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  1. 4-2

    Bingo. Its hard to reconcile how a team that looks so good against NE and Detroit can be this bad at home. Objectively speaking, 4-2 is not bad. Just so deflating losing this way at home and with the Luke injury
  2. If it was a Panthers player in the protocol, then no way... but it seems like we actually follow it which is the right thing to do for the players' long team health. Seems like the league's "independent protocol enforcement" goes out the window with certain teams, though. DaVonte Adams was hospitalized for the head shot he took and somehow cleared the protocol without missing a game. But he plays for the Packers and they had a marquee game against the Cowboys... yeah I'm sure it was independent. Anyway, doubt Lane Johnson plays and in the interest of his long-term health, no way he should play 4 days after a concussion. Just pointing out league hypocrisy, which isn't hard to do.
  3. Looks like Lane Johnson & Fletcher Cox will be out. Still, they will be a massive challenge with Carson Wentz playing the way he is. Wentz and Newton are arguably the hottest QB's right now outside of Alex Smith as hard as that is to believe
  4. That was WAY more disrespect than people picking against on the road against NE & Detroit.
  5. Matt Kalil deserves props for how well he played yesterday. If he continues to play like that, he is worth the big contract. That personal foul penalty on him was BS.
  6. Hall to IR, Southward to active roster

    My thoughts exactly. With his size, not sure he is an every down lineman, but he seemed to be better as a pure pass rusher at this stage in their development.
  7. Cam apologizes

    He is unbelievable... was thinking the exact same thing
  8. The email I sent to Scott Fowler

    Scott Fowler is a pompous a-hole when he's not hiding behind his writing. I've coached against him in rec basketball league games and he is awful in terms of how he is towards refs and other coaches. The kind of guy who you've met multiple times but acts like he doesn't have a clue who you are. That's why I find it so rich he's trying to call out Cam for not knowing Jourdan. He's a grade A douche bag. Dictionary hypocrite. Only thing I'll say positive about him is that his 2 sons I've coached against are good kids. I really expected them to be like their dad and they're not.
  9. The only thing that would have sounded crazier in 2013 than Julius Peppers resigning here and potentially ending his career as a Panther and Smitty not doing so would have been to say that Donald Trump was going to become our next President... glad he's back though and still balling out.
  10. Valid point. Hope it is due to his contract demands being too high/ wanting to play for contender. He wasn't bad last year when he was healthy
  11. Byrd was pretty good at the end of last season. Our scheme certainly doesn't require an extraordinary amount from our safeties. I like it. Could be like the Jared Allen signing a couple of years ago. No one is expecting an all Pro back there, but having a veteran who has played at a high level in the recent past is a good signing all things considered.
  12. Anyone Notice Billicheat

    His act only doesn't wear thin b/c they win. For the most part, and especially after losses, he is abrasive towards everyone.
  13. Yesterday was a huge win. Winning against the Belichick/Brady Patriots is an accomplishment, and beating them as reigning SB Champs and in Foxboro is even more impressive. To me, though, the truest "beating Seattle in 2015" moment for this year will be next week against the Lions on the road. The Lions are a very good team, and beating them on the road will probably require our offense to put up 25+ points again. If we can beat the Patriots & Lions in back-to-back weeks on the road, then we will truly have the markings of a team that can challenge for and into the playoffs. The win yesterday was awesome, but next week will show if the offense truly is getting it figured out or if it was a "flash in the pan" performance against a bad Patriots defense.
  14. I agree, but Funchess has looked better these last 2 games especially. This is his 3rd year, but he is only 23. Was one of the youngest players in the league his rookie year. Definitely need more production out of him, and he will never be a #1, but he's not the root of all of our problems.
  15. Next Man(hertz) up

    Looks a little like a taller Jon Beason in that picture