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  1. Luke is my Donald Trump.....
  2. Newton's instagram continues to be unique...

    What i also find weird is the face of the huddle a business in its own right,commenting on how dumb cam is to post a picture is when he is the face of a billion dollar business but he is letting the racist barbs fly in this thread and not doing poo. Letting going insult an equality movement and comment on how blacks killing each other in Africa is fine as long as it promotes traffic huh?
  3. Newton's instagram continues to be unique...

    this ist fox news teaches you. And the undercover racism you find around here.
  4. Newton's instagram continues to be unique...

    Wow o much ignorance in this post.
  5. The Answer is on the Roster

    Let's not lie to ourselves. Our offense wasn't torching people with KB last year. Stewart can not be relied on to play 16 games. But oh don't worry we still have Byrd Lee Ward Fozzy and Payne...Adding Funchess was suppose to add to the offense, subtract KB and adding in another unproven rookie will not get us over the hump. Yes Ginn and a better Brown helps, but is this really gonna help us clash with the Seahawks pats and the real titans of the nfl? Doing nothing is as good as writing off the season. And that's adding in stew for 16 gms.
  6. Jags release Ace Sanders

    Everyone one makes mistakes. Like you picking the one part of my statement that's up for debate and try to spin it,but leave out the two most important parts. Nice.
  7. Jags release Ace Sanders

    To be far he was suspended and thrown into the doghouse behind countless 1st-3 round talent wrs...but lets omit the facts...
  8. Jags release Ace Sanders

    Just means no one wanted to pay out the rest of his rookie contract. i dout he doesn't go into the season on someones roster.
  9. Jags release Ace Sanders

    I'm a Panthers Fan that watches more than Panther games. I can be honest with myself and not look at the league through homer glasses. Funny because A lot of these guys dont watch football games outside of panther games. Hell bent is a strong word.. I just like healthy comp. a guy catching 51 catches as a rookie and threw a touchdown pass and is a punt returner cant make a roster that up until last year was among the worst? Jags Have been investing more picks into the wr pool,and someone has 2 get thrown in the doghouse. Steven Hill was cut by the jets and is fighting for a spot why not someone who has had some kind success as a rookie? Why does a guy have to be the final piece? Why can't he just compete for a wr spot on a team that's not overflowing with Wr option? No one is saying he is a star but if bersin has a shot at the roster don't see why someone who has made a bigger impact in the NFL doesn't. All About putting the bringing the best 90 guys to camp and finding out who can play. Being from carolina i would think the connections would be there so why not look?
  10. Jags release Ace Sanders

    jags also have Blake Bortles. A rookie wb should not define a recivers talent. Cotch is what 35? Not many seasons left in him and these guy are all young budding talents. I dont think the blackmon story is over...Not many just walk away from the game. He will be back. I haven't seen where the jags have released him.
  11. Jags release Ace Sanders

    Hurns and corey brown is pushing it. Shorts has done more than Ginn. KB might be better than all mentioned but cotch didnt do anything is on his way to retirement. Add in that Blackmon who could return this year and the fact that all these guys outside short are basically 2-3 year players....they would have the advantage.
  12. Jags release Ace Sanders

    Rashad Greene from fsu as well. Not sure on the status of Blackmon but outside KB i would say they have a better wr core than us.
  13. Jags release Ace Sanders

  14. Jags release Ace Sanders

    His 51 catches as a rookie in 13 are better than any season ginn has put up.
  15. Jags release Ace Sanders

    I'm a footall fan. Never watched a gamecocks gm. But for those making light hearts jokes about it i assume u dont know much about ace. He had a solid rookie Campaign catching 51 passes from who i assume to be Blaine Gabbert. he's kind of a jack of all trades guys even throwing a touchdown pass. And for those talking about Ted Ginn how many tds has he returned for the panthers? Or San Fran last year? If you caught 51 passes as a rookie size shouldn't be talked about as much seeing as you have already proven you can make an impact at that size. But this is the huddle and everyone wants to be a smartass....go figure...