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  1. Move Luke? Just stop. Shaq isn't going anywhere.
  2. He's a middle linebacker
  3. You deserve whatever insults youve got coming. Stop trolling for reactions.
  4. OTAs start Tuesday

    I think Ginn is a good cog in this offense. Brown is OK at times should be easily upgraded.
  5. OTAs start Tuesday

    The mighty battle of Trees Boston vs Tre Boston
  6. OTAs start Tuesday

    The CBs, of course Funchess development Sandland
  7. Darren Sproles??

    That would have been Hurney.
  8. Darren Sproles??

    Let's make Wegher our scat back
  9. Darren Sproles??

    Do OCs call dump offs?
  10. Comfortable with running backs?

    He had 1 fumble and is a rookie. I don't see that as having issues
  11. Arian Foster?

    That's what it is. Repeated 84 times.
  12. Comfortable with running backs?

    For now, yes. I hope they get CAP and Wegher involved more this year. We have 2 pro bowl running backs, a versatile guy with some experience and 2 young guys with some potential. I'm not sure what else should be expected.
  13. Bonnet and McGee gone

    My guess would be they are bringing as many options through as they can to assess and build up a list of guys for in season injury plans for practice squad and such
  14. Arian Foster?

    We have 2 pro bowl running backs.
  15. We drafted Bene who doesn't fit the long mold. I get your point though.