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  1. lol, oh I don't care. I derail at times too. There's room for diverse conversation. :)

  2. Haha thanks my man.

  3. Official Netflix Thread

    Yeah, I read that too. They keep jacking these rates up and I think I'm out.
  4. LOL... I'm srry Salty... Does this make up for it any? olivia_wilde_1.jpeg

  5. LOL yes sir, indeed

  6. Um, can't remember... check it on Tineye. Pantha San's profile has another pic of her.

  7. NCB... your current AV... blonde... large... who? Must... know... :drool5:

  8. Ya. Its just good to start over sometimes. Having too much can get boring.

  9. I don't blame you man. I'm sure people begged you for it.