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  1. Tedd Gunn sucked until he went to the panthers and he still wasn’t great. He was just a super fast WR who dropped a lot of passes but luckily he was thrown a lot of passes so he could actually get some yards.
  2. We were never one of the best managed teams in football. Never even had back to back winning seasons.
  3. Defense means nothing if the offense sucks. No matter how much talent the defense has it will eventually give out from being on the field too long. Add turnovers with great field position and it's a combination for failure.
  4. Hey there...

    Sure the panthers have a bad loss every season they make the playoffs but this season our offense has sucked every game and now it looks like they are going to loose Olsen and Benjamin our top 2 targets. I always hate when people panic after one game but Panthers haven't played worth a damn on offense sense last season. we need changes asap or the panthers will fail. It doesn't matter how good the defense is if the offense completely sucks.
  5. Our running backs YPC have been horrible for years. This would be a main reason. Take away cams runs and our run game is average.
  6. Cam Newton is still Elite.

    An elite QB that can run and throw a bullet but can throw a short pass to save his life.
  7. Film Room: Ladarius Gunter

    I wonder if we will move him to safety? We have Corn Elder and Luke Cole as well as Seymour on the bench. That gives us 7 Corners so I assume we will drop one unless we plan on moving someone to safety?
  8. Film Room: Ladarius Gunter

    I wouldn't say Worley struggled. He had a good rookie year where he started out bad but improved to above average. our defense gave up under 200 yards passing. He did fine.
  9. Calvin Pryor anyone?

    He couldn't make it with the jets or the Browns yet people here think he still has pro bowl potential.
  10. Gary Barnidge

    That's why I said I believe, wasn't sure
  11. Gary Barnidge

    I don't believe he is a good blocking TE. We need a TE that can block if we are going to sign one that is 30 years old( unless Olsen gets hurt)
  12. Brenton Bersin continues to impress

    I honesty believe that Bersin is better than Cotchery. What we need to find out is can he offer more than Hill and Philly Brown. We already know Benjamin, Ginn and Funchess are locks so the final 2-3 spots will be Cotchery, Hill, Brown and Boykin. Hill and Brown offer speed but Brown and Boykin offer special teams exp. Boykin and Cotchery offer experience.
  13. JJ Watt is probably going to end up one of the best defensive linemen of all time. I don't know how much different his stats would be in a 4-3 but I would pick JJ over Cam. Defensive player of the year > Possibly top 10 QB.
  14. jstew

    I never thought he was lazy, his problem has been that he plays physical and that causes injury to himself because he plays to hard. I believe it was Clay Mathews who said Stewart was the toughest RB to bring down. That should tell you what kind of player he is. One reason why people hate on him so much is because he has a big contract and has been hurt almost every year. He is expected to live up to expectations and be a top 10 RB every year like he is being paid.
  15. Pocket Cam vs. Mobile Cam

    I was just curious what was cams numbers from games 11-16 (14 if you count the two games he missed.) The reason why I ask is because that is when we went on a winning streak and I believe it is when we had replaced Amini and Chandler with Norwell and Reamers. Also Stewart went on a tear.