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  1. This isn't true. Not trying to be combative and love the work you guys do, but this is not true. They will spin it that way but it's not true.
  2. Pure stupidity. A man with his ego doesn't just sell a team that he's maintained he will own until he dies unless guilty. The NFL has known he is guilty and has been reported to have been pushing him to sell and get out. He's guilty. These are facts. It's embarrassing that there is a portion of this fan base who still defend him.
  3. Hahahahha people can't be this dumb. It's just not possible.
  4. You would compare an internet poster who you have never met in your life to a serial sexual harraser and racist.
  5. What a tool. Everyone wants this old bag to go away, but his ego won't let him just disappear silently. What a clown. hopefully the owners treat him like poo like he deserves and don't give him the send off this egomaniac is definitely expecting.
  6. NJPanthers12

    Thank you Big Cat!

    Yeah I definitely loathe a guy I've never met before. Also funny how you're here defending Jerry Richardson and telling others they need to seek help. Absurd
  7. He's an egomaniac. Ban him for life and publically disgrace him. It'll crush him.
  8. NJPanthers12

    Thank you Big Cat!

    I loathe the man
  9. NJPanthers12

    Thank you Big Cat!

    It's not participating in an outrage culture when I've been screaming this for years. you keep making excuses for Jerry. To say punting away seasons for the health of the league is not an issue because we got Cam and Luke is absurd. Also one other point. Never in your life has anyone at your job forced you to call them just "Mister". Maybe Mr and their last name but not Mister. That's the weirdest move of all time.
  10. NJPanthers12

    Thank you Big Cat!

    Everything I just stated was a fact. Lol
  11. NJPanthers12

    Thank you Big Cat!

    Hahahahahahahahahha. Thank you big cat for the following. 1. Thank you for always putting the league and this shield before the Panthers and the fans. 2. Thank you for making us and everyone around you refer to you as your slave owner name Mister, showing that you thought you were above us all. 3. Thank you for telling African American players how to dress, act, do their hair, and not get tattoos. Very progressive of you. 4. Thank you for tanking the 2010 season and making John Fox a lame duck head coach and embarsssing this franchise. 5. Thank you for then forcing Marty Hurney the next offseason to overpay all of your own free agents, helping put this team in cap hell. 6. Thank you for your fake tear speech after the Greg Hardy situation, showing the true fraud that you are. 7. Thank you for not acknowledging this fan base for almost a decade after your embarsssing pie chart moment. Thank you for taking no accountability during the lean years and never addressing the fans. 8. Thank you for taking charge in both the NFL lockout and referee lockout. You continued to show how little regard you have for the fans and the product on the field. 9. Thank you for always telling us that the Panthers would never leave Charlotte, except when you continuously tried to hold the city you love hostage for every penny you could get. 10. Thank you for once again making this franchise an embarrassment by firing our GM one week before training camp and hiring our former inept one back. 11. Thank you for referring to a scout as the N-word showing your true colors. 12. Thank you for being a sexual deviant who disrespected his wife and terrorized female employees for decades. 13. Thank you for being a creep who use to shave women's legs in the workplace and give them massages. i can go on and on with this list, but I'll stop it there. in all seriousness though, thank you for selling this team and getting out of our lives forever. You will forever be remembered as the disgraced owner who was racist and terrorized female workers. You will always be remembered for your mediocre ownership tenure where the franchise was never able to have back to back winning seasons or win a Super Bowl. Your tenure will forever be remembered as a failure. It will forever be remembered as an embarrassment as your legacy and name will be stripped from every corner of the stadium. Hopefully you spend your remaining years on this earth actually doing some good. Good riddance.
  12. For years I have been ripped apart for trashing Jerry Richardson on here. I had to hear over and over that he was a great owner and even better guy. Well now we all know none of that is true. So today is a day of celebration. Today is a day to dance on his grave. I do not wish poor health on him. I don't wish death on him. All I wish is he is never associated with the Panthers again and goes away like the disgraced owner he is.
  13. I'm also posting from NJ, so that last line is actually pretty ireelevant.
  14. I'm rejuvenated. I'm not going anywhere. I have waited since 1995 to cheer for this team guilt free. Next season is going to be the most enjoyable one yet. I will forever take satisfaction in Jerry never winning a Super Bowl. I'll be on here more than ever. smile for once man. Today is a great day.
  15. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I take great pride in being called garbage by someone like you. I would be way far more concerned about myself if you were on here supporting me. Hopefully you follow that piece of trash Jerry out of here as well.
  16. The reverence some Panther fans, including on here, had for him was nothing short of weird. Jerry Richardson was one of the single biggest frauds in the NFL. This man was a shill to the league and didn't give a poo about the fans. His good ol' boy club was pathetic and hypocritical. He wasn't willing to take his head out of the NFL's ass and do everything possible to bring a championship to Carolina. People want to go on and on about how he was determined to keep a team in the Carolinas. That is complete bullshit and had nothing to do with the fans. He was doing that for he own legacy and own ego. If the Carolina Panthers move to Toronto or LA, there isn't a person in the world who remembers who Jerry Richardson is in a decade. He was notoriously cheap when it came to paying assistant head coaches and front office personnel. He tanked an entire season for the health of the NFL. He was, is, and always will be an embarrassment. Calling him a clown is extremely offensive to clowns everywhere. He was the sole reason we have never had back to back winning seasons. He is the sole reason we have never won a Super Bowl. i truly cannot wait for everyone to see how much better it is without him around. And the NFL better still hold him accountable for his disgusting sexual harassment actions. Cannot wait until the statue comes down and we never have to hear about this fraud again.
  17. Ding dong the Witch is officially dead. I can't express the happiness that I feel right now now. Tears of joy. The cancer of this organization is gone. The single biggest road block to this franchises success is gone. For the first time since 1995, there a is legitimate NFL franchise in the Carolinas. We are no longer an embrassment. We are no longer a Mickey Mouse operation. Jerry Richardson has been a garbage human being since day 1. He fooled a majority of this fan base, but ultimately the truth always comes out. We can all finally cheer for a team without feeling dirty. Without feeling guilty. The trash has been taken out. i know i do not get along with all of you on here, but I am truly happy for every single one of you. For the first time in your lives you will have the opportunity to be passionate about a real franchise. Even if you don't realize is it now, you will realize it extremely shortly. Today is the third greatest day in this franchises history behind the two NFC Championship games. The Cancer is finally gone. The garbage has been taken out. Go out and celebrate today because it's worth celebrating.
  18. Imagine finding out the piece of trash human being Jerry Richardson actually is and still defending him. Lolololol
  19. Of course there is. He's not that idiot He bought the team from. It's now the first time ever you have rooted for a legitimate NFL franchise in the Carolinas.
  20. NJPanthers12

    Serious: What will Tepper do with Hurney?

    David Tepper didn't become worth $11 billion by being an idiot. Hurney has been fired the second he knew he was going to win the bid. You don't make $11 billion by surrounding yourself with incompetent people. Enjoy the year Hurney because you'll never have another GM job in the league after this season. Just like he didn't get one single interview from any team after he was originally fired.
  21. Third happiest day as a fan of this franchise behind the two NFC Championship games. Also the most important day of this franchise's history. We finally got rid of the cancer that has held this team back for two decades plus. The single worst owner in the NFL is out of the league and our lives forever. He was a fraud who never gave two shits about the fans and always prioritized the health of the league over the franchise. Good riddance to that clown and for the first time in franchise history we have a real opportunity to become a legitimate franchise with sustained success. There is nothing that David Tepper could do worse than what his joke of a predecessor has done. Be pumped everyone. It's a great day to be a fan of the Carolina Panthers.
  22. The last sentence makes no sense. "By a lot of people on here except me." So if it was only a lot of people on here, then it would not be except you. It would have had to be everyone for it to be except you, which wasn't the case. There were many people on here who didn't like the signing because they chose him over Ginn. also strange you felt it was necessary to make the same exact point twice in duplicate threads. You have really proved to all of us your eye as a scout and it is a damn shame the Giants hired Gettleman over you.
  23. Can't believe I just read this. What an absolute waste of time. If only our scouts, coaches, and front office has access to these YouTube videos that you somehow got your hands on and were able to see what a mistake they made.
  24. NJPanthers12

    The team under Tepper

    I've seen you mention this a lot recently. Just out of curiosity do you foresee this being an issue? Do you think it matters if the owner in in Charlotte or Miami? I personally do not. Not attempting to be argumentative. Legitimately curious.