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  1. Time to panic

    The main culprit (Gettleman)responsible for this poo show was already fired
  2. Such a small sample size right now. Considering we were intentionally burning up clock in both games to secure the win. Let's see how things shake out against N.O this week.
  3. Play is either in with at least 15 seconds left on the play clock or not in at all. NFL cuts the communication off at the 15 second mark.
  4. Well my original argument was that he does get the most out of individual players , as evidenced by every player that has played under him and other coordinators do better under his command.
  5. Not necessarily true. It's the job of the coordinator to put every player in the best position to succeed as individuals and more importantly as a unit. Everyone argues he does not make proper adjustments to compensate for player weaknesses. If, using your logic when need to start blaming position coaches more than we are Shula
  6. Clearly (apparently not) I was referring to their individual success/contributions to other teams success.
  7. Plenty of great coordinators took a long time to get offered a head coaching job. Rivera and McDermott are prime examples of it. It's not a strong argument for those who says he's a bottom tier offensive coordiantor. That argument works if you want to says he's not elite, which I wouldn't. disagree with. Im just tired of seeing the collective huddle brainwash itself into believing he's the main downfall of our team right now, when there's no solid evidence to back that up. That and the tired argument of saying he takes to long to get plays in is a bad argument as well. The plays are in with at least 15 seconds left on the clock ( the NFL cuts off the helmet communication at this point). That allows 25 seconds from the time the previous play ends until the play has to be in. Sometimes cam waste some of those seconds celebrating, hyping the crowd up vs listening to the call coming in.
  8. There is only so much you can do to compensate for the likes of Byron Bell, Mike Remmers, Michael Oher, Matt Kalil, getting worked over, or cam being rusty or having an off day,Or receivers dropping passes or running poor routes and not creating seperation.
  9. For those of you who think he sucks so much, what players have had better success under a different regime prior to joining the panthers or after leaving the panthers? To me it seems like he's gotten the most out of anyone. Off the top of my head here are players who have played under other coordinators Tedd Ginn, Deangelo Williams, Brandon Lafell,Byron Bell, Mike Remmers, Greg Olsen, Ed Dickson, Steve Smith, Jericho Cotchery.,Michael Oher. Mike Tolbert, Philly Brown. will edit as I think of more
  10. The offensive coordinator will always be the fall guy for poor execution but never given credit when things go right. It really is a team effort. He's not perfect but I think it would be fair to say lack of talent at the tackle positions and poor execution of plays have hurt us more than simply blaming Shula for everything. The huddle has collectively brainwashed itself into believing this nonsense that he is a bottom tier coordinator. He's not, it's an insult to Rivera's football intelligence for holding onto him if this was the case.
  11. I was coming to post the same thing lol. Mines a lil different. Will post when I get home
  12. I am not calling you a liar. Hell, Norman and Cam wrestled for the whole world to see and nobody batted an eye over that. I just stating my opinion that I don't believe it to have been a serious enough of a punch, if it happened at all for that to be why he was cut. I believe it was more for the reasons that Voth stated.
  13. Well I could pretend to have source's too! So maybe some minor altercation happened but again it's unlikely he just sucker punched him. Voth is a plugged as it get's, so we know his info is good. He never said anything about Steve Smith coming out and cold clocking him or sucker punching him.
  14. I don't think Philly is spouting random crap. I think he was told that. I also think that it didn't happen. If so it was likely a scuffle, that was less serious than what happened with Cam and Josh Norman in camp.
  15. http://blackandbluereview.com/steve-smith-admits-he-bumped-heads-with-cam-newton/ http://www.charlottemagazine.com/Blogs/Black-and-Blue-Review-2/September-2014/Looking-Back-at-the-Panthers-Steve-Smith-Decision/ The punching him in the face thing is exaggerated. The 2 above articles reference the rift's and why Smith was let go. He did not punch Cam. Plus there is this. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2016/12/28/ron-rivera-thinks-steve-smith-should-retire-a-panther/ Rivera wasn’t alone hailing Smith Wednesday, either. “A fierce competitor,” Panthers quarterback Cam Newton said. “There’s not a lot of guys that you look down a dark alley and you say, ‘I want to bring this person, I want to bring that person.’ Steve Smith is one of those guys that you better make sure that he’s on your team and not against the team because I’ve seen both of them. I would prefer him being on my team.”
  16. I'm talking about Charles Johnson
  17. Where's saca's hype thread on that bum lol?
  18. Here is all of his draft picks: Lotuleleli- Hit Short -Hit Kugbila -Miss Klein- Hit (now gone) Barner -Miss Benjamin- Hit (lets hope so, he showed up overweight and team has won 13 of a possible 32 games he started in) Ealy- Miss Turner - Hit Boston- Miss Bene- Miss Gaffney Miss Shaq - Hit ( however he's been a luxury for a 1st round pick over the last 2 years since he has not attained a full time starting role yet ) Funchess- Jury still out. Not proving worth the trade up at this point. Daryl Williams- leaning towards miss but he was a 4th rounder (taken just outside of the 3rd round) Mayo- Hit for slot taken CAP- Jury still out Butler- -Jury still out, but an uber luxury, especially since we retained Short Bradberry- Hit, came on strong last year Worley- jury still out, anyone crowning him as a hit at this point is blindly being a Gettleman homer Zanchez- Miss Sandland- Miss How has he done is replacing departed players that he forced out. Gross- Failed Smith- Failed Norman- Failed. No Bradberry is not on Norman's level, granted I hope he gets there. How many players has he added to the team via free agency that have participated in his 2 winning season's? Including draft picks and free agents these are the only players brought in by Gettleman who participated in his 2 winning seasons. Star - Anybody think any GM on the planet wouldn't have taken him at 13? The only player the Huddle unanimously desired throughout the whole draft process. Short - Possibly Gettleman's best move yet. A.J Klein- if you want to count him for technical purposes. BTW he's a Saint now. Ginn- He's gone again lol. So 3 draft picks and a 1 band aide free agent. What an awesome formula for long term sustained success. In 2015 he did a nice job adding Tillman, Coleman, Oher, and Allen. Well only Coleman remains and he played out of position last season which reduced his effectiveness. This offseason his solution to finally fixing the LT issue he hasn't been able to address other than 1 decent year out of Oher, was to pay big bucks for Matt Kalil, one of the biggest bust in recent history. BTW Kalil, joins Coleman as only 2nd starting caliber player to sign a long term deal that was acquired by Gettleman. Sure he got back to his short term fixes with the additions of Peppers, Munnerlyn and Adams( why do those first 2 sound so familiar lol? Let's not forget to thank CJ AND TD for the excellent recruiting job's). So if anything he has actually ridden the coat tails of Hurney. Inherited a 2 time coach of the year (Rivera). Inherited a front office who obtained promotions this offseason. Speaking of front office inheritance, Rob Rodgers the salary cap guru who orchestrated a lot of the "Hurney Magic" and "Gettlemagic" where you restructure players, give them a new signing bonus that gets prorated long term to create immediate cap room but kicks the can down the road in terms of cap hits. Inherited a 8 of 10 pro bowler's on the 15-1 roster, plus key cogs like Dwan Edwards, Mario Addison on the d-line, that played significant roles in both of our winning seasons as part of the d-line rotation. So long term additions added by Gettleman to recap are. Short, Turner,Coleman (and hopefully Star). We will see about the other younger players. However this clearly illustrates he never had a good vision for long term success ( when I say success I mean winning consistently not saving up a bunch of cap space to break the bank on a former first round bust, yea you Matt Kalil). This is just looking at everything from a purely business standpoint. Let's throw in the human emotion, locker room chemistry part. How do you think Ron felt when he had to get up their and try to justify Gettleman's moving on from Gross and replacing him with the worst RT in football (Byron Bell) and then somehow have to try and justify it? Ron was full of poo with this well he's left handed crap. But he had to be a company man and say something. Or how did Ron and the locker room feel when we booted Norman, let Tillman walk and moved Coleman to a different position. Or what about the time when he lost the best Panther ever and cap space couldn't even be used as a justification. P.S I forgot to mention how dumb the Hardy franchise tag was. That was supposedly when we were at the peak of our cap hell, so we blew a 1 year rental on a guy who likely wouldn't have been enough to take us to the next level if he actually even played that year. As Gettleman says himself "you're never one player away". Btw Voth has confirmed numerous times the tag was not used a tool to work out a long term deal, it was always designed as 1 year rental.
  19. Looking at the fact's Gettleman wasn't poo.

    If I was looking for pie I wouldn't post unpopular opinions jackass
  20. Looking at the fact's Gettleman wasn't poo.

    My OP had all the support it needed. You tried and prop up your attention whore post on Worley which I am under no obligation to read. You lied and said I said he "sucks" to try and meet your weakass agenda. I don't have the time to go back and forth with on this, so tell yourself whatever you'd like,because believe it or not as a fellow panther fan I want yo u to feel better about your life. If posting 18k words a day on the huddle does that for you,carry on. Good night.
  21. Looking at the fact's Gettleman wasn't poo.

    I didn't say he sucked. I said the jury is still out on him. I did say however anyone crowning him a "hit" at this stage is a blind Gettleman homer. And no I don't have 3 days to read your longass thread on Worley.
  22. Looking at the fact's Gettleman wasn't poo.

    It almost feels like justice was served to have the tables turned. There are many who feel the same, but don't want to engage the gettlepie train as it was pointless. Now we can rejoice.
  23. Looking at the fact's Gettleman wasn't poo.

    Your every post since he was fired says your a nut hugger nothing to do with Worley.
  24. Looking at the fact's Gettleman wasn't poo.

    Your 10k post on a forum in 2 months makes you look pathetic if you want to throw stones in a glass house fella. If Ealy wasn't a miss then why did Gettleman give him away this offseason? Or if Boston was such a hit, then why did Gettleman cut him? Better than Remmers on William's, haha thats setting the bar high.
  25. Looking at the fact's Gettleman wasn't poo.

    Just so you don't think i'm jumping on the kick him while he's down bandwagon, check this out from October of last year. This is likely the same time where JR began to contemplate firing him.