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  1. Yesterday was a rough day. Really rough, and not just the hangover. I really thought we were going to win, but we didnt. It was horrible. I woke up several times Sunday night/early Monday morning (mostly because I sleep like crap when I drink like that) but every time I wanted to believe the SB was a bad dream and we were going to get another shot. But I woke this morning, alive, employed, and living in the greatest country in the world. I've got 2 healthy boys, a wife that puts up with my crap and indulges my Panthers obsession,  and I job I don't hate. The last 5 months have been incredible. It really and truly is just a game. It's so easy to get caught up in it being more, and in a figurative sense maybe it is, but the sun still comes up and life goes on. The Panthers bring joy to my life but they are not my life.
  2. Losing the Super Bowl is a lot like being the Intercontinental Champion
  3. “A lion doesn't concern itself with the opinion of sheep.” Or Gingers for that matter
  4. After 18 games, how much could you possibly do that there wouldn't be some film on.  Would you try to reinvent the wheel over 2 weeks away from an offense that got you 17-1, or would you try to develop a good game plan from what you've been doing and execute? I don't think the Broncos offense did anything that surprised the Panthers defense either.  Josh Norman jumped 2 routes that could have been interceptions.  McClain had one he could have picked too.  Obviously, Manning didn't have a great arm, but he wasn't fooling anybody either.
  5. You are right about this.  This rarely happened throughout the year, and it did a lot during the SB.  And that is related to Shula and the coaching staff.  I am not trying to exonerate the coaching staff or Shula.  Ultimately, they are responsible for the performance of the team.  It's just easy to blame Shula since we lost and the offense played so poorly, but Shula didn't make Tolbert fumble twice, and Ginn & Cotchery drop passes. I do believe with Shula there is this misguided idea that somehow he doesn't care since he's not very fiery.  Can you imagine growing up in that family and having to, fair or not, being compared to your father all the time? Shula may not be best OC, but what he was able to accomplish this year was remarkable.  Literally no one saw this coming.  And it wasn't all in spite of Shula either.  It's always hard to have perspective after something like this, but the idea that Shula should be blamed or fired for that matter makes no logical sense.  
  6. I didn't go back to count exactly how many mistake we made because I can't bring myself to rewatch it just yet, but your point is spot on.  Those are a LOT of mistakes the Panthers made that they didn't typically make.  The 4 fumbles will haunt me forever.  Even with our own dominant defensive performance that gets lost in the wash, it would be hard to overcome that against any opponent, much less a team like the Broncos.
  7. This offense had just put up 31 & 42 points against 2 of the best defenses in the league.  We got outplayed in one game by a defense that put up an all-time great performance.   The offense had multiple chances to win the game.  Some of it can be put on play calling, but the bottom line is that if they executed like they had in 17 out of 18 weeks, we would have won. Why in the world would Rivera not have confidence in Shula after he oversaw an offense that led the league in scoring without their #1 receiver?  The Panthers have made the playoffs every year Shula has been OC.  Of course that is not all due to Shula, but it's not all in spite of him either.  If Cam didn't believe in Shula, he never would have been made OC in the first place.  A lot of people fail to realize this. This team didn't get Shula'ed in the Super Bowl.  We got beat because the Denver defense out executed our offense, forced turnovers, and we turned the ball over on our own.
  8. Denver put on one of the all-time great defensive efforts throughout the playoffs this year.  They shut down 3 of the best offenses in football.  Hats off to them- that is no easy feat.  I am by no means saying they didn't have a good game plan.  They executed those "green dog" blitzes to perfection, and their coverage was very good. We were still the #1 Offense for a reason, and we could have won that game had we executed better.  I just think the idea that teams can just copy what Denver did is laughable.  No one else in the league could have executed at that level.  Other teams already tried and failed.  Wade Phillips isn't afraid to pat himself on the back, but the truth is if he was truly able to create something no one else thought of, he probably would still be a HC.  Just like Shula.   I truly didn't think they could against us- meaning not to the level of shutting us down they did.  Neither did Vegas, or most of the nation, regardless of what they say now.  I was wrong. I don't think this means our offense is suddenly going to suck next year.
  9. I wouldn't say atrocious this year, but they certainly weren't great.  They weren't the dumpster fire like they were in 2014. And 2013 was actually a pretty good year for ST.  But overall, yeah they haven't been good in a while. It didn't even up mattering, but we should at least consider another option besides Gano.  I like him, but he has not been great last year or this year after a really good 2013.  Maybe he can rebound, but competition would be good.
  10. Defend the dumbest things being said about Cam

    I think Cam has gotten to the point where he isn't going to defend himself anymore, and honestly, I don't think we as fans need to either.  Cam has become the villain of the NFL- I say embrace it.  I'd rather be hated than ignored
  11. Harper and Cotchery already gone?

    Cotchery made some big-time clutch catches this year, and has been a good mentor for our receivers.  He got screwed on that catch to start the SB  His drop near the end zone was a killer, but it's not fair to single out anyone given the amount of screwups that took place. Regardless of what happens, I appreciate his contributions to the Panthers.  He is a stand up guy.
  12. Again, the victors get to define the narrative.  Shula said they tried multiple things during the game.  The Panthers still ended up with over 300 yards of offense- more than a 100 more than the Broncos.  They should have won that game, all things equal. The difference was turnovers, which all goes back to execution.  The offensive miscues played as much a role in the Panthers losing as the Broncos defense. The idea of every tam "green-dog" blitzing all the time is laughable against Newton.  A LOT of teams tried similar concepts, and they got burned deep.  The Cardinals got destroyed doing it 2 weeks ago. Maybe that led to some overconfidence in our O-Line, but Denver is the only team in the league that could execute.  We didn't go 17-1 up until this point because nobody had us "figured out."  Blitzing means leaving your corners in one-on-one against the receivers.  Denver's CB's are good, but Philly and Ginn still made some catches.  The Ginn drop that turned into an inteception, the Cotchery miss near the end zone, the Tolbert fumble.... the list goes on. The Panthers had chances, multiple, multiple chances to win the game.  It gets lost in the shuffle, but our defense played an all-time great game too.  The offense failed to execute. Of course the Broncos are bragging now and embellishing.  They won and deserve to.   Our receivers torched the Cardinals for trying the same basic thing.  Bruce Arians is a better coach than Gary Kubiack.  The strategy is fine, but it's not easy to execute against a QB like Newton that can beat you deep.  The Panthers receivers worked for this system because they were fast if nothing else.  Either you let Newton sit back and pick you apart, or you blitz and risk Newton running or throwing deep. It all came down to the Broncos executing their game plan better.
  13. Seahawk Frank Clark laying into Cam Newton

    Funny- I remember Cam going right into that vaunted Seahawks line multiple times this year
  14. They're not the first team to do that by any stretch this year.  I don't know all the subtle differences in blitzes, etc., but the Cardinals blitzed extensively during the NFC Championship Game.  And they sent guys from the secondary a lot and stunted the DE's inside.  The Panthers just did a better job picking it up.  The Packers blitzed extensively too with secondary guys and DE stunts.  So did the Saints, especially in the 2nd game. These games immediately jump to the forefront on my mind.  This wasn't some novel idea.  The Panthers just made the other teams pay deep when they did it.  The Saints had a similar coverage (LB on WR) when Ginn caught that bomb against New Orleans.  Von Miller did a much better job against Cotchery, but he still should have caught the ball near the goal.   Denver did a good job, but I really don't think schematically the Panthers weren't ready for it, they just didn't execute.  The Panthers had their chances on offense, but they blew it.  The 2 biggest plays of the game were where Von Miller beat Remmers one-on-one.  Maybe they schemed to get Miller in a one-on-one, but I don't remember them doing anything exotic on those plays.   Wade Phillips is a good defensive coordinator, but he's not the only smart DC in the league.  It's not like the other teams have the Panthers "figured out."  The Panthers got better over the 2nd half of the year because they out executed teams.   You don't think the Panthers knew kind of what the Saints were going to do from 2009-2012?  Of course they did, the Saints just executed at a much higher level.  Same thing with GB.  They've been running the same system for years, they just didn't execute as well this year. The NFL is about matchups.  The Broncos proved to be a bad matchup for the Panthers.  And on top of that, they executed and the Panthers didn't.   It makes for a good story, but it wasn't some special scheme that beat us.  It was a good scheme- the special part of it was the execution by the Denver players. People have knocked Shula for years.  Do you think he magically came up with a scheme that couldn't be figured out, or a good scheme that could be executed by his players to perfection?
  15. And honestly, the biggest emotion the Panthers have elicited in our 21+ history in sheer indifference.  Smaller market, expansion team, non-glamour division.  Just simple facts.  Before this year, as someone who travels a lot, nobody really cared about the Carolina Panthers one way or another.  People might same something one way or another about Cam (although it's funny that no one really said anything negatively about him face-to-face, but behind the anonymity of the internet it all comes out, coded racism and all), or ask about Steve Smith being let go, or about us winning a crappy division last year, but that was the extent that anyone nationally even really thought about the Panthers.  Rivera is 100% right in that we crashed the party this year.  We dabbed and danced and took pictures and forced our way into the national conversation.  First in the greater football world, and then into society as a whole.  And a LOT of people have been waiting to put us back in our place- evidently, really, really, really bad.  First against the Seahawks.  Then, assuredly against the Cardinals.  And finally, those people have their chance now that we lost to Denver. The Broncos won and deserved to win that game, and in our society, the winners get to drive the narrative.  And the Panthers have to be willing to take it because I want them to continue dishing it out.  I have no issue with what the Broncos have to say (except Talib- I don't know how he is allowed to continue to openly try to injure guys).   But the part that goes beyond normal discourse is the level the media wants to drive the narrative about Cam Newton being arrogant, bad role model, baby, etc.  Not only in the sports world, but in society in general.  And just how personal it is with Cam Newton.  Sports serve as a conduit for larger societal issues, and I really think Cam Newton serves as a the ultimate litmus test for racism in our society.  People can backlash against Cam Newton because of their internal racism over The Black Lives Matter Movement, Ferguson, Trayvon Martin, etc. while under the guise of sports criticism.  The level of hatred towards Cam Newton cannot be explained away just by "sports hate."  Take a step back and look at it objectively and tell me how you reach a different conclusion.  Now don't get me wrong.  There are people in general who just have "sports hate" for Cam.  And I totally get that.  I have sports hate for Matt Ryan, Drew Brees. Jameis Winston, Julio Jones, Tony Romo, Russell Wilson etc.  But the comments Cam elicits are way beyond hating someone for what he does or doesn't do on the field or in front of the media.  Cam has brought joy to more kids and more people this year alone than most people will in a lifetime.  Cam introduced the entire world to the Dab.  But a lot of people still hate him- not just as a football player, but as a human being.  And I don't use that word lightly. But to pull it back in, the truth is, as a franchise, we need someone as polarizing as Cam to be relevant on the national stage.  I think Cam is finally coming to terms with the media (and greater society) trying to force him into a villain role.  He is going to be himself, whatever that means. I hope Cam, the Panthers, and us as fans embrace this role.  However we got here (and I wish I could say it's only for what we've done on the field), we should embrace being the NFL's villain.  I am proud of Cam Newton as the leader of this team, and I am proud the Carolina Panthers. The truth is, we are going to continue to win games, and the players are going to dab, and dance, and have fun.  And be relevant.  I guarantee you going forward, people nationally are going to have an opinion on the Panthers (though probably not a good one). But that's ok, I'd rather be hated than ignored any day out of the year.  Let's go to the Dark Side... KEEP POUNDING!!