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  1. Norman's Trash Talking

    Also, nothing wrong with a lil talking if you're able to back up your talk. That's the rule in the neighborhood: talk all you want, just be able to back it up. Otherwise, you look silly out there.  So far, Josh can back up the talk he's talking. Lol, I remember Smitty used to get in the heads of opposing CB's early, effectively taking them out of the game mentally 
  2. Norman's Trash Talking

    Not a problem. Corner is a position where you're going to have to talk a bit. You've got to have swagger to play well at that position. I feel the same for WR. Just try not to pick up any taunting or unsportsmanlike penalties. I do know they'll happen occasionally, though 
  3. Big ups to The Golden Calf of Bristol, man. Standing strong for what he believes in. I wish I had his strength when it comes to resisting the flesh. 
  4. Cam looks and acts like he just enjoys life,  man.  I also look at like this. Cam is my age and is still attending the club and going to concerts, that means I can still go lol. Difference between Cam and I though, is I'm going to be in the place with an alcoholic beverage in my hand haha. 
  5. Time to Believe Says Gregg Rosenthal

    I was one of the doom and gloomers. When KB went down, I just didn't know where the offense was going to come from. I had us going 8-8. Not only are we 11-0 but the offense is averaging 30 ppg. I'll gladly take my crow. 
  6. Johnson and Hardy

    Read an article this morning where Hardy praised the team, and said as long as these guys stay together, they'll continue to win.  After reading that, I really felt bad. I know he messed up, but Hardy should be on this team. Maybe one day, he'll be able to come back. I do think he misses Carolina, and we the environment he was in over here is much better for him than over there in Dallas.
  7. Some of those NC redskin, falcon, and cowboy fans are now going on and on about how they've always had the panthers as their second team. How they do root for the home team lol. Some of them will make the switch
  8. I liked our blue uniforms

    I, and everyone in my household were fans as well. 
  9. Always have hated the Lakers, but I hate to see Kobe go out like this. He's washed. That team is terrible Chuck on TNT said the closest this game was when it was 0-0 lol. 
  10. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    Shoot, him realizing Delaire has basically taken his spot probably drove him to smoke. Probably like, "fug it."
  11. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    Damn, Frank. I feel for him, but he's probably done here. Can't say that Rivera didn't give him a second chance. He just blew it
  12. CJ, Allen, Ealy: Who starts and does it matter?

    I'd go CJ and Ealy.
  13. Cam Newton compared to Pablo Escobar

    Cam loves kids, but isn't too fond of adults. I see why. Cam's literally feeding Charlotte's disadvantaged, yet has adults still spewing hate towards him. Guess the Panthers will have to shut Earl up Thursday.
  14.  Same.  Youre right. Damn time has flown by.