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  1. Carolina Panthers Select Dj Moore

    I don’t see him being OROY with Funchess, Smith and Olsen getting targets. Also Mcaffrey will be stealing some passes as well. We signed Wright who is a slot WR who I feel will be a solid slot WR with us. I’m guessing Samuel will be very lucky to play this year.
  2. Carolina Panthers Select Dj Moore

    I know people will say that we could of had Ridley but I believe Ridley is a #2 at best. Moore is the best WR and can be our #1 for years to come. I don’t see him having a big rookie year with Funchess, Torey Smith and Wright. I dont know if anyone who would be mad at this pick. now I hope we can get a safety and cb.
  3. I smell a trade happening...

    With our luck hurney will trade up and draft Lamar Jackson and convert him to WR.
  4. Although I understand wanting two pro bowl rookies I would rather think long term. How many times have we seen a player have a good rookie year only to suck and be out of the league in the next season.
  5. I disagree with cb. Bradberry is still young and although he had an off year in a new system he is atleast a solid #2 cb. Cockrell is very underrated and is a great zone CB which is the system we run. So we may not have 2 all star CBs we have 2 solid starters with a mix of experience and youth at nickel/back up. I do worry about safety though. Offensive line is going to be a problem. We need to get a replacement for Ryan Kalil. I feel we can have Moton play guard but wouldn’t mind drafting a ol in mid rounds. I wouldn’t mind a Wr but I feel we can get by with the current WR we have. We are way better than last year at the position.
  6. You call dontari Poe a fat guy? Really? He’s pretty good and arguably better than star and not Old. you say we have no DE across from peppers? How about Addison who has averaged about 10 sacks a year over the past 2 seasons.
  7. Honestly I feel we are okay at WR. Funchess is a solid #2 who is young and is improving, he could easily end up being a good wr#1. Torrey Smith is a solid #2 WR with lots of experience and 2 rings. He’s always been a #2 or top WR wherever he’s been. Jarius Wright is one of the best 3rd down WR in the game. He can be a solid #3/slot WR for us. He’s been buried behind some good WR in Minnesota, so don’t sleep on him. Byrd and Samuel have had injuries but have lots of potential. If they can stay healthy, expect big things from them. thats 5 WR right there. So do we really need another WR? He’s not going to get a lot of playing time unless an injury occurs. I say if we draft a WR let’s draft one in the 3rd round and focus on a player who can help us immediately, not sit on the bench. this comes down to Defensive back,(cb,safety), tight end or offensive line.
  8. In the past this wouldn’t matter. People make false allegations to famous people all the time. The problem is that the culture has changed dramatically, really just in the last year. The #metoo movement and Harvey Weinstein incident is the reason for this change. The only problem I have with this situation and the major problem I find with these allegations is when someone falsely accuses someone they are still ruined and thought of a sexual predator. It’s also very hard to try to prove someone didn’t do something. So if they are innocent it's usually harder to prove than finding someone guilty. someyhing else to think about is people who are known to sexually assault people don’t just assault someone once. It’s a bad character flaw that someone will continue to do. In short if Hughes was able to make it through college around lots of women without another allegation happening then it shouldn’t be a problem. If more allegations occurred then he shouldn’t be drafted.
  9. Isn’t this guy one of those combine freaks? If so I’m weary of people who go from mid round to first round based on a good combine. Yeah he has speed but technique over speed any day.
  10. I remember when we drafted sandland. He had a lot of hype. Too bad he never amounted to anything.
  11. Who’s laughing now?

    News is that the front office knew he partied a lot. People in the locker room talk.
  12. Cam Newton's 911 call

    We live in a society that worships famous people and looks at every detail of their life. No surprise here.
  13. I’m sorry but don’t pay attention to last years stats. After all they say stats are for losers. Funchess is a solid #2 WR that is still young and could end up being a solid #1 WR. Torey Smith has been a #1 WR the Ravens and is a solid #2 WR with 2 superbowls under his wing. Damerire Byrd has world class speed and is a big play waiting to happen. Jarius Byrd is one of the best 3rd down WRs in the game. He could be our #3 WR. He didn’t get a lot of catches because he had Diggs and Thelien in front of him. This guy could be a steal for us. Curtis Samuel is only in his second round but has potential. He had injuries that derailed his rookie season and it can take some WRs a few years to adapt to the nfl game. Still waiting to see what we have with him. so overall I don’t believe our WR corps is that bad. Sure it’s not the best in the league but it’s better than last year. We have a mix of experienced and young unproven talent. Don’t sleep on Jarius Either, guy has done well with the limited snaps given. He could be like another Ted Ginn for us. He is a solid 3rd down Wr which is what we need. Also I could see us drafting a WR or signing a FA WR.
  14. Worley Arrested

    What an idiot. Have a job in the NFL and do something this dumb. Sounds like it was a good thing we let him go. I guess the reason why his head wasn’t in the game was because he was too busy partying. I wonder if the front office had an idea he was acting reckless at home. Makes you wonder.
  15. Most important needs?

    Unless we can get a top tackle or TE I believe we should wait until next year. I honestly don’t like this years WR group and feel like we would be fine without drafting one. Sure a DJ Moore would be nice but There are very few WR who I feel like will do good in the NFL this draft. CB and safety is what we need to target.