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  1. tukafan21 added a post in a topic Reggie Wayne?   

    The problem is we don't have another #1 to step into the role.
    We can't be replacing KB with Byrd or Boykin in the active roster.
    Funchess, Cotchery, Brown, Ginn, Bersin, Byrd/Boykin just isn't enough firepower as there is no true #1 there, and if Funchess is considered the #1, I don't think we have a #2 in that group either.  It's a bunch of #3 guys with Funchess being a wildcard right now.
    I'd be much more comfortable with Wayne and Funchess as our 1 and 2 than Funchess and any of the other WRs currently on the roster.  We'll still need others to step up even with someone like Wayne, but to expect Brown/Ginn/Cotchery to replace KB's production would be absurd.
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  2. tukafan21 added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Reggie Wayne?
    If KB has a significant injury, am I the only one who would love to see us bring Wayne in?
    Much better than Welker and think he would be a great PERSON to add to our WR corps.  He is very much a leader and still has some game left to him, I think he would be great for Cam to learn from too seeing as he spent all those years with Manning and learning from him
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  3. tukafan21 added a post in a topic Team Leader- KK?   

    Seriously, surprised it took this long for someone to say this.
    Star makes Luke a better player with all the extra attention he draws as it allows Luke to run free.
    There are lots of pass rushing DT's, especially when we have a few DE's who can slide inside as well, but you don't come across the big space eaters as good as Star will be all to often.
    If push comes to shove, Star will stay and KK will move on.
    You also have to remember that Star is a family guy, I'm sure his family is getting settled and might not want to uproot them, so he could take a hometown discount to stick around.
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