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  1. panik

    Early game discussion

    But any Qb is better than Newton.......
  2. This game resembles a lot the one against Atlanta.
  3. Ealy wIll have to win this game himself if he wants a ring.
  4. Ealy deserves to be MVP even if we lose, he has played better than any other player on the field.
  5. We are just not supposed to win right?
  6. Win or Lose Panther until the end. KEEP POUNDING!!!
  7. Guys everything has been going wrong and we are 7-13, calm down. We are going to win this game.
  8. Someone call 911!!!!! I'm witnessing rape!!!
  9. I'm still waiting to hear "THE PANTHERS YOUR SB50 CHAMPIONS!"
  10. Denver watch, cuz we are gonna dab on you
  11. We just wont lose THIS IS OUR TIME!!! no matter who want us to fail we are going to win the SB and start a legacy.
  12. I'm sure he will cry about winning a SB ring instead
  13. Palmer doing his best Delhomme from 2009