) and even Mike Trgovac as DC. A lot of those 7-9 years with Hurney, we had enough talent to win but the coaching was way worse than what we are seeing out of Ron and co.
  24. Well let’s not act like we didn’t just go 6-10 with Gettleman at the helm 1 year removed from a 15-1 team. Or that he also went 7-8-1 fresh off a 12-4 team that was undeniably built with mostly Hurney players. Outside of Ginn Gettleman didn’t bring in one offensive starter in 13, who was the third option that year behind Smith and Lafell. On defense he did draft Star and KK. He also brought mitchell in for 1 year but most of that nucleus was from Hurney. 2015 is the same story, just swap Coleman for mitchell, and he added Oher after making us suffer with Bell at LT for a year.
  25. December Home Games

    Damn, just saw the post. Looks RR got them. If not let me know. Thanks