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  1. Funchess has Moose level ability. To me he took a major step last year when he became a focal point of the offense. I don't think he can be the #1 guy (and honestly Moose was only a borderline WR1 outside of 2004, but he can be a high-end #2. Pairing him with DJ Moore has the potential to be the best WR combo since Smitty/Moose. And while its only potential as of now, it's still a LOT more exciting than any WR combo we had since 2013 with the potential to be more.
  2. Love the passion but I feel quite confident none of them are losing sleep over this... And he might feel the same way about Hurney when he doesn't make final cuts. That being said, good luck young man and welcome to the Carolinas!
  3. Seltzer


    Moore was an UDFA, and Hurney signed him to the regular roster after the Cowboys tried to sneak him on their practice squad after final cuts. But, semantics. I am not a Hurney apologist. I was glad he was fired when he was. I also think the timing of the firing of Gettleman was awful by Richardson, and left no good interim option except Hurney. I also won't cry any tears if the new owner wants to hire his own GM. But I do think Hurney has done very well since he's been back, and he is not as incompetent as some people make him out to be. I not trying to play gotcha other than to be a counter point to the notion that Hurney has never done anything right bc it's simply not true.
  4. Seltzer


    Nick Goings, Jordan Carstens, and Matt Moore say hi
  5. Moore has the ceiling to be a true #1 with homerun speed, and is a better compliment to Funchess than Ridley. Moore's ceiling is Smitty, Ridley's is more Roddy White. Both can be Pro Bowlers, but Moore can be a true game breaker. Both are good receivers, and both probably for the mold for what their team was looking for better than the other.
  6. Gettleman had a truly legendary year in 2013 with the draft and FA with no money to spend. It will be hard for anyone to ever top what he did that year. I will forever be grateful for that. But in hindsight, his drafting and decision making went down from there and his ego went up leading to some dumb decisions. I will still put his tenure at above-average bc he had success on the field and he did clean up the salary cap. But he was not some mythical being. He had his flaws just like Hurney does
  7. Coleman was decent in 2016 also but you are right that he only looked like a Pro Bowler when he had an All-Pro beside him. Coleman certainly wasn't the only problem in the secondary last year, but he was a major liability. I like Coleman as a person, but he got beat over the top more often that not last year. The Julio drop play epitomized his play last year even though he got lucky on that one particular play
  8. Huddle and reasonable standards are mutually contradictory lol. But you are 100% correct
  9. How can you "despise" a coach who has led to the team to the playoffs 4 out of the 5 years and a SB? That seems outrageously extreme... I can't imagine your expectations of what life is supposed to produce for you, but I feel like it probably entails a lot of disappointment if that is truly your mindset.
  10. The only change I want is to remove the Jerry statue. It already reeked of hubris before the stories of his awful behavior came out. I will forever be grateful for his efforts to bring a team to the Carolinas, but his own actions require his presence over the franchise to be erased. I have no issue with his name being associated with team history, but his image presiding over the team indefinitely was already tacky, and now it's insulting to his victims and the fan base that has built the team and brand onto what it is.
  11. I will be pissed if they change anything. It would be stupid. They've spent 20+ years building a successful brand. To pay the most for a professional sports team in US history and then destroy the brand would be the dumbest thing ever. The Bobcats brand was horrible, but in fairness to Bob Johnson, he didn't have the option to keep the beloved Hornets brand, and it took 10 years to fix that. I have zero interest in team not being the Carolina Panthers and keeping the black and blue. That and trying to move the stadium would be the fastest way to alienate someone like me who's had PSLs for almost 15 years.
  12. I respect your opinion. I don't post on here trying to one-up anyone. I do believe Rivera is a very good coach. The point about having a franchise QB is well taken, but at the same time Fox also seemed to have zero interest in trying to develop a QB (which was the same as Denver and Chicago). And I do agree regardless of anything, Fox's time here was up. You are right about that. It didn't bother me he had early success in Denver. I don't currently feel that way about Rivera. I think he is still the right man to lead the team. And not just because he is way more fan friendly than Fox (and certainly Seifert). I don't mind if people disagree. I just think a portion of the fan base wants to get rid of Rivera bc a portion of every fan base thinks there is magically someone out there better. And I disagree with that. One day, Rivera' s time here will be up. But I think and hope he still has ability to lead this team to a Super Bowl.
  13. I agree with you about Cam, but I really believe that it is dead wrong to believe Rivera isn't a top 10 to top 5 coach. Just my opinion, but Rivera is the best coach the Panthers have ever had, and just like Cam, a lot of the fan base won't realize how good he is until he's gone
  14. Seltzer

    Is Munnerlyn gone?

    You're right, but at this point I would say it's sunk cost and better to get rid of a disgruntled veteran and roll the dice on the young guys. Munnerlyn was awful last year, although he had plenty of company back there. Now who knows how much of that was scheme. I like Wilks as a person and can see him being a good leader of men as a HC, but he was not a great DC in my opinion and left our subpar secondary out to dry by blitzing so much. But regardless, at his age, I don't he's going to bounce back. Munnerlyn has always been quite small for a DB who relied on his althetism. If that's gone, he's done
  15. He has led to the team to the playoffs 4 out of the last 5 years. No offense, but no one would objectively take your opinion (or mine for that matter) over Rivera. Rivera is way more open about his thinking than most other coaches (who have too much ego to admit a mistake or regret), but that doesn't magically translate into some deficiency he has that other coaches don't. The Huddle would find out real quick the true opinion of Rivera around the league by people who matter if we let him go and there were 3 or more teams fighting to sign him.