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  1. Seltzer added a post in a topic SI Blogger Predicts 8-8 from Training Camp   

    I definitely agree with anyone that LT is still a significant question mark, and even provided Oher can be serviceable at LT, who is going to fill in behind him?  No one in the right mind could be comfortable with Silatolu or Chandler starting at LT for any significant amount of time.
    Even the question on speed at receiver is somewhat valid, although just posting 40 times as the end-all, be-all towards determining success is lazy and not indicative of real game conditions at all.
    However, absent the question at LT, I truly feel better about the talent and depth of this team than any team I can think of since 2006.  That certainly doesn't mean injuries won't come or the team won't underperform.
    But compared to even last year, where there were significant holes at both tackle spots, every receiver position, every secondary position, and returner,  I think it would be hard for anyone to feel like this team is in a much better position at least going into the season.
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  2. Seltzer added a post in a topic Panthers Rookie Report - Day 4   

    Do you think the coaches see any value in having a guy like Damiere Byrd as the 6th WR (since that position will likely be one of the inactives on gameday) vs. keeping a Bersin or Boykin in that role? I'm assuming KB, Funchess, Ginn, Brown, and Cotchery are pretty much locks.
    I can see the appeal in trying to stash him on the Patrice Squad since he has availability and the other 2 don't, but his speed is impossible to ignore and it sounds like he has a lot better hands than most gave him credit for going into the draft.  
    To me, with Olsen, Dickson, KB, Funchess, Cotchery, & Brown, the Panthers have more than enough WR weapons to move the chains.  But outside of Ginn there are no burners on this team (and sorry I like Corey Brown a lot but he is not a burner in the sense of 'if he get's behind the defense he's not ever getting caught').  Brown may be a better overall receiver than Ginn, but Ginn does have the speed that make defensive coordinators pause, even if his hands have never been good enough to warrant a complete change in the game plan.
    I just think if they do keep 6, I don't see why you wouldn't keep another burner instead of a "possession receiver."  This is provided Byrd continue to show in the preseason, but just my thoughts.
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  3. Seltzer added a post in a topic SI Blogger Predicts 8-8 from Training Camp   

    I would imagine intellectually speaking they are on par with the average caller into WFNZ.  Someone who makes Peter King feel even better about his station in life
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  4. Seltzer added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    SI Blogger Predicts 8-8 from Training Camp
    Had seen this posted anywhere:
    Written by Robert Klemko.  Some contradictory info about having no speed at WR and then mentioning Ted Ginn still being blazing fast and Benjamin being impossible to cover.  Also says Gettleman staking his scouting reputation on Shaq Thompson, which is ridiculous.  Gettleman had arguably the best draft of any GM in the league last year, and has been scouting for 27 years so I doubt in the eyes of anyone in the NFL his entire career will be based on Shaq alone.
    But I digress- SI (or any other national publication for that matter) doesn't let facts get in the way of the dumbed down narrative they want to portray.  Anyway, he does admit trying to defend the Panthers in the red zone will be futile.
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  5. Seltzer added a post in a topic The battle for the #3 wr   

    I hope Ginn can become the #3 WR b/c he is the only receiver we have on the team that truly has the speed to take the top off of a defense.  I think of the receivers that left after the 2013 Season (Smitty, LaFell, Ginn, Hixson), Ginn was the only one I think the Panthers truly wanted to keep.
    Obviously, you saw how downhill our return game went last year (though in fairness it wasn't just the returner- the blocking and coverage sucked).  But beyond being just a premier returner, for whatever reason Ginn has more of a connection with Newton than any other QB he's played with.
    Ginn as the #3 allows the Panthers to do a lot more schematically than the other choices. Ginn's speed prevents constant 8 man boxes which allows the threat of Newton running to be that much more dangerous.
    Why do you think the Panthers were so willing to give Stephen Hill a chance?  The Panthers tried to use Corey Brown in that position last year out of necessity, but to me, I see Brown best playing the role Hixson did in 2013 as the #4 WR.
    I still think Cochery ends up as the #5 WR due to his veteran leadership and presence.  Beyond that, I am intrigued by Damiere Byrd like a lot of the rest of you, but I think the Panthers will be able to stash him on the PS.  If they do keep 6 WR's, I wouldn't be opposed to them keeping Byrd b/c the 6th WR is mostly inactive, and I honestly don't see why the Panthers would keep Bersin, Boykin, or anyone else over Byrd given his upside.  I guess the only thing Bersin and Boykin have working in their favor in ST ability.
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  6. Seltzer added a post in a topic A Saints fan's "Scouting Report" re: Panthers   

    I certainly don't know how anyone outside of unknowledgeable national jacks could pick them to be division champs, but as long as they have Brees, they got a shot. As much as I hate mole face (and seriously if you had $100M + would you not remove that turd stain on your face?), he is a first ballot hall of famer and he still can pick us apart if we can't get pressure like we have the last few years. The Panthers were competitive and had a chance to win most games in '11 and '12 when we had Cam and not much else on offense. It's certainly hard to see them as a team that could make any noise deep in the playoffs let alone the division, but there not going to be an easy win either
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  7. Seltzer added a post in a topic Panthers PFF Grades   

    I think there is some validity to PFF, especially in their evaluations of one-on-one situations. Meaning I take a lot of stock in their grades for receivers and defensive backs, especially on passing plays. Even with running backs it is fairly useful in terms of yards after contact, broken tackles, etc. However, the assignments for lineman are a lot harder to decipher if you're not the coach calling the plays and knowing who has what assignment on a given play. A guy could look like he got beat when he is just trying to cover (late) for another guy that blew an assignment. Offensive lineman by their very nature are switching guys off bc the defense is constantly trying to trick them or overload a certain part of the line via blitzing. I trust Rivera and Gettleman's evaluation way more than a 3rd party website. Both have proven to be pretty straight up in their evaluations of guys to the media. I honestly feel way better about the offensive line outside of LT this year than any year since probably '08 or '09. Jordan Gross really was a guy it was easy to take for granted. As long as CJ stays healthy, I feel pretty good about the defensive line. Obviously it would be awesome to still have CJ and Hardy, but I don't want to discount what KK brings. He has quietly become of the best interior rushers in the NFL. The D line still has top 10 potential, maybe top 5 if Ealy or Big Frank step up That being said, I do like PFF. But there's a lot more to the value of lineman (and linebackers for that matter) than what somebody watching film and not knowing the play call is going to see
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