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  1. GIFs from the Cowboys game

    Came here to see Luke stiff arm the fug out of Romo in the Endzone. This thread didn't disappoint.
  2. GETTLEMAN freaking MAGIC!!

    I'm just laughing at all the people who wanted us to draft Morgan Moses over Kony Ealy.
  3. Props to Ted Ginn

    Welcome home Ted. 
  4. The Way Cam Newton Played Today

    Did pretty good to me as a back Special Teams Ace/backup Safety starting in the nickle spot today.
  5. I would like to be the first to say...

    This would be awesome if the NFL was set up like the WWF and we could challenge the Vikings to a Backyard Match for the title.
  6. For the media hacks...

    He did great in the slot and safety spots last year. Hasn't had many reps this year. Today was a great learning experience for him and Tre Boston who also has all the physical ability but just not enough field experience to connect the two. 
  7. Cam Personal Best Pie!!!!

    It's time for a new MVP not named Brady, Brees, or Manning. Who better than Cam?
  8. Come on man.... I laughed way to hard at this... way too hard XD lol
  9. Amini......playing better

    I feel like he's been on IR his whole career. I'm glad he's finally healthy and getting the chance to get out there and who why we drafted him.
  10. I came here to rage about comments like "Losing intelligence after watching this" but in all honesty after watching the videos #1 I didn't like the music #2 I realized I don't really care because I think new "hip hop" is stupid #3 Dammit I'm not even 30 yet but my dad was right. 
  11. To whomever predicted this...

    This is exactly what I want to know. They better have a damn good excuse... 18 kickers tho?
  12. Bunch of good videos on NFL.com this morning

    Needed this. Thanks man.
  13. Caption this uhh...Bene

    scuse me ociffer but i'm not as think as you drunk i am
  14. In all the excitement, this can't be forgotten

    Classiest organization from top to bottom in the league