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  1. Dude, the difference between Scandrick and Seymour is not a NFC South title. Are y’all joking? They both suck. 1 is already on the team and 1 would cost extra money to sign. It isn’t like we are talking about an average starter. Scandrick sucks. Signing him won’t decide if we win the division. It’ll just be like going from trash to trash.
  2. Yeah but if he's hardly much better, again how does signing him make a difference? It isn't about what I want to tell myself. It's about you being illogical.
  3. Again, you know he sucks, right? How does signing a bad player help?
  4. Yea but... Scandrick sucks too, you know this right? He’s not an upgrade over anyone.
  5. I think his greater point is they don’t have any intentions of playing Capt on outside. Besides, who would start over him at nickel? We need Jackson on the outside and Elder hasn’t proven anything.
  6. Gamble could be up and down at times, but his 2011 season (first with Rivera) was elite. He shut down everyone.
  7. Mage

    tre boston

    Only because of an injury.
  8. Olsen lost a lot of that speed a long time ago. He's still obviously athletic but relative to many of the other top TEs, he's one of the least reliant on athleticism.
  9. I don't know if he was more impressive or not, but I'll never forget the David Gettis hype. And I'm not ashamed to admit I was all on board with it too. I thought he was gonna be a stud. 6'3 with speed (4.3 40) and hands, he put up good numbers as a rookie despite Clausen being QB and Smith being #1. As a matter of fact, Gettis almost had as many yards and more touchdowns than Smith despite far fewer targets. The torn ACL effectively ended his career. He would have been a great fit with Cam IMO.
  10. Lol Cam from College Park. I’m sure he can fight. Honestly how can you not love Cam?
  11. Giants are smoking crack if they think that.
  12. That was awesome tbh. Such a shame he’s a Saint. I’d love him here.
  13. Mage

    Major Rule (Point of Emphasis Change)

    Please explain how? That scenario describes a QB giving himself up to avoid a hit, not attempting to score. How do you guys not understand the difference between that and a leap? A player leaving his feet, which is what a leap implies, is not a player giving himself up. They are describing a dive, not a leap. I don’t know why y’all don’t understand the difference.
  14. Mage

    Major Rule (Point of Emphasis Change)

    A DIVE ISNT A LEAP. It’s not about semantics. They are literally just two different things. You can’t leap while not leaving your feet. That defies what it means to leap. I don’t know how to better explain it. You keep saying dive/leap like they are interchangeable when they aren’t. They are clearly referring to plays where the QB gives himself up by going down head first, something Cam did a lot early on because he couldn’t/wouldn’t slide feet first. Nowhere in the article does the referee mention leaping.
  15. Mage

    Major Rule (Point of Emphasis Change)

    Dude, how are you gonna tell someone to read an article and yet continue to misquote it? Please show me where in the article the referee says anything about a leap. A leap and dive are not the same thing. Like I’m confused as to how people don’t see the distinction.