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  1. That was one of the worst Arsenal performances I've ever seen. The players quit before they even started. No one wants to play for Wenger. Sanchez laughing on the bench was an embarrassment. I'm glad Liverpool won, but I don't want to see one of the best clubs in England reduced to what they were yesterday. Wenger needs to go.
  2. We are absolutely killing ourselves, but it won't last. We'll get it together.
  3. What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

    When you say "Carolina Panthers" to fans of other teams, I can guarantee the first thing that comes to their mind is Cam Newton. That's just the way it is.
  4. I would break down why I absolutely NEED this field passes because I'm pretty sure I'd cry with joy if I received them, but since it's a random drawing I'll just say I love the Panthers!
  5. Great fuging play call
  6. Don't like Ginn slowing down on that play. Great run from Stew. Huge miss from Cam. Terrible throw.
  7. What Saints Fans are Saying

    If you ask the media, we'd already be 12-0 if we had Tom Brady.
  8. What Saints Fans are Saying

    Cam can't pass, keep him in the pocket, yada yada bullshit
  9. I thought they said Guh-now haha
  10. Done for the year. Hate to see it.