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  1. cardiackat88.

    Redskins cheerleader scandal

    What happened to the good old days when this was fun to go to? Its been a long time since a saw a wet-t shirt contest advertised. Women with their dignity /sarcasm
  2. cardiackat88.

    Just to piss the NFL off

    Surprise investors: 1) Trump buys the team and gives it to Kim Jong Un as a peace offering. 2) Elon Musk buys the team and has the team play on Mars. 3) Vince McMahon buys the team and moves them to the new XFL.
  3. What happened to Korn Elder? Is munnerlyn still on the squad?
  4. cardiackat88.

    Which is dumber: The bench press or the Wonderlic?

    Why do lineman run the 40s and high jump?
  5. Are they meeting to compare their knee injuries?
  6. No Hunt Brothers? Lol
  7. cardiackat88.

    While we are at it.. Mike Mitchell?

    Imagine getting him and Norman back
  8. Few of us have money to attend games, or pay for NFL Sunday ticket, exclusively on Direct-tv. i hate the college "those guys try so hard" crap. There is a major difference between players abilities where the NFL continues to have level talent.
  9. I might would almost sorta believe this if this years Super Bowl was Steelers vs Cowboys.
  10. cardiackat88.

    Revisiting the Peterson question

    He looked extremely slow in the few play I saw him run for NO last year, like he had cinderblocks tied to his feet.
  11. cardiackat88.

    Jaguars “seem likely” to tag ARob15

    What's up with these stupid nicknames?
  12. I remember a futurama episode when the professor said "that was before steroids became mandatory"
  13. cardiackat88.

    Panthers met with Josh Allen

    Why not? Look at the Vikings...Eagles...hell even bad luck like Deshaun Watson and the Texans and Packers with Rodgers. Cam was in a freak accident with a truck a few years back. Strange things happen. If Cam was in a bizzare incident, fell in the shower and tore an ACL etc, a few days before the draft. Wouldnt you want to have options known and kick the tires?
  14. I forget corn and Samuel are panthers