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    First, I'd be shocked if nobody drafted him and second, even if he did, I highly doubt he'd sign with a team as set at LB as we are. He'd likely look for a team where he could potentially get some time at MLB

    This sucks, with each pick that goes by without Scooby getting taken its just giving me hope we somehow end up with him. But I know that it's just not going to happen, just setting myself up for disappointment

    His combine time is nothing at what he plays in games, dude flys around the field making plays at all levels

    Would be really interesting for me if we ended up with Burbridge as he was a high school teammate of Funchess, which is in my hometown. Would be really cool for me if we drafted the best player to ever come out of my hometown last year and then end up getting another guy from there in the next year.

    Seriously.... Arizona alum here and I just don't get it, the guy is a STUD I know we don't really have much of a need for a LB with Luke, TD, and Shaq, but I would go nuts if for some crazy reason we traded up and took him (because he absolutely will go before the second to last pick of the draft)
  6. Looks like Gettleman just choked that pick away, he was expecting to draft Bell and when he then went right before us, we were not prepared and just took someone they had stashed in their pocket as a late round guy we wanted to have. Projected to be a fourth rounder at best and we take him in the second? I'll never be convinced this was anything other than Gettleman not expecting the picks in front of us to fall that way and just took a guy he knew he wanted before the draft was over

    I really don't want a DT with the first, without Norman on the books, we'll be able to re-sign both Star and KK, don't waste a first rounder on such a strength
  8. Forget predictions. Who do you want?

    Every year since 2011 we've taken the guy I wanted in the first except for last year as there was nobody I was in love with, but was 100% on board with the Shaq pick. Cam was Cam, and I despised Jimmy, easy choice. Was shocked we actually took Kuechly, even though he was by far and away the guy I wanted. Never expected Star to fall to us, was actually hoping we would trade up to get him as he was falling. Wanted KB from the second I saw him in the college skills challenge, even before I knew if he was a realistic possibility with where we were picking. This year my two guys are Coleman and Hunter, badly want one of them, let's hope my streak continues.
  9. Not necessarily, all it takes is for us to talk about it with a few teams, Denver will hear about the talks and look to make a move before we can "finalize" anything with them. I don't think we'd make any of those moves to move out of the first unless we got a crazy deal for it, but the threat would be all that's needed for Denver to explore a swap with us.
  10. Yes, he does a lot for them, but it's mainly calling games, that can be replaced without much if any viewership drop off. They could not replace Mike and Mike with someone and keep half their viewers they bring in, way more valuable to ESPN than Tirico
  11. With the Broncos!!!! How perfect of a situation would that be? A QB falls to 30 that not only they want, but other teams do as well, and we know Gettleman doesn't like to give up that 5th year option, so he bluffs making a deal with someone else to force the Broncos to swap spots with us and pick up maybe a 3rd round pick or maybe even a 2nd in next years draft. We can still draft whoever we would at 30, keep the 5th year option, and add a valuable pick at the same time. That would be my ideal situation for the draft to play out, anyone else on board with this?
  12. I don't think Tirico is at the level of those guys. Berman is a lifer, he just isn't going anywhere at this point Mike and Mike have the most watched/listened to sports talk radio show ever and have manned their most important block of programming (morning drive) for almost 20 years now, they couldn't afford to lose them and their fan base, there is a reason they just made the broadcasting HOF. And SVP was given his own custom sportscenter show to basically do as he pleases. Tirico called a lot of different things, but he was never given the things the Mikes or SVP have been.
  13. I'm guessing there are only a select handful of people who they won't get rid of regardless of how much they get paid namely Mike and Mike, SVP, and Chris Berman almost everyone else is expendable to them I'm guessing
  14. I love Cam just as much as anyone else here, but anyone who says him is just nuts. Lebron very well might be the most physically gifted person to ever walk this earth, literally. He has always been bigger than his listed size too, he's more like 6'9" and until he cut down his weight a year or so ago was around 270 and still moved like a point guard.
  15. Panthers rescind Norman's franchise tag...

    Only thing we can do is sign both Short and Star to long term deals, any quality FA will have already been scooped up by someone else now. If we don't sign both of them before the season starts, then this is a TOTAL waste, should have been done months ago if it was going to be done, when there were FA's to be signed.