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  1. Playoffs as things stand now

    The most likely scenario will be Panthers @ No. Unless the Rams lose next week or we get 2nd seed.
  2. I don't think this announcement should be given during the season, we might be happy about it but at the same time we have no idea what the news will do to the players.
  3. Panthers are not a playoffs team, if they make it they will be 1 and done
  4. Game ball....

    Luke, his play is what changed the game.
  5. Good to see other players step up when Cam is not doing well.
  6. I had to trust the Panthers with my survivor selection....
  7. Matty Ice will fall under pressure and throw an Int.
  8. When the referee has more sense of urgency than the player ....
  9. This game resembles a lot the one against Atlanta.
  10. Ealy wIll have to win this game himself if he wants a ring.
  11. Ealy deserves to be MVP even if we lose, he has played better than any other player on the field.
  12. We are just not supposed to win right?