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  1. I finally did it

    Probably because of the pervert in the jersey at the door.
  2. He did for the SB team photo. I don't think the defense was into it so much. It was always the offense when the defense was on the field.
  3. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    We choose some really bad culinary items to make sacred as Southerners. We have really good options but why Sweet tea, Krispy Kreme, and Dukes? They are all sub par to disgusting.
  4. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    Except for the massive sodium influx.
  5. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    Meh....I grew up on sweet tea. At a certain age taste buds realize it's just a disgusting amount of sugar.
  6. Panthers bring back Blackburn

    He was working for the NFL as a uniform policy enforcer or something like that. Seriously.
  7. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    You can save money by skipping the tea part and just add simple syrup to water. It tastes the same.
  8. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    That Bojangles line is backwards. His next tweet says he's glad to be home again..which is Florida
  9. Great piece on Mario Addison

    It almost looks like they thought it was an attempt to draw us offsides and there was a miscommunication.
  10. In 2014 Bene didn't play because he was hurt not based on coaching decisions.
  11. OTAs start Tuesday

    I think Ginn is a good cog in this offense. Brown is OK at times should be easily upgraded.
  12. OTAs start Tuesday

    The mighty battle of Trees Boston vs Tre Boston
  13. OTAs start Tuesday

    The CBs, of course Funchess development Sandland
  14. Darren Sproles??

    That would have been Hurney.
  15. Darren Sproles??

    Let's make Wegher our scat back