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  1. ... so again, how is making plays on our most important drives stat padding? I never said he was good. Just tryna figure out how that’s stat padding.
  2. How is making plays on our most important drives stat-padding??
  3. 1/2 yard away from the 50 yard line - still on our side of the field.
  4. Dude, no team goes for it on 4th and 1 on their side of he field early in the 1st quarter. Not even Bill Belichick. Ya'll are complaining just to complain.
  5. That was a bad play-call on 3rd, but why do some of you think we should have went for it on 4th? Are ya'll serious? We were on our side of the field and its early in the 1st lol. No team goes for it there. Ya'll wildn.
  6. I like Obada, but I seriously doubt he's gonna influence how the NFL sets our schedule next year lol But I don't mind London games as long as it doesn't count as a road game.
  7. I love this thread. Just a weekly reminder of how bad Benjamin is.
  8. He's only 28 and is a freak athlete. Only reason they probably want to trade him is because they know the team is bad and isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
  9. Eh, obviously as a team you'd always would accept a player at PP's quality, but I wouldn't say we need him or anything. Bradberry and Jackson are fine. I'd rather us throw picks at a pass rusher, which is what is hurting our defense more than anything.
  10. Mage

    Byrd out again

    Tyrell Williams could be an option. He'd probably be asking more than Funch, but unlikely anything drastic, and he's been a solid big-bodied receiver for Rivers. Plus he'll only be 27.
  11. Mage

    True Misery

    Yea I never understood why we kept passing after the first turnover.
  12. Barkley is as good of a player to enter the NFL in a long, long time.