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  1. Syrian refugees

    Can anyone tell me how the hell they arrived here? Seriously, did they just like 10,000 of them get on flights to the US sans passports? An expensive flight none the less that "refugees" can affords?? That's a hell of a boat ride if that's what is being claimed... Why wasn't the issue of accepting them here, or not, resolved with them waiting over there?
  2. Walking Dead Season 6

    Why did they all run inside and not a few of them try the old "distract them with that car across the street" spencer was stupidly trying to do why they where all piled up?
  3. We have beaten five already! How does this pic make you feel?  
  4. Seattle is the 2nd best team in the NFC

    Good god damn this is like the 4th post I've made, stating the NFC is TOTAL garbage past the Panthers and Cardinals.
  5. Stupid ass statistic, there's only like 6 teams in the NFL with winning records that are not about to self implode. 
  6. Panther's should fear Bucs

    I could see Atlanta losing every one of their last games and Buc's maybe taking their spot. Seems like no one past us, Cards, and maybe Vikings have their poo together. Packers and Falcons have the best records but look to both be a total mess!!
  7. Maybe that why he so strong, I hear you build up let's of testostone if you never rub one out.
  8. Jessica Jones

    I really love how the so openly acknowledge The Avengers. Shows it's all in the same universe. I'm on episode 5 now, looking for a DD acknowledgement.
  9. This would have gotten REALLY ugly if that guy was jerking my neck like that. I wouldn't stand for it!
  10. Devin Funchess Speed

    He's like a more athletic version of moose/LaFell. 
  11. Romo

    Luke had one more touchdown than Bryant...
  12. Romo

    Yea, sure, considered added the "granted it was garbage time" caveat, but being up by that much would be prime time to release the  hounds and bury a subpar QB to end the game quicker.
  13. Romo

    Cassell actually looked better than Romo....
  14. Luke Bryan

    Looks like a mix of Jessie Pinkman and Jay Cutler. Dances like Big E. Langston.