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  1. Correct me if I am wrong but Searcy is in the protocol which means we have 3 safeties on the roster. We all know Ron loves vets so I am going out on a limb to say Jones will get the start on Sunday. I know we don’t give a flying fug about the safety position but to go into a game with only 3 healthy safeties seems crazy given our luck with injuries this year. Am I missing something?
  2. Terrible in coverage and doesn't take the best angles. He used to be really damn fast which made him a great special teams gunner but he has slowed down a little over the years. Great as a 3rd string safety but should never see the field as a starter.
  3. Take notice league. Head hunting to take out a teams best player will only cost you 10k.
  4. So Eric Reid is one "of the most patriotic people and best people, a great young man", but isn't good enough for the Panthers. I guess he isn't on the same level as career special teamer Colin Jones, converted rookie Rashaan Gaulden, or some jag on the practice squad. Yeah right ligma fuging balls.
  5. Eazy-E

    DB depth is looking scary

    We have 3 healthy safeties. Of those three, one is our special teams captain and the other is a project rookie. Let me start over. We have one healthy safety. I really don’t understand this teams disdain for safeties.
  6. If only his hands weren’t made out of stone.
  7. Eazy-E

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    2 firsts for AB would be a no brainer. Would make us instant super bowl contenders for the foreseeable future. This team has been starving for a WR worth a damn for too long.
  8. So after this year it’s looking like we are going to have like 2 maybe 3 players left from all of Dave’s drafts? Giants sure are looking good lol. cant wait for this team to finally have a competent GM. I hope Tepper is serious about winning before we waste away more of Cam’s prime.
  9. More offensive consistency / more scoring. We only put up 24 against a poo Falcons D that was missing both safeties and their best linebacker. What happened to our defense isn’t normal and they are usually around top 10 in the league. Can’t say the same about our offense.
  10. Eazy-E

    Josh Gordon!

    Na guys Torrey Smith is better.
  11. Dj may have caught it if his face mask wasn’t getting ripped off
  12. Standard terrible clock management also torrey Smith sucks
  13. Because Ron Rivera is the bane of this teams existence
  14. Eazy-E

    Kuechly looks like poo

    Mayo is an average ILB there’s no reason he should be playing on the outside. Carter Jr would do better but you know Ron loves his vets.
  15. Well guys that’s all we probably will see from DJ because Ron is a fuging idiot. Enjoy
  16. Eazy-E

    Kuechly looks like poo

    He’s pressing and trying to do way too much. Even with the missed tackles he’s been the only player on D worth a damn today. Maybe Donte Jackson gets an honorable mention since he’s a rookie.
  17. Punch of pussies coached by the biggest of them all.
  18. Has Atlanta had a single holding call yet?
  19. Our defense besides Luke per usual is nowhere to be found
  20. Eric Reid would be nice right now