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  1. HPPantherzfan added a post in a topic Newton right now   

    Cam is putting the team on his back, can't take anything away from him on that.  But, I have to add that his reading of defenses still needs a lot of work.  Just recalling the last few drives we had WR's wide open on opposite sides of the field from where Cam was throwing.  When I say open I mean no one within 20 yards of them.  He never even looked their way.  
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  2. HPPantherzfan added a post in a topic Where was the RIOT?   

    I'll be honest, by the end of the game, unless it was a touchdown I was quiet as well.  It was so freakin hot that sweating out 5 gallons of water and almost getting in a fight over the last 2 Gatorades took a lot out of me...even my eyeballs and lips are sunburnt
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