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  1. cardiackat88.

    David Tepper Fires Panthers Legal Counsel

    I better call Saul
  2. cardiackat88.

    Panthers, Iraq, SB and a New Job

    I can very vividly remember watching the Jake Delhomme playoff meltdown against the Cardinals in Iraq.
  3. cardiackat88.

    Cam Is Working Out With Antonio Brown

    The NFL has specific players dedicated to offense and defense. The offense and the defense when playing both have twice as many players as a basketball team. The specific functions of the players in the NFL make it much harder to have a "dream team". You could have skill players all day; RB, WR, QB. Without a decent line, and with a defense that is being scored on every drive, it's hard to keep up. Defensea are even trickier to me; zones, man, 3-4, 4-3, nickel package, dime package, etc. In short, too many positions and too many variable to whip up a dream team.
  4. cardiackat88.

    Cam Is Working Out With Antonio Brown

    At least he isn't hanging with Josh Gordon...
  5. What's the big deal? Don't the ratings update throughout the season?
  6. cardiackat88.

    Redskins cheerleader scandal

    What happened to the good old days when this was fun to go to? Its been a long time since a saw a wet-t shirt contest advertised. Women with their dignity /sarcasm
  7. cardiackat88.

    Just to piss the NFL off

    Surprise investors: 1) Trump buys the team and gives it to Kim Jong Un as a peace offering. 2) Elon Musk buys the team and has the team play on Mars. 3) Vince McMahon buys the team and moves them to the new XFL.
  8. What happened to Korn Elder? Is munnerlyn still on the squad?
  9. cardiackat88.

    Which is dumber: The bench press or the Wonderlic?

    Why do lineman run the 40s and high jump?
  10. Why does everyone seem to think Henry will go so overlooked? I keep hearing "second or third round" etc. This dude will shoot up the draft boards quickly, thanks to media, hype, and where he played.
  11. Alfred Morris, would make a whole lot of sense. Younger, possibly cheaper, healthier, and possibly more effective.
  12. I almost think the strategy after half time should have been just try to run up the gut and see what happens, punt it away, and let manning choke it.
  13. Doesn't look like it, literally can't do anything right!
  14. Turnovers. Stagnant offense. This Denver O hasn't done much at all. Maybe do the waterboy strategy and take a knee every offensive play? Force Broncos O to win it?