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  1. The Bears Have Released SS Antrel Rolle

    I can't imagine Gettleman would sign anyone until he gets a feel for how the young guys are coming along and how much he feels they can contribute. And if we're going for a veteran, I think Whitner is a much better option than Rolle at this point. Bigger point is Gettleman and Rivera want a core of secondary guys they can build long term into something like Seattle versus a band aid approach every year.
  2. Good read on UDFA WR Keyarris Garrett

    Exactly. Dude had an 86 yard TD in thevery NFC Championship and beat Talib for what would have been a TD in the SB if not for that dirty face mask. The first 4 WR spots are set with KB, Funchess, Ginn, and Philly. Everybody else competing for the 5th spot and/or PS.
  3. In 4 drafts Gettleman has rebuilt the interior of the defensive line to one of the best in the NFL, rebuilt the receiving corp with 2 good young receivers in KB and Funchess, drafted a DE in Ealy who could break out into a Pro Bowl year if he plays like he did down the stretch last year, drafted/signed 2 stud guards in Turner and Norwell, and has now hopefully rebuilt a secondary for the long haul instead of piecemealing one every year. What more can you hope for? Other than having a better option if Oher goes down (but Darryl Williams could potentially play either Tackle spot), there's not much more you can ask for IMO. Furthermore, Gettleman has turned the worst cap situation in the league into one of the best. We have won 3 division titles in a row and went 15-1 and to the SB. Other teams are competing too. And while none of this happens without Rivera and Newton, Gettleman deserves a lot of credit too.
  4. Amini Silatolu

    He played good in relief of Norwell during the regular season but then he tore his ACL. Damn sure wish we would have had him in the SB after Norwell got hurt and Derek Wolfe was blowing up every play. The line was having to slant that way to compensate and we left Remmers alone to get destroyed by Miller.
  5. Think Peanut is coming back now?

    Look at the guys we have had in the secondary over the last 5 years. It's pretty easy to argue that every single player there has been successful because of the scheme. Mike Mitchell hasn't even come close to replicating his success in Pittsburgh. Munnerlyn had been decent in Minnesota but certainly not any better than he was here. Josh Norman has the ability to prove he can be successful outside of here, but it remains to be seen. Point is, Rivera and McDermott's scheme has proven to be successful for the most part regardless of the players on the back end. The defense wasn't great in 2011 or 2012 because the Front 7 wasn't solidified. Ever since then, it has been top 10. We certainly wouldn't have made the Super Bowl without the play of Norman and Coleman last year, but the defense didn't carry us to a SB alone either. We had to win quite a few games in shoot outs. I trust Rivera and McDermott to develop a good defense. As long as the offense does well, we're going to be good
  6. Gettleman has to be focused on the long term building of this team. You are never one player away. Injuries are too much of the game. Gettleman negotiated in good faith with Norman's agent. I guarantee you Gettleman's preference was to sign Josh long term to a fair deal. It didn't work out. Got to move on and continue building the best team for long term success. All 31 other teams are trying to do the same thing. I'll defer to the judgement of Gettleman and Rivera. They honestly know better than we do. And for all the hand wringing over the draft, the truth remains that this is a QB driven league and we have the reigning MVP. I honestly and objectively would take the combination of Cam, Rivera, and Gettleman over anyone in the league right now. Only Seattle, NE, & GB are even close right now.
  7. They kept Marlowe on the roster last year so they obviously think he can develop in something. Still need another safety though whether draft or FA
  8. Love the picks!

    We went 12-4 with Melvin White, Captain Munnerlyn, and Drayton Florence. Think about that. We also had a CB fighting for playing time named Josh Norman. Hell, we played Josh Thomas over Josh Norman. I honestly don't remember if Norman even played at all other than mop up duty after the Buffalo debacle. We've got #1, #59, #58, #99, #28, and oh yeah, #13 is coming back. We're going to be alright.
  9. Anyone Dislike This Draft,

    I never particularly like our drafts. But I have come to terms with the fact that professional football evaluators know way more than fans do. I trust Gettleman, and I also trust Ron and the coaching staff to develop them. Josh Norman wasn't an All-Pro talent coming in. He worked his tail off and he also bought into and was part of a good system. We have a great GM, great coach, franchise and reigning MVP QB, and a future HoF MLB. It's hard to get too pissed about anything right now. Other than winning the Super Bowl (and it will always suck we didn't last year), we will look back and realize this is about as much "the good ole days" as there may ever be.
  10. FA | Greg Hardy

    Drew Rosenbaus has a good relationship with the Panthers. Hardy respects Rivera, and I truly believe he would toe the line and obviously fits the scheme. If he would come out and show some contrition and the Big Cat was on board, why not? He did an awful thing, but it's not the worst thing that ever happened. He was a good teammate here. I honestly would rather sign Hardy on a one year reasonable deal and extend KK and Short than to have kept JNo. And I loved him as a player and to what he brought to the team. DE is still a need IMO. Leon Hall and Antonio Cromartie are still available as veteran CBs. Not saying we will do it, but Hardy is far the best player left we could sign in FA for this team this year. A team like the Seahawks or Patriots will eventually sign him to a next to nothing deal and people will hail it. Why not the team that drafted and developed him?
  11. Josh's response to the AP

    I will miss Josh. No doubt about it. Don't blame either side. Just wish it could have worked out. The SB notwithstanding, it was truly a magical season. They don't happen very often. JNo will always be a part of the 2015 Magic.
  12. Happy to see him putting his money to gooduse and wish him the best even thoughhe was one of the worst draft picks in franchise history. Was insanely overdrafted into a bad situation. Didn't have the size to be a 4-3 DE or the coverage ability or explosiveness to be a 3-4 OLB.
  13. Josh Norman is NOT going to do Offseason Workouts

    Best post in this whole thread. This is Norman's one chance to get life-changing money. He is a real person who has to think about his future just like anyone else. Just like Gettleman has made a business decision not to sign him to a long-term deal at what Norman wants, Norman has made a business decision to hold out of OTA's. He's not under contract with the Panthers. Why would he be there? Comparing him to Von Miller isn't apples to apples. But the bottom line is he isan All-Pro, top 5 CB who singlehandedly won 2 games at the start of the season (the Saints game was unquestionable and the Jaguars game was too IMO) andset the tone in a defensive backfield that went into the season unheralded for the most part. Norman had by far the best season any DB ever has had for the Panthers last year. Of course he benefits playing with guys like Kuechly and TD, but he is a bona fide star and it is embarrassing to see people bashing him for doing the same thing anyone would do in his situation. There's absolutely no way the Panthers makethe SB without Norman. I trust Gettleman to do what's in the best long-term interests of the Panthers, but Norman is not doing anything wrong.
  14. Deepest Team - O RLY?

    I would be totally cool with drafting Derek Henry. In general, RBs are not as valuable in today's wide open NFL, but I was impressed watching Henry in the playoffs this year. Made positive yards on a lot of plays where there wasn't anything there. Hitsthe hole hard andis more elusive than he looks. Wouldn't say he has break away speed like an AP or Todd Gurley, but he's worthy of a late 1st rounder IMO. Looked good in blitz pickup too.Would be a great backup and replacement for Stewart. CAP is a complementary back. Fozzy is meh. Wegher is unknown. Certainly could see the case for taking a DE and that could be the best pick if BPA. Henry is the only RB other than Ezekiel Elliott that i think is worthy of 1st rounder. Could see OT also or safety. Bottom line is, even though the Panthers depth isn't great in every position, they truly are in a position to take BPA. Gettleman has done a phenomenal job.
  15. Good for him. I remember how excited I was for him. IIRC, he intercepted Kurt Warner a couple times in his first start. Unfortunately, his start was not an indication of how the rest of time with the Panthers would be. Regardless, he always seemed like a good guy, and I'm glad he is doing well after his playing days are over.