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  1. There is no worst blind that the one who does not wishes to see. I'm not gonna argue with you anymore.
  2. You are going to excuse me but you are lacking knowledge about how this works. I'm going to talk to you from a Police officer perspective. We under no circumstances are allowed to use choking as measure to restrain anyone for various reasons, it is very simple to go from restrain to make someone lose consciousness, without previous knowledge of the suspect medical history you could be dealing with someone who has asthma or other respiratory complications which can cause death. Just a reminder of a previous case.
  3. That was my point, even police officers have been charged by using choke holds which are deemed as illegal by the law. I really hope the fan presses charges and sue the Cowboys organization.
  4. You might be right, I mean yeah I wasn't there so I can't tell what really happened, but the video clearly shows that the security guard acted wrong.
  5. Did you check the reference? It says the article that you posted comes from the Onion which is a parody website.
  6. It doesn't matter what he was doing, that security guard was using deadly force by choking the fan and not letting go.
  7. That was my first thought. The fan in no moment seemed to be even trying to cause a problem, even at the end he was calmly explaining the situation to the Ahole that was choking him.
  8. After looking at the 3 videos I just can't find a reason for that security guard to choke him. It is sad that even Cowboys fans were flipping him off while this was happening. If it hadn't been for that guy in the Chicago jersey stopping the security and holding his guns until he let him go, we don't know what would have happened.
  9. So this just appeared on my facebook, it wasn't mention at all anywhere, does anyone know the story behind it? I hope that moronic security guard gets fired and sued for what he did, even at the end of the video the Panther's fan doesn't seem to be fighting at any point to cause such kind of action.
  10. I'm gonna be honest, I'm still afraid myself, but to go so far and say our receivers are not good is a bit of a stretch. We might not have a Megatron kind of WR, but the ones we have are doing a great job.
  11. Resting players vs 16-0

    Teams that rest their players usually don't do that well in the playoffs. This team has been doing so well because they don't take breaks. The fact that they work out and train in days off shows how much they want to win/hate to lose, so play the games.
  12. Come get your warm Thanksgiving apple PIE!!!

    Is it Dallas tears flavored pie? My favorite!!!
  13. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    This is my point of view as well, but who cares 11-0!!!!!!!!!!!!