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  1. NFC Playoff Picture Through Week

    Yes. Plus we still need Vikings and Saints to drop 1 more. If that happens and we can win out we’ve got the # 2 seed.
  2. NFC Playoff Picture Through Week

    Because of the weird tiebreaking procedures if us Vikings and Rams all finish 12-4 we drop to 4th see even if we win the division. If the saints finish 12-4 then we lose the division and become the 5th seed. Only way we can have a first round bye is Saints, Vikings and Rams all losing 1 more game. Otherwise we could fall to as low as the 5th seed even if we win out. Also a chance if we lose 1 game we are out. Too much to explain but check out the ESPN playoff machine and there is a ton of ways this thing can shake out.
  3. After you mrs Gettleman
  4. All this Hurney hate and everyone is missing his biggest snafu. Keeping John Fox too long. I mean fug having to suffer with him as head coach, Dan Henning as OC (he makes Shula look like a first ballot hall of famer) and even Mike Trgovac as DC. A lot of those 7-9 years with Hurney, we had enough talent to win but the coaching was way worse than what we are seeing out of Ron and co.
  5. Well let’s not act like we didn’t just go 6-10 with Gettleman at the helm 1 year removed from a 15-1 team. Or that he also went 7-8-1 fresh off a 12-4 team that was undeniably built with mostly Hurney players. Outside of Ginn Gettleman didn’t bring in one offensive starter in 13, who was the third option that year behind Smith and Lafell. On defense he did draft Star and KK. He also brought mitchell in for 1 year but most of that nucleus was from Hurney. 2015 is the same story, just swap Coleman for mitchell, and he added Oher after making us suffer with Bell at LT for a year.
  6. December Home Games

    Damn, just saw the post. Looks RR got them. If not let me know. Thanks
  7. Some of you wanted these guys at pick 8

    My preference was Solomon Thomas,Fournette, Jamal Adams, Corey Davis. Lattimore. About 5 minutes after we drafted McCaffrey I jumped on the bandwagon not because I thought he was a good pick but because he became a Panther that day. Frankly haven’t paid much attention to any of them since the draft, but after a quick glance Davis has only played in 6 games and missed a lot of time due to injury.
  8. 8 NFC TEAMS have 6 or more wins. Cowboys and Packers both are sitting at 5-5 (Packers won against the Cowboys so they hold the head to head tiebreaker) Below is the 5+ win teams and their remaining schedule, plus conference records and any potential head to head tiebreakers against other potential playoff teams. Eagles 9-1 (7-0 conference) Beat Panthers week 6 (Panthers are only 6+ win NFC team Eagles have played) Remaining schedule Vs Bears (3-7) @ Seahawks (6-4) @ RAMS (7-3) @ Giants (2-8) VS Raiders (4-6) VS Cowboys (5-5) Vikings 8-2 (6-1 Conference) Beat saints week 1, Lost to Lions week 5 @ Lions (6-4) @ Falcons (6-4) @ Panthers (7-3) Vs Bengals (4-6) @ Packers (5-5) vs Bears (3-7) Saints 8-2 (6-1 conference) Lost to Vikings week 1 Remaining Schedule @ La Rams (7-3) VS Panthers (7-3) @ ATLANTA (6-4) VS JETS (4-6) VS FALCONS (6-4) @ BUCS (4-6) RAMS 7-3 (4-3 Conference) Lost to Seahawks week 5 and lost to Vikings week 11 Remaining Schedule VS Saints (8-2) @ Cardinals (4-6) VS Eagles (9-1) @ Seahawks (6-4) @ Titans (6-4) VS NINERS (1-9) VIKINGS (8-2) PANTHERS 7-3 (4-3 Conference) Lost to Saints week 3 and Lost to Eagles week 6 Remaining Schedule @ JETS (4-6) @ Saints (8-2) VS Vikings (8-2) VS Packers (5-5) VS Bucs (4-6) @ Falcons (6-4) Falcons 6-4 (5-1 Conference) Lost to Panthers week 9 Remaining Schedule VS Bucs(4-6) VS Vikings (8-2) VS Saints (8-2) @ Bucs (4-6) @ Saints (8-2) VS Panthers (7-3) Lions 6-4 (5-3 Conference) Lost to Falcons week 3, Beat Vikings Week 4, Lost to Panthers Week 5, Lost to Packers Week 6 Remaining Schedule VS Vikings (8-2) @ Ravens (5-5) @ Bucs (4-6) VS Bears (3-7) @ Bengals (4-6) VS Packers (5-5) Seahawks 6-4 (4-3 Conference) Lost to packers week 1, Lost to Falcons Week 11, Remaining Schedule @ Niners (1-9) VS Eagles (9-1) @ Jags (7-3) VS Rams (7-3) @ Cowboys (5-5) VS Cardinals (4-6) Packers 5-5 (4-4 Conference) Lost to Faclons Week 2,Lost to Vikings Week 6, Lost to Saints week 7, Lost to Lions Week 9 Remaining Schedule @ Steelers (8-2) Vs Bucs (4-6) @ Browns ( 0-10) vs Panthers (7-3) vs Vikings (8-2) @ Lions (6-4) COWBOYS 5-5 (4-4 Conference) Lost to rams week 4, Lost to packers week 5, Lost to Falcons week 10 Remaining Schedule VS Chargers (4-6) VS Redskins (4-6) @ Giants (1-9) @ Raiders (4-6) VS Seahawks (6-4) @ Eagles (9-1) Most games with teams with above .500 record opponents remaining. RAMS - 5 FALCONS 4 (3, 8 WIN teams *saints twice and 1, 7 wIN Team) PACKERS 4 (2, 8 Win teams, 1, 7 win team and 1, 6 win team SAINTS 4 (2, 7 win teams, and Falcons who are a 6 win team twice) Seahawks 3 (1, 9 win team and 2 7 win teams) Panthers 3 (2, 8 Win teams, and 1 6 win team) VIKINGS 3 (1, 7 Win team, and 2 win teams) EAGLES 2 COWBOYS 1 Lions 1

    I screwed up 9 years ago and was arrested for a stolen laptop. Many people told me it was the death of my career and had I listened to them I wouldn't be where I am today. So therefore I thank God for the 2nd chance,mercy and blessings he's shown me. Thats why I play the game the way I do, dress the way I do and have as much fun as I can in every facet of life, because I don't want to waste everything I have been blessed with. Hopefully this post will serve as inspiration for anyone reading it, to make the best of their life circumstances, by working hard towards their goals and reap the rewards of it by living a good clean life to the fullest. Happy Thanksgiving.
  10. Potential NFC PLAYOFF TEAMS

    Heres your who to root for week 12 games. Turkey Day -12:30 Lions over Vikings. We own tiebreaker over Lions and can gain the tiebreaker over the Vikings in 3 weeks if we keep winning. Turkey Day - 4:30 Chargers over Cowboys. This would likely end the girls playoff hopes. Bus over Falcons 1pm Sunday.Bucs are no real threat here and could be devastating to Falcons if they lose. Rams over Saints.4:30 Sunday Gives us a shot at the divison. Rams also have a tough remaining schedule that could boost us to a chance at the 2 seed. Steelers over Packers. 8:30 Sunday This would essentially kick the Packers out of contention and lessen any reason to bring Rodgers back for the game against us. Niners over Seahawks 4:30 Sunday- Give us more breathing room in the playoff race Bears over Eagles- 1 PM SUNDAY Moves us a step closer to a shot at the 1 seed, still unlikely due to eagles owning the tiebreaker over us. Every other game has little consequence to our playoff hopes. The first 2 Turkey day games have real meaning to us. After our game Sunday the Saints 4:30 game and Packers 8:30 game to a lesser extent will matter and all will be televised nationally. Plan your Thursday and Sunday accordingly.
  11. If Seahawks would have won they may have broken the internet
  12. Someone stumbled out of the tinderbox aka the Pit of misery. Dilly Dilly!
  13. The Lebron's vs the Hornets 8 PM ESPN

    We are a horrible 4th quarter team
  14. The Lebron's vs the Hornets 8 PM ESPN

    Good and entertaing game so far at the half.
  15. The Lebron's vs the Hornets 8 PM ESPN

    I'm ready.
  16. Marty Hurney Crow thread

    Hurney said getting more speed would benefit the run game,looks he was right. Not to poo on KB but dating back to 13 that makes us 29-5 without him in the regular season.
  17. Hornets @ Celtics

    Anyone else watching?
  18. Hornets @ Celtics

    Well that sucked lol
  19. Hornets @ Celtics

    Are you trying fox sports south? We're off to a good start and should have a double digit lead going into half.
  20. Hornets @ Celtics

    An away game blacked out?
  21. According to spotrac even after dumping Benjamins 8.5 million salary next year we still only have 7.4 in space for next year. This ranks us 24th overall in cap space and 29th prior to the trade. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cap/2018/ To me this was the biggest driving factor in dumping Benjamin now. It was literally our last chance before his contract became fully guaranteed on the first day of the league year when the trade window opens back up. At this point his value likely would have been even less than what we got from Buffalo. Due to our cap situation he would have been a prime candidate to be cut to get us under the cap. In this case we would not be awarded a comp pick since we cut him vs him leaving via free agency. This also sort of answers the why didn't we try and trade for another WR question as unless we found another on a rookie contract it wouldn't make much sense financially. Am I crazy for thinking this was likely the number 1 driving factor for us trading him, more than the in spite of Hurneys comments being about needing more speed on the field? Throw in the fact that Hurney is locked in as the GM through the F.A and the draft next year it all makes sense. If he was truly going to be gone at the end of the season he likely would have let the next guy figure it out in the offseason and leave things as is.
  22. Correct, I somehow missed or forgot it. Thanks
  23. I've been around since the beginning. I'm well aware of all of his past mistakes. Hopefully he's learned from them, after all that's our best hope since we know he'll be managing the cap and draft next year.
  24. Hurney did nothing to affect our cap negatively since he's returned. Not 1 thing. Turner deal was all but finalized before he got here.