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  1. Anyone with a younger brother knows this feeling... you can talk junk about them but you don't want anyone else doing it... Schwartz is right but I'm not surprised by Ryan's response
  2. So do you want Kenny Britt?

    We have no legitimate starting caliber receivers on this team outside Funchess. Shepard might as well be on a milk carton, Byrd is a one trick pony, Clay is a punt returner, and Bersin should be inactive at best and ideally not on a team. Whatever he is at this point, he would still immediately be the 2nd best WR on this year. I would feel better with him starting across from Funchess than Clay/Shepard.
  3. Thank you OP. Of course there are disappointing things from this game, but it is not doom and gloom. That game did probably seal our fate in terms of the division, but we are still very much in the WC race.
  4. Risked way too much on Samuel being able to step up and be a viable threat outside of Funchess, who is the only starting caliber WR we have. Our whole offense is Cam, CMC, and Funchess. Better hope Olsen can come back strong.
  5. The Saints should brag for once about the draft. They hit it out of the park with that kid, and their draft overall looks at least in Year 1 to be the best in the NFL. The Panthers hit it out of the park in 2013, the Falcons did in 2015, and the Saints did in 2017. I guess the Bucs are due something sometime. CMC is going to solid if not spectacular. Nothing against CMC, but objectively speaking, getting Lattimore and Kamara is better than just CMC. Still, CMC has been a good pick and is continuing to improve. Kamara will probably win OROY and deserves it. CMC has still added a lot to our offense. It's going to be tough b/c he is always going to be compared to Kamara, but to me CMC at least now looks like the 3rd or 4th best offensive weapon taken in the draft after Watson, Kamara and maybe Fournette. Over time Watson will be the best pick b/c of the position he plays, and he would have almost certainly won OROY if he stayed healthy. Both CMC and Kamara will probably have very good careers. A year ago, Micheal Thomas looked like a much better WR choice than Devin Funchess. It's more of a wash now that Funchess is in a better position to succeed, and Funchess may have the most upside. Kamara has benefitted by being in the right system with Sean Payton, having Brees throwing to him, and Ingram to compliment him. People forget that Ingram was considered a borderline bust at one point, and now is playing at a Pro-Bowl level. Still, Kamara deserves all the accolades he has received. Devonta Freeman was the best RB in football last year, but he has had a string of injuries and the concussions for him are every bit as much of a concern as Kuechly. So much goes into a players success, and injuries, coaching, and other players around you can change so much. The Saints finally had a good draft after 5+ of colossal failure. It's been good for us, b/c they wasted a lot of Brees's prime along with some horrendous FA picks.
  6. Injuries Galore

    Anybody who can go will this Sunday I believe. Can't sacrifice long-term health but this game is the most important one we could play outside of a playoff game.
  7. Did we let Tre Boston go early?

    Ehh... how many times last year did we have to watch Kuechly yell at Boston for a missed assignment. For $2.5M the team thought they could do better. In spite of last game, Coleman/Adams is light years better than Coleman/Boston. The team gave him every opportunity to have the starting job and he couldn't perform. Maybe he is better in the Chargers scheme... but cutting him here was a smart business decision.
  8. McCaffrey was a good pick. Time will tell if it was great. He's going to end up with well over a 1000 yards combined and will obliterate our RB receiving numbers. Inevitably he's going to get compared to Kamara who was obviously a steal and will probably be OROY. Still, McCaffrey can only play in the system he's in. You tell what defensive coordinators think of him by the resources they devote to spotting him. It's not his fault Funchess and/or Cam are our only reliable offensive threats outside of him right now. Cam missed probably 50 yards of potential offense to CMC last game alone. Anyway, I am totally fine with the pick. The only draft pick we had access to and didn't get that I would trade CMC for would be Marshon Lattimore. I think the coaching staff overestimated what Worley could be. Anyway, can you imagine our offense without CMC? Now that's a scary thought.
  9. Andy Benoit on Panthers/Jets

    Butler did have a nice game that awful penalty nowithstanding. The Jets were using a lot of max protection, though, and our secondary was awful even with only a few guys running routes. Some of their plays looked like us back in 2015 as far as throwing down the field. The secondary was even worse when you consider we did a good job against the run. None of them played great, with even Bradberry and Coleman looking below average. I hope we get it cleaned up for next week.
  10. Bears waive Tre McBride

    I wouldn't pretend to know if he's the answer, but WR still scares the ish out of me going forward. Trading KB- whatever, we got what we could since we weren't going to keep him next year and the coaches obviously thought Funchess could do better in his spot and he has. Losing Curtis Samuel sucks b/c he looked like he could have actually been a threat across from Funchess. Shepard is a massive disappointment- no getting around it. I think Clay and maybe even McCaffrey got more reps at WR last week. I really thought he could be a good #3. He's been a ghost except the one awesome catch Week 1. Clay should be our PR going forward, but he's not going to scare anyone as an every down receiver. He's Ted Ginn with less explosion and worse hands. That doesn't mean he's useless but he shouldn't be an every down WR. Bersin is a #4/#5 WR who can move the chains. He knows where to be & plays hard, but no one else has touched him during the several times we've cut him- enough said. Byrd is a complete unknown. He did bulk up from last year, and maybe he can fill in where Samuel was slated to. Still, there's no history to make you think he's going to be a major contributor. If Olsen can't come back, and it's not looking good for him to be fully healthy this week, our receivers are a massive question mark. Our offense is basically Cam, CMC, and Funchess. Stewart is basically last year's Tolbert at this point. He's good on the goal line and still runs hard and can't break the first tackle, but he doesn't have breakaway speed anymore. OK- he's not as bad as last year's Tolbert but you get the picture. Bottom line is we desperately need Shepard to do something, Byrd to be a factor, and Olsen to hopefully be able to play more than a half. It's a LOT to ask this late in the year. I try to be a homer as much as anyone, but our offensive firepower is by far the least amount of anyone that would currently be in the playoffs in the NFC. The wildcard is Cam as always. He can single handedly change games with his running and passing when he's on. Much like Russell Wilson in Seattle though, it's tough to sustain or count on that week in and week out. I hope I'm wrong, but it will take the MVP Cam to win more than 2 games over the last 5 IMHO with our schedule. Even still, we might make the playoffs at 10-6, but it's hard to see how we can go far into them. All that said, I still want to believe. If there is anyone at this point that could help, though, I hope the coaching staff is looking at all possibilities.
  11. Fantastic point. One redeeming stat from an otherwise forgettable and dismal performance from Cam.
  12. Game Plan?

    I don't understand not activating Armah after our run game looked so good the last 2 weeks. I'm guessing he was inactive for Fozzy, who did nothing outside kickoff returns (the 2 he got). Seems crazy to keep Armah inactive for that. Seemed to be no logic or rhythm to play calling (after what I thought were 2 good games called in Atlanta and Miami). Cam was completely off this game too which didn't help. Bottom line, play calling, Cam, and anyone on offense outside of Funchess and CMC have to better next week.
  13. Money saved by parting ways with Kalil will go a lot way towards signing Star and Norwell since we've dumped KBs salary too. Larsen may never be as good as Kalil at his peak, but salary, age, etc considered I think it is the right move. Van Routen seems like a good find too.
  14. We play like this next week and we will lose by 20+ That being said, we got to pull it together just to beat this team