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  1. I honestly don't know if Dez is any better than Funchess at this point. Way too many other options in FA to consider versus taking on a known headcase regardless of the contract.
  2. Moton plus 3rd round comp pick all day long instead of Norwell and the contract he will demand. And I love Norwell We spent a 2nd rounder on Moton for a reason, and having him only as depth is a waste. We will only have him 3 more years now on a rookie deal. If Moton is as good as coaches think he can be, then it's a risk worth taking. With the Norwell money we can sign a starting caliber WR and safety (and a power back probably) Same with Star. We can give a comp 5th, sign a decent NT that could start, and add to CB depth. We can t break the bank now when Cam is going to need another contract in a couple of years. Add to that we will have even more potential needs next off-season with Pep, R Kalil, and TD hanging them up. Absolutely Can t mortgage future this off-season
  3. Man some of y'all are brutal. I don't have a burning hate for Shula, but I am glad he is gone. He will always have 2015. He will get a job as an offensive assistant or OC at the college level. I respect him as a man and wish him the best.
  4. Maybe he has stuck around because he is a good coach, doesn't hold his assistants back, and gets along with management. Same way most professionals are successful...
  5. Hurney is really trying to engage with the fan base and be willing to make the tough decisions he wouldn't 5 years ago. Trading KB is not a move he would have made the first time around. I'm not going to crown Hurney yet b/c there is still a lot of work to be done to stay competitive in this unbelievably tough division, but if you remove the awful contracts (and you shouldn't b/c that was a lot of his legacy during his first tenure), Hurney was very good at finding blue-chip players in Round 1 of the draft. He also made better FA decisions than a lot of people think. Trading for Olsen and signing Delhomme/Davis in 2003 were franchise changing moves. But he also made some bad trades in the draft, too. Anyway, the past is the past. I hope Hurney continues on his current trajectory. This year will be critical for a multitude of reasons off the field, but this draft and FA will be crucial too. One draft can change a franchise. Look at the Saints this year. It's hard to overstate how crucial the draft is this year. We have a good core, but we need an infusion of young, cheap talent badly.
  6. Hurney has made some good moves since being brought back. Hopefully this continues with the draft. The Panthers had a good season and a good core, but the truth is 2 of our division rivals are still playing, and Tampa will be dangerous next year if there offense plays like they did at the end of the season and their defense gets better. The NFC South is an incredibly tough division, and we need Hurney to make the right decisions (and the tough ones) to be in playoff contention again next year. Extending Ron and letting Shula go is a step towards that.
  7. Hopefully Ron will hire a great OC and let him do his thing. If he can do that and oversee defense and the team, Ron can be a top 5 coach. He was already top 10 even with Shula holding him back.
  8. Only news b/c it's Newton and everyone is feigning "concern" when they are just pulling at strings for why he should have been removed from a game. Will never broach why opposing teams openly and actively try to hurt Cam
  9. A lot of valid points by the OP. Most of the hate boils down to Cam, and a significant amount of that is race-based. All of this "concern" for Cam is b.s.. They want a way to get him off the field pure and simple.
  10. Hurney on WFNZ

    Corn Elder will be too, as a reminder. No idea if he will be good, but we basically redshirted him and Hall
  11. Would you trade Daryl Williams?

    I love Norwell and hope we keep him, but I agree with everyone that there is less risk in trying to replace Norwell with Moton than to get rid of Williams. Trading Williams would be insanity
  12. I respectfully disagree with a lot of these posts. Rivera coached a hell of a game yesterday. He had the team ready to play from the start, and had a good gameplan to stop the run. New Orleans offense is as tough to stop as anyone's in the league. They made them one-dimensional and Brees made incredible throw after incredible throw. Even Shula called a good game. The offense moved the ball at will. Clay missed a TD ball a high-schooler should catch. Olsen missed a potential TD he grabs at least 50% of the time. I like everyone get made at the catch-all statement of "missed opportunities," but that really is what yesterday was about. Look at TOP, overall yards, etc. We led TOP, and the yardage was even. New Orleans hit more explosive plays and scored TD's instead of FG's. And simply put, New Orleans is just a better team than we are this year. The Panthers still had a very good team and had a great season, but we lost 3 times to them, and none were a fluke. I'm like every fan out there in that I won't be satisfied short of a Lombardi, but you've got to find some enjoyment as a fan in the journey and even in years that end short of a SB win or you'll just be miserable all the time (though there is a subset in every fan base that lives for that). I am super proud of this team. This year had many highs and some lows. No one gave us a chance yesterday, and the team played their hearts out and almost won. Truthfully, though, this team wasn't winning a SB with our WR corp. But I will take a year like this. It was exciting, and this team fought through an unbelievable amount of adversity. And ultimately, a lot of that credit should go to the coaches, especially Rivera. He has earned everything he has gotten in this league. A new owner not keeping him would be a travesty that would set our team back big time.
  13. Both QB's played incredible games yesterday. It came down to our offense not executing in the first half in the red zone. Cam played his heart out, and Brees made some unbelievable throws to a better supporting cast.
  14. Colin Cowherd is a human skid mark