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  1. Summer 2017 Transfer Season

    If we pay anywhere close to £40m I'll riot. He has one year left on his contract and Arsenal don't want him. I'd barely pay anything for him.
  2. Summer 2017 Transfer Season

    From Lemar to Ox...that's like going from Emma Watson to Kathy Griffin.
  3. Summer 2017 Transfer Season

    I'm like 90% sure we're just going to stop singing YNWA and sing "Africa" by Toto before every match.
  4. Summer 2017 Transfer Season

    Naby Keita will join Liverpool next summer. Club record fee. (Paul Joyce)
  5. That was one of the worst Arsenal performances I've ever seen. The players quit before they even started. No one wants to play for Wenger. Sanchez laughing on the bench was an embarrassment. I'm glad Liverpool won, but I don't want to see one of the best clubs in England reduced to what they were yesterday. Wenger needs to go.
  6. Early 2017-18 prediction for me is Chelsea repeat but City very close. Tottenham step back, Arsenal step up. And Liverpool remain mostly the same. Another big battle between 3-6.
  7. Dunno, man. We have a poor record against bottom half and relegation teams.
  8. If we get: Arsenal 1-1 Everton Liverpool 0-2 Boro We go to a 1-match playoff for UCL.
  9. Summer 2017 Transfer Season

    Don't expect a very busy summer from Liverpool. Hopefully 2-3 impact players like Matip, Mane, and Wijnaldum and then a few more for depth purposes if we have UCL.
  10. Just watch. We'll bottle vs. West Ham tomorrow.
  11. That seals it, Arsenal will catch and pass Liverpool for 4th. Bank it.
  12. Spurs did a good job building the team they have right now, but the real challenge begins when you have to start re-building it as players exit. Not saying they can't do it, but that's a big challenge and one they will likely have to face over the next few years. I've been away for a while, but man this season has been weird. We are just dying to give away top 4 sometimes. I don't get it. We have like 1 loss combined against the entire top 6, but goddamn Plymouth Argyle could probably come to Anfield and do a 3-0 over us.
  13. I think that's the best for the club, but only if ownership understands they need to spend to replace those guys.
  14. Yep. Both guys are insanely talented, but they think they are better than the club. Sad, really. Arsenal needs to move on from them both and Wenger.
  15. Maybe. He often checked out at RM too though. And he responds poorly to tough management.