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    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - Week 3 (READ ME)

  2. Clark to start at LT, Moton to RT and Larsen in at RG for Turner.
  3. panther4life

    OT: "Darnold's Debut was Amazing!" - ESPN

    Well after starting off with the pick 6, he did rebound very well for a rookie. 16-21 for 198 yards and 2 TD’s and 1 pick was his actual stat line.
  4. Cam said he made the decision to take the points due to the pass rush.
  5. Man that’s bad news for them. Don’t wish injuries on anyone, even the falcons.
  6. Panthers 34 Cowboys 16 Bend but don’t break defense allows 3 FG’s plus 1 TD.
  7. panther4life

    The pregame prayer

  8. Can’t believe they decided to send Sirles to Injured reserve with a hamstring injury. Moton looks like the starter at LT while Kalil is out. Williams and Robinson who we just traded for are the only othe tackles on the roster. Any chance Williams is ready to go week 1? If not Robinson has to start right? On the bright side he must be better than Clausell and Bisnowoty, however that isn’t saying much.
  9. panther4life

    Do the Panthers have a pass rush?

    This link is filled with all kinds of crazy stats, jump to page 11 if you want to feel better. https://static.clubs.nfl.com/image/upload/panthers/t6bvorwsq5yfquiyiapo.pdf Spoiler alert. Since Washington became the d-line coach in 2012 we lead the league with 218 sacks generated from the d-line alone. That’s well ahead of 2nd place (rams 198). We also lead the league in total sacks (260) over that same time span
  10. panther4life

    Do the Panthers have a pass rush?

    From our starters? Yes we absolutely do.
  11. panther4life

    Surprise player making the 53

    Last night or in preseason? Seems like he’s seen the majority of his time inside at DT through the first 3 games.
  12. Heinicke/Gilbert Barner/Cap Byrd Hall, Cox Jr, Zach Moore, Obada Doss Clausell,Bisnowoty, Dorian Johnson, Mahon Andre Smith, Jared Norris
  13. You’re right! I just edited my post
  14. He’s got 7 LB’s listed, including Davis. But you are correct there’s one more sport open
  15. Good work, mostly agree with you, except on these. I don’t think Mahon makes the team this year, especially not ahead of Sirles. Dashon Hall does have a shot because we’ve got him under a rookie deal for 3 more years, important since Pep is likely retiring and Horton is a free agent next year. That being said Cox Jr, Haynes have both earned the final 2 spots at DE. Otherwise I’m prettt much on board with everything else you’ve got.
  16. panther4life

    Rivera's Tuesday presser

    Just watched it as well. He said “he wouldn’t worry about him” when asked about Seymour missing time with the root canal in the last week before cuts
  17. There are 22 players I consider fighting for the final 10 spots. Let's start with 43 roster locks and then take a look at those fighting to make it on. Offense (20) QB Cam RB CMC, Anderson FB Armah TE Olsen, Thomas WR Funchess,Smith,Moore,Wright, Samuel Tackle, Kalil,Williams,Moton, Sirles,Claussell Center Kalil, Larsen Guard, Turner, Van Roten Defense 20 (TD won't count while suspended) DE, Peppers,Addison,Horton,Haynes, DT Short,Poe, Love, Butler LB, Luke, Shaq, TD, Carter,Mayo, CB, Bradberry, Jackson, Captain, Corn S, Adams, Searcy, Gaulden, Jones Specialist 3 Gano Palardy Jansen Thats 43 total and leaving 10 spots to fill. Most likely 22 candidates to take those spots: (my picks in bold). Very interested to hear some other takes on this, so please share what you got. QB Heinicke Gilbert -Rivera said they both deserve to make the roster. Gilberts never made it to an active roster yet, so I think we can safely keep him on the PS. TE. Manhertz Vander Laan WR. Byrd -We have been bit enough by the injury bug, that Im not shy about going 6 deep at WR. We've done it in years past with less talent. Plus if we cut him, it will be for depth at another position not because he isn't one of the most talented 53. O-LINE Amini Mahon Bisnowaty Johnson Friend Hearn -11 offensive lineman would be 2 heavier than years past, but we currently have 4 that are injured to some degree. Bisnowaty makes by default since he could play RT if another injury occurs. RB. Cap Barner - Not exactly pounding the table for either of these guys, but Barner may have more upside, plus adds the special teams value. DE Cox Hall Moore Obada - This position I am still torn on. Obada can go to the exclusive ps and we can bring him into the mix next year. Moore has shown the position flexibility to play inside and out. This is an amendment from my original post where I had Hall beating out Cox. However I can't ignore the coaching staffs preference towards Cox as shown in the preseason and I don't think Hall has shown us much to miss him LB Jacobs Norris - Initially I only kept Norris here but hate the choices left at corner, so I shaved that down to 1 and went with 2 here. CB. Doss Seymour Gunter - At the end of the day, I Think we can keep 6 deep at all but one of these positions; CB,LB,AND WR. I feel the 6th guy at the other positions deserve it over Seymour. Yes it leaves us a bit thin at Corner but a talent on par with Seymour or Gunter is only a late round pick away from easily being traded for in a pinch. edit: I kept Cox over Hall at the DE spot
  18. Every year around this time teams league wide make trades for players they make not think it will make it to them on the waiver wire if cut. Sometimes its a swap of these types of players and other times its for a late round pick. Just last year we made a trade of this nature ourselves around this time last year. We sent the Bills Kaelin Clay and our 2019 7th for Kevin Seymour. We also floated to kickers on the roster in hopes of being able to squeeze some trade value out of one of them as well. Heres a few more examples 2016, traded a 4th and punter Kasey Redfern for Andy Lee and a 7th round pick (Palardy was cut earlier that year in favor of Redfern) 2015 traded a 6th or 7th pick for Kevin Norwood 2014 traded Barner to the eagles for a 7th round pick 2012 traded 7th for Colin Jones To me I would think the following players could be potential trade bait. Ones that wouldn't kill us to part with but would still add value to another team. Damiere Byrd (Would not take a late round pick for him, would need to be a player for player trade, CB position seems most likely) Daeshon Hall Cameron Artis-Payne
  19. Odell just signed his Mega deal with the Giants. 5 years 95 Million with 67 guaranteed.
  20. panther4life

    5 years, 95 Million for OBJ

    https://mobile.twitter.com/MySportsUpdate/status/1034179997869563904 anyone notice who’s missing from this long list of 2014 receivers getting paid??
  21. Sounds to me like Kalil is the longest away from being able to see the field again soon.
  22. I think your onto something with Kalil here. I would not be surprised to see him go on I.R or even retire lol. Didnt he say Kalil was “inside” last week when he was really in Florida getting his knee scoped
  23. panther4life

    5 years, 95 Million for OBJ

    At the current pace of things Franchise QB’s will soon be making 40 Million per year. Aaron Donald is rumored to be closing in on a 22 Million per year deal
  24. panther4life

    5 years, 95 Million for OBJ

    Funchess is currently in that 9-10 Million per range. This season he can probably raise his value up to the 12-13.5 Million range if he gets over 1K yards and 8+ TD’s. Paul Richardson got 5 years 40 Million this off-season. 8 per year Allen Robinson signed a 3 year 42 Million deal this offseason. 16 per year Hes somewhere in between the 2 of them imo.
  25. Same exact thing here lol.