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  1. Seltzer added a post in a topic Bortles better than Cam   

    Cam has led the team to the division title and the conference semifinals 2 years in a row. Of yeah, and he did win the whole Rookie of the Year thing.
    Bortles' arm pulled a Brian St. Pierre in his rookie year. Yes he has looked good this preseason and I think Jacksonville will not be a pushover, but Bortles had proven nothing. 
    It is insulting to compare them and definitely delusional to say he's better.
    I guess if your team hasn't made the playoffs in a decade, is a constant candidate for relocation rumors, plays the league's bitch by consistently having "home" games in London, and is the definition of irrelevant, you conjure up anything you can to make yourself feel better.
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  2. Seltzer added a post in a topic Week 1 relevant - Jaguars DE Andre Branch to miss 'significant time,' with knee injury   

    Jacksonville has looked good on offense. Much much better than the Panthers have.
    Wouldn't hurt my feelings if their defense was a little undermanned week 1. We probably need it
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  3. Seltzer added a post in a topic Had we known we could get Wegher as UDFA do we spend 5th on Artis-Payne?   

    Cameron Artis-Payne produced good numbers in the SEC and was definitely worthy of a 5th Round pick.  Wegher is a nice story (and definitely a diamond in the rough find by Gettleman), but in no way does Wegher's potential mean the CAP pick was bad.  Totally apples & oranges.  
    I am big-time Wegher supporter, but being able to pass protect is crucial in the NFL for any running back.  CAP has shown that ability in the best conference in college football, Wegher has not.
    I will be disappointed if we don't get to see Wegher at least get some reps with the 2's.  He does seem to have explosiveness that could make him special as a runner.
    To the bigger point about RB's, though, I do think it is valid that given the rule changes that favor the passing game and the running threat we have in Newton, it does seem logical that we would move away from drafting a RB with a high pick unless it is a truly special back (i.e. Adrian Peterson).
    Investing a pick in a WR in the first 3 rounds (like a lot of teams in the league do) on an annual basis will be nice.  I certainly could see that being the direction Gettleman goes once he finally cleans these hideous RB contracts off the books and builds some needed depth on the offensive and defensive lines.
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  4. Seltzer added a post in a topic Who is going to the game Friday night?   

    I hate you.  J/k... I do wish I had your seats though.  You can about hear the players fart from there
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  5. Seltzer added a post in a topic Who is going to the game Friday night?   

    540 Row 19. Buzzed up on a few Hop, Drop, & Rolls and probably having the wife tell me to calm down it's only preseason if we start out with a couple of 3 and outs again 
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  6. Seltzer added a post in a topic Frank Alexander Waived   

    Glad to see he cleared waivers.  Panthers should be able to give him a very low tender next year.  Low risk, high reward
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  7. Seltzer added a post in a topic Shaq   

    IMO you can be taught how to become a better tackler through technique (and hitting the weight room).  Speed is something that can't be taught.
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  8. Seltzer added a post in a topic Shaq   

    I'm hoping at the very least Tre Boston is brought in on those situations
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  9. Seltzer added a post in a topic Shaq   

    So many teams have 3 WR in their base set that the default defense usually has 5 defensive backs.
    Having Shaq allows them to keep a true 4-3 look even when facing 3 receiver sets or 2 receivers + receiving TE (like Jimmy Graham in the slot.  It's true we are giving up a little size from the traditional strong side LB in a 4-3 scheme, but it is tradeoff designed with modern offenses in mind
    If you noticed last year, over half the time we only had TD and Luke as the linebackers with Colin Jones playing a lot of snaps.  I think Shaq can cover well plus he is a better tackler than someone the size of Colin Jones.  He will learn a lot playing beside 2 of the best LB's in the game.
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  10. Seltzer added a post in a topic Let's talk about when we were wrong...   

    Really thought Ricky Manning, Jr. and Chris Gamble were going to be the best CB combo in the league for yearsThought Jeff Otah was going to be a dominant RT for yearsBelieved David Carr was going to resurrect his career here in case Jake got hurt/ underperformedThought TE Micheal Gaines was to going to become a starThought Thomas Davis was absolutely done after the 3rd ACL tearMost wrong- thought Ron Rivera was going to be fired after the 1-3 start in 2013
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  11. Seltzer added a post in a topic Jarret Boykin to replace Jordy Nelson per NFLN   

    These people have an ultra-coveted job (and in most cases lucrative one) and they only have to keep up with 32 teams...  The level of laziness is astounding sometimes, and in fairness, it's not just the Panthers.  Most analysts are that ignorant about half of the teams in the league.
    I truly believe most of these "experts" couldn't work food service b/c they wouldn't be able to keep orders straight but yet they are paid and act like they are something special.  The American entertainment industry at its finest.
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  12. Seltzer added a post in a topic "Inside the NFL" hits rock bottom   

    I DVR and fast forward through the talking... beyond being a waste of my life, I honestly feel dumber after listening to their babble
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  13. Seltzer added a post in a topic And so it begins....   

    This may be the best part of it... If they stay healthy, those 3 have potentially at least 4 years together
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  14. Seltzer added a post in a topic Frank Alexander Waived   

    Exactly... there is nobody out there that is going to help until final cuts.  I got a feeling the Panthers are going to release at least one LB and RB that will end up on someone else's roster.
    Even after final cuts, finding someone like a Dwan Edwards is not a guarantee by any stretch.  The Panthers are more than likely going to have to roll with who they've got.
    I do hate it Frank Alexander.  Sometimes as fans we get caught up on the loyalty thing, but at the end of the day for players, it's a cold business.  Gotta get paid while you can.
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  15. Seltzer added a post in a topic Further indictment against Tolbert   

    Fair point- they definitely deserve the reps.  The biggest thing is just how dominant they have been against the 3rd stringers plus the good things I have read from camp.
    But you're right in that they need reps against the players at the top of the depth charts.  I personally think they will produce, but it something needed to properly evaluate.
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