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  1. I was just about to post this. I have been saying for years our run game sucks. Take away Cam and it’s average. I think only one year we actually had a decent running game and that was only because Stewart was a beast the last 5 games of the season. Our run game sucks. Makes you wonder how good Norwell Kalil and Turner are actually at run blocking? Could they really not be that great and just have good stats because of cams runs?
  2. I believe blitzing so much last year hurt our secondary.Bradberry struggled and I think the change in coaching had a lot to do with that, after all he is only in his second year. Cockrell is supposed to be great at playing zone which is why I think he will start and honestly end up being our best corner. Seymour is looking good and may end up pushing for a starting gig or atleast sharing reps as a starter. He does afterall have a 4.39 40. Jackson supposed to play on the outside but I feel he won’t get many reps with the more experienced Cockrell, Bradberry and Seymour. I honestly believe our cornerback unit is going to be better than what a lot of other people predict. It comes down to Adams. can he play as good as he did last year ? its possible because safeties have been able to play well into their late 30s. Searchy might not be a pro bowler but if he can play atleast average than our secondary overall will be good. Our scheme doesn’t ask much for safeties afterall.
  3. rmoneyg35

    Today’s media BS

    ESPN has been horrible. We watch sports to get away from other things like politics and yet somehow ESPN has become highly political.
  4. We had Williams who was rated the top RT, Norwell and Turner who are great guards. So does that mean Kalil and our Center was that bad or was Norwell and Turner not that good as well?
  5. You don’t let offensive linemen that still have plenty of years left just leave. Now I understand not wanting to pay him a lot of money off of having just one year. It’s a risk to wait but he could end up having a down year and can be resigned cheaper. If he has another good year then I guess he will be worth paying good money for. After all he was the top RT last year. If he repeats that then I guess paying him good money will be worth it. I don’t care if we have Moton or not we don’t need to let another OL. Leave. Norwell was good but he was a guard. Tackles are worth more. I honestly would rather have Moton and Williams than loose Williams and have Moton at RT. Unless Kalil has a pro bowl year I say move Moton to LT and keep Williams at RT. That is unless Williams can somehow play LT.
  6. rmoneyg35

    Worst draft in franchise history is now past us

    I don’t think you should judge a draft before the season even starts. It takes years before you can determine if. Draft was a bust or not. Get mad about not drafting Porter all you want but he has major health issues.
  7. rmoneyg35

    Arnoldas "Tall White Guy" Kulboka With 55th Pick

    Here’s a advanced stats and scouting report article on the guy. http://stats.nba.com/articles/2018-nba-draft-profile-arnoldas-kulboka/ he may end end up being a decent player for us. Good shooter for his size. Has time to develop because he is young. I honestly prefer us drafting him over an American player in the second. also cbs sports says he may be the best pure shooter in the draft. So maybe this guy ends up doing well for us.
  8. Guy is a development player with good athleticism and defense. Great vertical. Had some big games with Kentucky. Possibly won’t do anything this year because he has to develop his offensive game. Still not bad for a second rounder. heres a profile on him from CBS. Also I read he cannot join the team until after July the 6th due to the Howard trade won’t be official until then. https://www.cbssports.com/collegebasketball/players/playerpage/2639803/hamidou-diallo
  9. rmoneyg35

    Trade up to 34 to select Devonte Graham

    Well we really need a back up pg. I don’t see him replacing Kemba but he does seem like a good rotational player which is what we need.
  10. I think Cockrell will start. He is very underrated. He supposed to be a great zone CB which is what the panthers run. I would be really surprised if Bradberry doesn’t start. I know he struggled last year but he is still young and in my opinion has a lot of potential. something very intriguing about Seymour is that he has a 4.39 40 time. Add that to his 6ft frame and that gives him starting corner physical ability. I think the bottom half of our CB unit will be very interesting. We have Munnerlyn who has the experience but struggled last year and has a big contract with a few years still left on it. Luke Cole who made the team last year. Corn Elder who we drafted last year but was injured and we also have Lorenzo Doss who has had a great preseason and could end up being a gem. After all he was buried on the depth chart in Denver behind 3 pro bowl cbs. Ladarius Gunter has size but I don’t see us keeping him. we also just drafted Donte Jackson who is a lock to make the team. So we know Cockrell, Bradberry, Jackson and Seymour are basically locks. That leaves Munnerlyn, Elder, Doss and Cole fighting for the 5th CB spot. With all the talent on this team I see a hard time justifying keeping 6 cornerbacks. I could be wrong but I think cutting Munnerlyn will be hard because of his contract. So we may end up cutting last years 5th round pick Corn Elder. It’s only speculation at this point and there is always a chance that an injury occurs but it looks like we could be cutting some good players at cornerback.
  11. rmoneyg35


    Consider who will get the most snaps. I believe that will be DJ Moore. He will be the #2 or #3 WR more than likely. I believe Jackson has a shot but probably won’t get too much action this year. He is supposed to be a outside CB which means Bradberry, Cockrell and Seymour (who has a 4.3 speed as well) all have more experience at cb so unless an injury occurs or we move him to nickel then he will be our # 4 CB. Ian Thomas has a chance to get the second most snaps of any rookie. Being the #2 TE will give him plenty of snaps. Olsen will get most of the looks but considering his recent health issues and age I could see Thomas getting subbing in for Olsen. I believe Haynes and Gaulden are both players who will have to take time to develop to the NFL level. Haynes doesn’t have the weight and has atleast 4 DE in front of him on the depth chart. Gaulden could be the #2 safety but I see Searchy, Adams and Colin Jones ahead of him. our drafted linebackers Carter and Smith could end up not even making the roster. Carter looks to be a special teams player at best and although Andre Smith does have potential I just don’t see us keeping too many linebackers with the depth at linebacker other positions we have. Norton talked a big game after being drafted but I see him getting cut. We know Poe, Short and Butler are locks to make the team. That comes down to Kyle love vs Norton. Love has a lot of experience and has done well in our system the past few years so unless Norton can really have a good training camp and pre season I don’t see him making the team. We could possibly have 3 draft picks not making the team this year. Some of it has to do with talent while also drafting line backers instead of safeties,offensive linemen or a QB is another reason why we could have so many draft picks cut. I could see a few UDFA making the team. Offensive line, safety and QB are the positions where I could see a UDFA making the team. Of course injuries are always possible and if a major injury occurs to a starter or top back up then that could open up a spot for one of the rookies or UDFA that wasn’t originally possible.
  12. rmoneyg35

    Mini Camp Day ThreeThread

    I disagree. Unless cox plays really well and Haynes really sucks then maybe he gets cut but from what I have read Haynes has done pretty well for a rookie. We drafted him knowing he would be some what of a project because he is only about 235 pounds so he will need to take some time to gain weight and could end up a healthy scratch on game days. That said I believe we will keep 5 DE including Haynes. If we kept cox that would make it 6. We have too much talent to keep 6 DE in my opinion.
  13. Sound good but will it continue to work when the regular season starts? One of my biggest criticisms of Cam is that he holds the ball too long. Now that we basically have changed the style of WR we have from tall big ranged to fast, big play styled receivers we can actually be successful at throwing short passes and then turning them into decent gains. Add a recieving threat RB in CMC and an always sure thing TE Greg Olsen I see no reason why Cam can’t improve his pass completions percentage to career highs.
  14. I know our O line has it issues but I believe J Stews running style is a big reason why as well as play calling.
  15. Here’s a good profile on the guy. Projects him as a 5-6 rounder. Also says he has experience at safety which is what position I would have him play. https://draftwire.usatoday.com/2018/06/03/adonis-alexander-supplemental-draft-breakdown/