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  1. WR, OL, and DB are the only positions on the team I'd like to see picked in the first round. I get the need of a tight end, but I don't see why so many people want us to draft one in the first round.
  2. Y'know, I'm sure Olsen wants an extension. I'm also sure announcing on MNF is something that is on his mind. But I'm also sure this is something Person might be making into a bigger deal than it actually is.
  3. We made the playoffs last year in a super tough NFC with all of our receivers getting hurt at one point and barely lost to the Saints. Rivera has at least 2-3 more years. He has his flaws, but you can do way worse than him.
  4. Picks 55, 85, and 88

    ... Why in the world would the Jags do that?
  5. Breeland

    How long have you been watching football? That is quite the hyperbole.
  6. Breeland

    Does us not signing Breeland make you not sleep at night?
  7. Breeland

    It worked out anyway. Cockrell is a better fit on the defense and cheaper. Not sure where Breeland would fit in.
  8. True, but it’s gonna be hard to use your internship as a reference for that reason.
  9. You know what else looks good on a resume? Not getting fired for releasing inside info to friends.
  10. PFF - State of the Panthers

    Pretty sure it’s because they don’t do half sacks.
  11. What a bad, short-sighted trade. I guess if they win a Super Bowl it won't matter, but that is a lot of egos in 1 locker-room. Especially since they weren't on the team last year. Plus, Cooks is on the last year of his deal and considering he will be the top 2019 FA WR (Beckham ain't hitting the market), there is no way they will be able to re-sign him.
  12. Yep. Even if he tried, it wouldn’t make much sense for the NFL to approve it. You already have a proven football market here. Just need an owner willing to invest more into it.
  13. Dude, what are you talking about? All I said was Canada, THE COUNTRY, is strict about letting people with criminal backgrounds into the country. That goes beyond the CFL. My post had nothing to do with how I felt or if I thought he deserved another chance. It was explaining why he likely wouldn’t play in the CFL next year, You need to relax and carefully read next time.
  14. I’m referring to his charges regarding cocaine, not his domestic violence case.