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  1. Next week is gonna be nuts

    I think I'll be able to handle the wait well for most of next week.  I'm actually really looking forward to media day and all the attention.  We have some really entertaining guys on the team so there should be a ton of fantastic material. What will really begin to test my able to focus on anything else in life will be once 12am hits and it becomes Sunday.  The wait from that point is going to be unreal.  I'm not sure I'll be able to handle it.
  2. What is our gameplan with T.D.

    He'll probably see a tad less snaps than usual but I don't think we're going to limit him in any specific way.  If we did though, it'd probably be to take him off the field for running downs where he might have to shed a block.  Also might see him blitzing less.
  3. Conan O'Brien and the Superbowl

    Cam would be a great choice but I don't think he'd agree to do it. It'd probably be Norman and Miller, if they were to do something like this again.
  4. Harper wouldn't even get consideration for the Saints Hall of Fame.
  5. todays practice tweets: everyone back

    I probably missed it.  Why has Short been limited?
  6. Cam...

    Didn't Cam say he was pushing close to 280 at the end of his rookie year or something? I remember him saying it in a press conference or whatever when talking about how he ate junk food for meetings. I think he's at least 260.
  7. Cool Jon Beason article

      I always loved that video.  It's unfortunate he couldn't stay healthy, his '09 season is one of my favorites from a Panthers player on defense and he always seemed like a good, well respected guy.
  8. Jared Allen will be a Hall of Famer. Barring injury, I would be SHOCKED if Luke Kuechly didn't make the Hall of Fame. I think Cam Newton will be a Hall of Famer.  I wouldn't necessarily be (as) shocked if he didn't (not as much as I would be with Kuechly, who is the best middle linebacker the league has seen since prime Ray Lewis), but I think he will.  If we win the Super Bowl, Cam Newton will become a SUPERSTAR for the NFL. Then I guess Ryan Kalil has a glimmer of hope.  5x Pro Bowler and 2x First-Team All-Pro and is only 30 years old so he could have about 3-4 years left of top-tier play in him, but like I said the Pro Football Hall of Fame is really hard to get into.  I definitely wouldn't bank on it, his chances are slim.  But it's possible. Greg Olsen doesn't have a chance either unless he has one heck of a finish to his career.   Far too early to speculate on other guys like Turner, Short, etc.
  9. I don't think you guys understand how hard getting into the Hall of Fame is. This coming from a huge TD fan who thinks it would be a disgrace if he isn't inducted into our Hall of Honor when he retires: Thomas Davis has no chance in hell at making the Hall of Fame.
  10. I'm not sure I understand the question.  Both are equally important.  I guess Oher/Ware because it's Newton's blindside but we can't afford for either Oher or Remmers to get beat consistently.
  11. TD: "My Arm's Broken"; Say's Gonna Play

    A cast and painkillers. Honestly, even if he might be a liability... I'd still have a tough time not having Davis play.  He's our heart and soul.  He's too important.  It's different than Jared Allen.  I like Allen but I mean Davis is a different animal.  He means so much to this team.  Everyone respects and looks up to Davis.  I don't think I could stomach seeing us play in the Super Bowl game without him.

  13. Official AFC Championship Game Thread

    Sorry if this has been answered already but will the NFL wait to start the NFC Championship game if this game goes to overtime? I feel like they have waited in the past but I'm not 100% positive.
  14. Panthers Inactives

    This is how its been all season.
  15. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    NFL Network has maybe spent 1 hour combined of their 6 hour broadcast discussing the Panthers/Cardinals game.  Eisen made a joke about it, hyping up Cam/Palmer before stopping and saying, "apparently I'm not allowed to talk about this QB match-up." Really funny moment.  Love Eisen.