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  1. USA Today ranks the NFL head coaches

    Arians has been Christened largely in part to how well he did as interim head coach with the Colts a few years back, when the HC had a cancer battle. Hos stupid looking hats can help him keep tanking playoff spots "strategically and brilliantly".
  2. I read this for each team. I love how the Panthers are the only team that mentioned multiple juggernauts as other potential best players drafted. This franchise has had arguably the best DE, best WR, best MLB, and best QB performances in NFL history.
  3. Will PanthersUnited make a comeback this season?

    Read any thread created by "HammerinCameron" or something like that. PanthersUnited threw a weird fit (made a thread surprise surprise) and claimed he had to leave to huddle for a while after the Super Bowl loss. i literally saw the HammerinCameron the next day, same exact stupid threads and witting. LOOK UP HAMMERINCAMERON!!!
  4. They didn't want him suddenly recasted as black, a female, or both? How racist and sexist!!!!!
  5. Good, good, exxxcelllllent....MOO HOO HAH HAH! Let's hope Arians and his stupid looking hats pay this man and put them into cap hell. Those stupid looking hats gave him the brilliant decision to tank the Seahawks game before the playoffs, too.
  6. At least he is getting some help, and time will tell if it is going to work for him. He may actually need the help. I don't know how many of you remember the really odd, nutso, and unacceptable behavior Brandon Marshall had before he sought help and was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.
  7. Norman "Panthers aren't family enough"

    Ever thought he was really upset he couldn't continue playing here, with the money he wanted?
  8. Wait, THE Tyrus Thompson??
  9. Hitner to the Rams?

    Isn't Gholston still out there? Walter Thurmond?
  10. Didn't we draft Clausen over Jimmy Graham?
  11. Sam Bradford wants Philly to trade him

    Lol lots of Denver fans so super excited to get such a garbage ass scrub QB. Can't wait to see them be bottom feeders for the next decade.
  12. So what does Gettleman do with this money?

    This exactly. Does Gettleman take a flyer on a one year "prove it" or "rental" type of deal? Yea that's a lot of money to use on players next year but what if someone could make a difference for a year? He's done it before with Ginn, Cason, Mike Mitchell, and more.
  13. I need a new TV show to binge (any recommendations)

    Pretty Little Liars....actually pretty good..
  14. With the freed up cap space, how does he spend? There is a couple of Safety's on the market that may be serviceable and affordable. Walter Thurmond, Donte Whitner and Dashon Goldson. Will Getlleman revive some players with new scenery much like he did Ted Ginn Jr.? One name that looks like he could fit here is Henry Melton. You may remember him a few seasons ago, playing for Chicage and blowing up offense lines much like KK does now. So what do you think? Are you expecting Gettleman to invest in the bargain bin again this year? He has been sticking to his formula of not overpaying, making the tough cuts, and then signing a vet that seems to have his best years behind him only to have a very respectable season here. Here is where I got the list of free agents: