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  1. I'm with Hillary, I'm with her

    I appreciate that Rodeo. I'd only be lying to myself if I didn't
  2. I'm with Hillary, I'm with her

    Fwiw, I have read that Trump has gone through an "awakening" in the last couple years, so all that stuff from his past could be from an old Trump. Who knows. I have found it interesting that Alex Jones is a huge Trump supporter.
  3. The demise of Trump

    For sh*ts and giggles I decided to look into some of the things you've said, Rodeo... Everything I'm reading about Trump and Rove is that they hate each other. Do you have a link for what you said about Trump's wanting to seize money from people's bank accounts? The other stuff you wrote appears to be accurate.
  4. I'm with Hillary, I'm with her

    Well @teeray, it looks like we're royally screwed haha. Thanks for the scoop.
  5. The demise of Trump

    Haha there we go. I've lost so much faith in our political system that I view politics as pure entertainment these days.
  6. The demise of Trump

    Well, I never said I was gonna vote for Trump. I'm probably just not going to vote at all to be honest. What I was saying is I wouldn't mind seeing him win because he might be the only chance we have of getting something different for a change. But maybe not based on what you had written. I was not aware of all those things you mentioned about him, and am definitely not cool with them if they're true. Thanks for the heads up, i'll have to look into that stuff.
  7. The demise of Trump

    LIke I said, I don't put a lot of stock in polls. Especially when the establishment is in the bag for Hillary. And I'm not necessarily a Trump supporter, I'm just to the point where I'll take anyone over Clinton. I'd take Bernie over Trump but unfortunately he's as good as done at this point. Ideally I'd take Gary Johnson but a vote for him is futile. But anyways, the fact that Hillary has supported, and is in part directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in the middle east, while selling billions worth in arms to countries that promote terrorism...even against order to destabilize regions because it's good for business (which is exactly what she said), precedes just about anything in my opinion. If you wanna talk fascism we already know Hillary the neocon is a fascist. On the other hand, Trump's fascistic qualities you alluded to are nothing but speculation at this point. In the end I just want to see something different for a change. We were promised change with Obama, but the last 8 years have shown to be a continuation of Bush policies; so that didn't happen. Under Clinton we'll see the same...she'll be Bush 3.0. And if she wins, hundreds of thousands of people in foreign countries will continue to be killed over money and profit...not to mention our own troops lives that will also continue to be put in danger in order to further line the pockets of corporations. Here at home it'll be the same thing; the interests of the corporations will come before the interests of the American people which is what we've been witnessing for the last 16 years...really much longer if you want to get down to it. You wanna bring up the mob, the Clinton's are no stranger to them either, granted if what you're saying about Trump's connections with them are true. I didn't say Trump was perfect, but he's the only chance we have right now at achieving actual change, for better or worse, which I think is worse the risk. Hell, I'd vote for him solely on the premise that he wants to expose the US/Saudi connection in the 9/11 attacks. He also wants to keep corporate interests from running the show, and ACTUALLY be a President for a change versus all these script-reading puppet phony sell-outs. The reason the media and establishment is so scared to death of him is because he threatens their bullshit gravy train that has been running the country into the ground for decades. And the fact that the media and establishment are that fearful of him, makes me like him even more. We should all know by now to like whoever the system hates.
  8. I'm with Hillary, I'm with her

    Ok, I'm interested in hearing what you have to say regarding that. But, the question is, in the end do you think his record in those areas trump (pun intended) the fact that Hillary is a war criminal who has supported killing hundreds of thousands of people in the name of business and profit? She has already shown she has zero regard for human life, and if there were to be a politician to lead us into a WWIII type scenario, god forbid, it would be her, as we can see based on her neoconservative track record. Plus, she literally lies about everything and will say anything to get a vote, The woman is as big of a piece of sh*t that there is. Who knows what we'd be hearing out of her mouth if she said what she really thought. At least Trump has the balls and the decency to say what he really thinks, as bad as it may sound sometimes.
  9. I'm with Hillary, I'm with her

    Care to elaborate? Hillary is literally the worst politics has to offer, and I just don't see what supporting information exists to conclude that "she is still 1,000,000 times better than Trump," who has no political track record.
  10. The demise of Trump

    Depends on the poll. Some have him beating her, some have her beating him. I don't put much stock in polling though. I'm under the impression that down the stretch Trump is gonna cream her. She's just way too dirty. The only thing she can do to him is make fun of his wall idea and continue to call him a racist. She has a whole laundry list of criminal activity under her belt and Trump is gonna let her have it. She's a sitting duck.
  11. The demise of Trump

    There's no way Hillary can beat Trump. She's literally the worst politician there is, and Trump is doing so well because people hate politicians.
  12. I'm with Hillary, I'm with her

    No offense, but there's no logical basis behind that statement.
  13. Trump vs. Hillary

    Just shows how corrupt our system is.
  14. I'm with Hillary, I'm with her

    Exactly. Like She said herself, the destabilization of the Middle East is good for American business. She don't give a f*ck how many people we kill, and how many new terrorists we create (which is actually a good thing in their eyes). All she and her handlers care about is gettin that chedda. Maybe it sounds cliché, but she IS the definition of pure evil.
  15. I'm with Hillary, I'm with her

    For the DNC/RNC and the establishment in general, Hillary is the perfect candidate. There was no way they were gonna let Bernie or anyone else beat her for the nomination.