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  1. While I've only gotten to slap hands with the players after the divisional game against the Seahawks this postseason, what stood out to me was how Jericho Cotchery took the time to make sure he slapped every hand that was extended.
  2. Wait... what?

    I forgot about Matt Lyttle #BandwagonFan T_T

  4. So...

    You can also buy a Raspberry Pi for $35 and get the same benefits of a hacked Fire Stick :3
  5.   I don't feel this right now. But I want to
  6. Going to be in 530 so that my wife and I can sit together, but hope that 532 holds it down without me!
  7. The group in front of us kept turning around to point at a Seahawks fan with a painted face and kept yelling, "SAD FACE! SAD FACE!" after every bad Seahawks/good Panthers play  My wife and I were in tears
  8. Tickets are cheaper than ever

    Seats in my section are still going for ~$150 (532)
  9. You go home and see this on your couch

    Chop that bitch like karate
  10. I was asking for the source of the story you mentioned about the officials flying in with the 49ers.
  11. Source, please? This is my first time hearing this.
  12. You've got a perdy mouf
  13. I wouldn't approve But I also wouldn't snitch