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  1. After reading this again, this is the worst football related post I have ever read on the Huddle. 
  2. I don't even know where to begin with this post. In what world was AJ Klein a miss? He's a great back up and could start on other teams. He filled in admirably while Kuechly had a concussion. Kurt Coleman led the league in picks. To call him a "crusty" washed up veteran, whatever that means, is foolish. He was great this year. Fozzy and Remmers are both young and good depth pieces to a team. As much as people disliked him, Roman Harper helped stabilize the secondary. Ask Josh Norman and Bene how important he was to the development of their careers. The problem is with you not Gettleman. You have this outrageous expectation that every single player drafted needs to be an immediate starter. It is funny how you failed to mention that the team also found undrafted gems in Norwell and Philly.  You also say our depth was exposed in the Atlanta game and in the playoffs, which is laughable at best. So the team loses 1 game out of 16 by one touchdown and that is exposing our depth? Our depth was exposed in the playoffs when they got off to a 31-0 lead against Seattle and dismantled Arizona? It was exposed in the Super Bowl when they were down by 6 with 3 minutes to go and had the ball? What an absurd and ridiculous post about nonsense.
  3. I didn't even realIze he tweeted that. He so sensitive it is incredible. He got his shot on the national stage and said what he said. He wasn't misquoted or interpreted wrong. He called Cam a baby and said the franchise was enabling him. If that is his opinion, then fine (even though it's a garbage opinion). Just don't back track and say you are being treated unfairly. Own your comments and be consistent. Don't feed us BS with your blog and then go off on a national stage and say another thing.
  4. It's really shocking how it has taken this long for people to realize how awful the Panthers media is. The trio of Person, Jones, and Voth is as awful of a group of reporters that any sports team could have. If they worked in the NY market they would be covering the Islanders or the Nets. It really is unfortunate for Panthers fans that this is what they are stuck with. Voth had the right idea. He saw what a steaming pile of garbage the Observer is and started his own outlet. It started off great as he was trying to get a following, but it didn't take long for him to show his true colors. The guy is a whinner and spends such an effort on Twitter trying to shut down fan accounts that no one cares about. He is extremely sensitive. I also have never seen a guy take one interview like the one he had with Gettleman and stretch it out to a week process. He literally put pieces of one interview out over a 5 day span.  In most markets getting an interview with a GM is called doing your job. Voth made this huge production out of one interview. The guy also hadn't said one bad word about Cam all year. He finally gets his shot on the national stage and sells out. Even after the Super Bowl you didn't see him refer to cam as a baby. He then gets called out on twitter and complains he is being treated unfairly and what he said was being misinterpreted. I listened to the entire interview and it was quite clear what he was saying. Person, Jones, and Voth are just a disaster of a trio.
  5. NFL Owner Drama: Jerry Richardson a Bully?

    Jerry Richardson is a bully? Shocking
  6. Braylon Beam Going To Superbowl Courtesy Of Ellen Show

    Why didn't the Panthers send him? Makes no sense.
  7. It's completely unfair to see say Fox quit on the team in his last year. Ownership refused to extend his contract and refused to sign any free agents in preparation of the lockout. They also let arguably their best player in franchise history at the time walk away for nothing. The franchise went full shield over the team and gave Fox no shot that year. The only thing Fox did wrong was his treatment of Clausen. He put the kid in a no win situation. He also spited the team and played St. Pierre over Clausen. This fan base has a very short term memory. Fox was a very good coach for this franchise. Got them to a Super Bowl 2 years after going 1-15. The roster wasn't in great shape when he took it over. The guy also beat the Steelers in the playoffs with The Golden Calf of Bristol. He made it to a NFC Championship game with no Keary Colbert as the number 2 WR, Nick Goings as the starting RB, and a hurt Kris Jenkins. I know the cool thing to do is for both fan bases to bash Fox, but it's no coincidence that he's been hired immediately after he's been fired. He's a good coach.
  8. Awful post. DeAngelo sucks. I said it for years he was holding Stewart back. Stewart is by far the superior running back and it is a shame him being here has held Stewart back. I was furious when Hurney didn't bring Peppers back. I was said to see Grttleman release Smith. I was elated when they cut DeAngelo.
  9. Looks like I'm not the only one

    Why are people giving their hard earned money to send someone who has front row season tickets to the Super Bowl? Kind of strange. Donate to charity or something. 
  10. Marty Hurney

    Steve Smith on multiple occasions has said Marty Hurney was the one who gave him his shot in the NFL and how he walked into his office and told him it would be the best decision he ever made.    I 100 percent agree that if Hurney was in charge we would not be in this position. What Gettleman has done is nothing short of a miracle. He got this team to a Super Bowl while getting out of cap hell. That is mind blowing to think about. My only point was that a lot of Panther fans have a short memory when it comes to Hurney and even Fox. The guy put together a pretty good core of players. He built 2 teaMs that went to NFC championship games and another team in 2008 who I believe was the best team in football. His biggest problem was deciding who to keep and let go from the core he built. He just didn't let anyone go.
  11. Marty Hurney

    Steve Smith, Kris Jenkins, Charles Johnson, Ryan Kalil, Josh Norman, Greg Hardy, Brandon LaFell, Travelle Wharton, DeShaun Foster (pre-injury), Will Witherspoon, Ricky Manning Jr., Evan Mathis, Geoff Hangartner, Gary Barnidge, Geoff Schwartz, Captain Munnerlyn, Brad Nortman, and Robert McClain who is starting in the Super Bowl for us.  Did Hurney have flaws? Yes. But I dislike how everyone says he never drafted any talent outside the first round. That list also doesn't include trading a 3rd for Greg Olsen, signing a no name QB in Jake Delhomme, and hiring Ron Rivera.
  12. disgusting how the second half was coached this game. I'm happy as hell that we are going to our first championship game in 10 years, but this was completely unacceptable. this has now happened against the Colts, Saints, Giants, and Packers. this is an awful trend and it starts with coaching. 
  13. Lets face it, This is the matchup we needed to happen

    this game is not the most important game in franchise history. the Super Bowl was a little bit more important. as was  the NFC championship games against the Eagles and Seahawks. this ranks up there with the likes of the 1996 game against the Packers, the 2003 game against the Rams, the 2005 game against the Bears, the 2008 game against the Cardinals, the 2013 game against the 49ers, and the 2014 game against the Seahawks.  people really love to make a huge deal about this "rivalry'. I saw some people on twitter compare it to the colts patriots. brady vs manning. i guarantee you no one outside Charlotte see is that way. i bet that if you ask seahawks fans they don't even consider the Panthers a rival. at the end of the day this is a playoff game we should win because we are 15-1 and have home field advantage. number 1 seeds should not lose to number 6 seeds. lets go out there and take care of business like it is expected no matter who the opponent is. 
  14. A MVP QB would have Dominated Vikes

    Such a dumb coment. The weather played a huge factor. Just look how Cam played in Minnesota last year. Why are some so insecure that they need to take every flaw or bad performance from another player or team to build up Cam and the Panthers?
  15. 15-1... Jimmy J says we ain't Seattle

    green bay and seattle cannot play each other