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  1. Are the Cardinals Already in Charlotte?

    At worst they could fly into Raleigh or somewhere in Eastern NC that hasnt been affected by snow and take a couple hours bus from there...
  2. Ballentyne Resort
  3. Seahawks Hotel....

    Little birdy told me that they witnessed the Seahawks arrive at the Ballentyne Resort with a police escort earlier with that information what you will...
  5. The Braves

    Anything Simmons does at the plate is purely a bonus. It's never a bad thing to be compared to a guy who won 13 consecutive Golden Gloves and went to 15 all-star games(Ozzie Smith, Career BA, only .262). The future is very very bright for the Braves.
  6. The Braves

    Can you find a link somewhere, I would imagine that is quite hilarious.