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  1. Run Game Woes - Ted Ginn Jr.

    It is possible the loss of Ginn has had a bigger impact than we think, but I doubt it. The fact of the matter is the Panthers sans Newton have been bad at running the ball for awhile now. We were 20th in YPC in 2016, but Newton and Fozzy helped boost that. Stewart averaged a dismal 3.8 YPC. Stewart averaged a mediocre 4.1 YPC in 2015. The run game is even worse this year, but it has been on a downward spiral for years now.
  2. All this means is the 49ers reached out to us. It doesn't mean we're interested. I don't see where he would fit on this team. He doesn't have nearly enough coverage ability to play MLB in our system. He might be able to play strongside linebacker, but he wouldn't start for us so it doesn't matter anyway.
  3. Run game fix

    There is no fix. Could Armah help? Sure, but the OL just flat out stinks at run blocking. They get manhandled every snap. We just need to stop trying to make Stewart fit on the team and become a pass-first offense.
  4. Luke Kuechly

    It was a bad game but Riddick is an outstanding receiving RB with top tier agility. It happens.
  5. The Fix Is In

    The only penalty that wasn't legit was the Thompson facemask. That was a joke. Otherwise we just need to play better. It isn't the refs fault.
  6. Ah yes, Amini. Makes me remember the glory days of Bell, Amini, and Chandler on the same offensive line.
  7. Post NE Injuries

    IIRC pretty sure Aaron Williams has a screwed up neck.
  8. Cam still has nightmares from what Philly did to him in 2014. I legit haven't seen a QB get messed up more than Cam did that game.
  9. plz dont choke this idc how we do it we could look horrible this quarter but just find a way, any way, to win this game we're up by 7 just know we need a field goal to essentially win the game come on panthers plz dont break my heart
  10. stewart is 47 yards away...

    60 yard run on the first drive. Book it.
  11. With 5 backs active (Stewart, CMC, Armah, Fozzy, and CAP) and Cam at QB, I will be disgusted with Shula if we have any less than 20 runs unless the score somehow gets out of hand within the first quarter of the game.
  12. I hate to do this, but I don't think it is an overreaction to say Matt Kalil is a God awful player. He probably isn't that much better than Remmers. Will he be back next season?
  13. Your definition of "massive numbers" must be different than mine. There is a reason CMC was a first round prospect and those guys weren't even in the consideration.
  14. Just because you are 180lbs doesn't mean you are weak. Love's lower body strength is amazing. He's not Fournette obviously but his strength, especially for his size, is damn good. Good enough to play in the NFL anyway. I don't know what makes you think he's a system back. Do you seriously think running between the tackles is exclusive to Stanford?
  15. Bryce isn't just some guy though. He has world class speed and great power.