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  1. Jessica Jones

    I really love how the so openly acknowledge The Avengers. Shows it's all in the same universe. I'm on episode 5 now, looking for a DD acknowledgement.
  2. This would have gotten REALLY ugly if that guy was jerking my neck like that. I wouldn't stand for it!
  3. Devin Funchess Speed

    He's like a more athletic version of moose/LaFell. 
  4. Romo

    Luke had one more touchdown than Bryant...
  5. Romo

    Yea, sure, considered added the "granted it was garbage time" caveat, but being up by that much would be prime time to release the  hounds and bury a subpar QB to end the game quicker.
  6. Romo

    Cassell actually looked better than Romo....
  7. Luke Bryan

    Looks like a mix of Jessie Pinkman and Jay Cutler. Dances like Big E. Langston.  
  8. What's with the "short week" shyt?

    I get that, but the commentators act like it is only the Panthers on short week. 
  9. Seriously, I keep hearing "Carolina with the short week". WTF? Did they not realize the Cowboys scraped by the Dolphins while we pounded the skins?
  10. Who else feels like this?

    This "huge NFC heavyweight fight"
  11. If Norman shuts down Dez....

    He's shut down Julio, Megatron, Fitzgerald over the last two years, right? Dez is really good but damn, that good?
  12. I'm military, so I see a lot of fans from different places, and it makes it easy to be on the bandwagon for the team playing well. All the true Pats fans I know seem to really hate the Panthers, like hate them.
  13. I didn't realize Deadpool was the Dallas QB coach...

    Lol! Less would get Slade Wilson...
  14. Uh oh...
  15. Interesting. This stood out to me when I was looking at stats and noticed Kurt Coleman's name in the top five for leading in interceptions. I checked the full list, and THREE Panthers are in the top 15 for interception leaders. Coleman tied for 4th, Norman in 7th, Davis in 13th. Link: