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  1. Carolina Panthers Top 3 Offseason Priorities

    Alfred Morris, would make a whole lot of sense. Younger, possibly cheaper, healthier, and possibly more effective.
  2. No. Will still think of him as an overrated choke artist who was a major libaliity against my favorite team in the Super Bowl and my teams offense consistently turned the ball over and put him in the position not to choke the game away. Even though he still almost did. Nope, will still see him as the same asshole. Still will not like him retired or not. No he's not the greatest QB of all time, not even close.
  3. There has been an awakening...

    I fully believe so. Super pissed off, 500+ yards passing and 8 total TDs. Stops celebrating. Maybe swiftly hands the ball to a kid in the stands and quickly jogs back to the sideline.
  4. There has been an awakening...

    Cam is going to fug the entire nfl up up next year, and put a super hurting on anyone he's playing against. I strongly fee dabbing and smiling Cam may be gone, and mean faced stone cold Cam may be here to light up and destroy everything in his path.  I can see this man putting in extremely intense and obsessive work, holding his teammates extremely accountable and mauling the opponents who dare face him next year.
  5. Other teams early cuts

    Great fit and would make perfect sense with Rivera ties.
  6. Other teams early cuts

    Griffin is old, slower than Harper, and a higher liability at safety. Hell no. Can see Weddle winding up here though...
  7. Ted Ginn Jr. Running Out of Bounds

    1. Everyone had the fumble-itis. Seemingly after big plays too. Being safe. 2. He almost looked like he was running funny, like his groin was bothering him.
  8. My take on the Cam Newton fumble.

    It didn't help that this happened on the biggest, most magnified stage of them all. A non playoff or non prime time game and no one would have thought much of it.
  9. My take on the Cam Newton fumble.

    I truly feel like he was kinda shellshocked from getting roughed up all night.  Manning or Brady wouldn't be breaking their necks for it. I feel he weighed his options quickly too "break my neck, tear my ACL, get clobbered again recovering it, oh wait it looks like someone else has it?"
  10. Since the loss, I have seen nonstop Cam Newton trashings. It is to the point where the articles focus on Cams demeanor and stats from the game, how Cam was shut down etc. A few articles I have seen were "Not So Super Cam", "Cam tapped out" and "MVDefense". Perhaps the media didn't notice Cam was trying his damndest to carry the team on his shoulders. To add to this, many Facebook friends or articles etc continue to point out everything they can. Here, I will name something stupid I keep reading and what my defense for it is. "Cam needs to lose with class, here is Russell Wilson accepting the blame for the super bowl loss last year" Ok, 1. I don't recall Russell Wilson being hammered all game, and destroyed by his piss poor protection. 2. That clown had every right to accept the blame from throwing the game losing pick on the last play, and. It handing the ball off. "Why didn't Cam jump on that ball? Make a gif where it's a spider and he's running away, der her har har". Ok, name what GOD DAMN universe Manning or Brady would have dove head first to break their neck for a loose football, even more so after their line has let them get smacked in the mouth all night. Let's tear an ACL and just be out for the rest of the game, and next season. "Cam was having a hissy fit, looked miserable, what a sore loser". Would anyone have been happy if their receivers couldn't catch, rbs couldn't hold on to the ball, line couldn't protect them and couldn't quit jumping offsides? fug no. "Cam walked out of the interview, that's classless" ok and you glorify Marshawn Lynch refusing to talk to the media?  I really cannot think of anyone else who would get bashed so hard for losing a SB. Not Wilson, not Kaep, not even fuging Manziel. So, Whats some more you have heard, and defenses as to why you think it js utterly stupid and can be defended?
  11. I didn't want to start a thread on it, but nearly every article I see is bashing Cam and not praising the Broncos. "Not so super cam" "Cam tapped out" "MVDefense". Its not like Cam was solely blame for the loss. False starts, piss poor pass blocking, fumbles, and more. Also, tell me in what GOD DAMN universe Peyton manning or tom Brady would have broke their neck to jump on a fumble they made.
  12. Alfred Morris? If Stew is gone...

    I just really feel like Morris could pick right up where Stew was. Cheaper, younger, healthier, and possibly more effective.
  13. The receivers (minus Cotchery) weren't the problem. Cam getting killed, RBs coughing the ball up, and false starts were the problem.
  14. If Cam Newton wasn't a Panther...

    I've always said I love Cam, but if he was on any other team I would have (old) Kaepernick type of hate towards him. When you're really good, even more so kinda cocky about it, you have a lot of haters. ive noticed a lot of articles or sport shows on the Super Bowl downing Cam all to hell, not uplifting the Broncos. with "Not So Super Cam, How Cam Self Destructed" another: "Cam tapped out" and a paper is saw this morning said "MVD, how Cam fell to the Denver D". God if people don't shut up about him not diving on that fumble or being pissed at an interview. Yea, goody boy Russell shouldered the loss last year, and he threw the game winning pick so he should have. Haters just hate I guess.  
  15. Alfred Morris? If Stew is gone...

    This exactly. Little difference between him, fozzy, and Wegher IMO. if he was that good, he would have been splitting snaps with stew.