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  1. Not comparable. That guarantees your car is going to break down or at the very least have serious issues soon. We are not guaranteed to fumble on a leap. As long as you time your jump well and when you extend the ball it shouldn’t be an issue.
  2. Cams 62 Yard Run Gif

    Yea, he still has the straight line speed. Most guys tend to not lose that without a major leg injury playing a role, even as they get older (Ginn still out-running guys at 32 years old). It's just the burst that is lacking compared to his younger days.
  3. Cams 62 Yard Run Gif

    Yeah, Waynes has amazing speed. I loved him coming out of college, he's been underwhelming it seems as a pro though. Newton has lost a step since his early days. Someone posted the LSU video earlier. Newton doesn't have that kind of burst anymore - ankle injuries played a role (I didn't really notice a difference until 2014). Still possesses really good change of direction ability. Athletic Peak Cam was an absolute marvel from an athletic standpoint.
  4. Cams 62 Yard Run Gif

    Say what you want about Cam Newton, but when I'm older and we're at the point that it's been 10 years since Cam last played a game, I will always be appreciative that I was able to witness the entire career of the best runner at the QB position. Guys like Cunningham and Vick were faster and more elusive, but Newton's ability to run inside and outside on designed runs while being arguably the best short-yardage runner since he's arrived makes him a different breed.
  5. 57 yards passing.

    Vikings defense is OK.
  6. Smith is coming back. We're just waiting until the Superb Owl to make it official.
  7. For the sake of argument

    If we lose today we are still in the wildcard no matter what else happens. Falcons the only other team with 5 losses and we hold the tiebreaker. Even if the Seahawks lose and it’s a 3-way tie, we’d actually become the 5 seed. A win today would help a lot. It would essentially give us a 2 game lead with 3 games left.
  8. The Panthers and the 2 TE set

    Panthers suck running out of any formation.
  9. Olsen is out @ NO

    We beat the Patriots on the road. Are we the underdogs? Sure, yeah, I guess. But it won't be a "miracle" to win. We are a good team.
  10. Why would we keep Bersin?
  11. Sometimes it feels like fans think that players have the ability to take the playbook with them and give it to another team. There is nothing Ginn or Klein could tell the coaches that they couldn't see on film. As far as audibles and signals and stuff like that go, teams change verbiage and keys like that every season to avoid situations like that. It isn't a concern. At all.
  12. Lol at the revisionist history in this thread. Tre Boston sucked. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. He's making plays in San Diego, but he is playing next to one of the 5 best corners in football right now (Hayward) with an amazing pass rush (Bosa/Ingram) in front of him. He would have made for a nice back-up like he has in the past, but you can't keep everyone.
  13. Wes Fuggin Horton

    Charles Johnson sucks.
  14. It was bad, but Cam has at least 2 clunkers like this one every season. It is one of those things we just have to accept because when the time comes, Cam will get hot and when he gets hot, he is as good as anyone. It's time to unleash his running ability next week though. We need at least one drive where Cam carries the ball for the majority of it. It would be a nice tone-setter and keep the Saints honest for the rest of the game.