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  1. Seltzer

    Ian Thomas Bucks the Trend?

    Ain't that the truth. Without doing too much research, it seems to me the 4th round has been the entire worst round in the entire history of Panthers drafts
  2. Seltzer

    Kelvin Benjamin Is Already Hurt

    Well at least he won his personal Super Bowl last week then
  3. Seltzer


    I respect your posts, and agree with you a lot, but I am surprised at that... you really think one of these guys could win a game for us if Cam goes down? I still think Bridgewater is a good option for a conditional 7th. I don't think he will ever be able to regain his starting form, but I do think with his experience he could play and win games for us, especially given his history with Norv. Not that these guys don't have potential, but neither has thrown a NFL regular season pass before. That seems crazy to me to roll the dice on that with a team coming off 11-5
  4. Couldn't agree more. I think Cockrell was seen as the stopgap at least at CB. The other potential stopgap solution was Seymour and that was answered tonight (negatively). Hope Doss gets extended time with the 2s and maybe 1s. He showed some promise on a stacked Denver secondary. But yeah all things considered I'm not sure we're any worse off rolling with Jackson and Gaulden starting from day one. We threw Bradberry and Worley to the wolves and it wasn't great, but we did see what we had and it wasn't the difference in the end between us being a 6-10 team or a playoff team. The SB hangover was real. And somebody mentioned it earlier, but it is tough not to think about the butterfly effect of releasing Josh Norman...
  5. I would rather have a good offense to start the year than defense given our coaching staff. Rivera is a very good defensive coach, and I think our Front 7 will be good enough that we can scheme some to hide our deficiencies on the back end. But yeah, I didnt think we could be worse than last year but early indications are not good. Need to get Jackson and Gaulden a lot of reps. And definitely try to upgrade at cut time
  6. KB was a bitch when he said those comments and was a bitch when Cam confronted him like a man and he walked away. Anyway, he enjoyed his SB tonight and the probably the last time he gets any attention nationally.
  7. You joking people about not following the conversation, but I said those 2 plus Cam. I'm not throwing shade on their historic season or saying CMC/CJ are as good as a duo as Kamara/Ingram, but collectively Carolinas run game is just as much of a threat as the Saints. Cam Newton if he retired tomorrow is already one of the greatest red zone runners in NFL history. He makes any backfield dangerous. My point being that adding a proven 1000 yard rusher still in his prime in Anderson with McCaffrey who has bulked up substantially with Cam scares any defensive coordinator in the league every bit as much as Kamara/Ingram
  8. Offensive tempo in general was just so much better from start to finish, and playcalling flowed. To me, Shula tried so hard to set up certain plays he would waste other plays. Like he would run a play multiple times that wasn't working for the chance later on to do something a little bit different to try to free a guy 30 yards down the field. It is worked, it looked cool, but if it didnt, it just compounded into additional wasted plays. For all the talk about "taking the layups," it looks like Norv is actually going to do it.
  9. Seltzer

    Tonight's injuries

    IR wouldn't surprise me. Way to basically redshirt him for the year. Only downside is I don't know how it affects his ability to be able to practice. He ain't making the team except for PS
  10. That one gif of Kalil was bad, and unfortunately I'm sure there will be more throughout the year. As for tonight, I'm sure Panthers fans are way more concerned about Seymour looking like 2015 Browner out there and the secondary in general looking bad. However, we finally have a legit receiving corp, and CJ Anderson along with a bulked up McCaffrey and Cam is going to be every bit as dangerous as Kamara and Ingram
  11. I'm confident Rivera can coach them up into a semi respectable group. Needs to leave the offense to Norv and really put the time and input on the defense
  12. Come on dawg... your point is well taken but the list of bad contracts the Saints have given out in the last 5 years alone it pretty expansive
  13. Seltzer

    Curtis Samuel Gets Open...

    It would definitely be a Hurney 2.0 move and one I would be ok with since he's in the last year of his contract. That being said, Funchess showed the potential to be a good #2 WR last year. And you know he is going to show up every week and even play hurt, something KB wouldn't do.
  14. Seltzer

    Curtis Samuel Gets Open...

    Not just Samuel, who did look good, but the receivers overall showed YAC ability we haven't seen in years