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  1. Probably cut Jonathan Stewart before we hire announce an official GM.
  2. Lol. They could at least make it look less obvious. Why would we wait until 3 weeks after we were eliminated to do this?
  3. Cam is tough as hell.
  4. Can't complain. Seems very well respected and has helped develop a lot of our defensive lineman, especially Addison. Its Rivera's defense anyway.

    I supported Gettleman, but it astounds me he was willing to pay Kalil and not Norman. Terrible decision.
  6. Lmao @ this thread. People delete all the pics on their Instagram all the time. I don’t know why they do but they just do. This literally means nothing. At least nothing that matters whatsoever. Some of you are looking way too deep l
  7. You are overrating the talent of some of those Chargers teams, especially around 2010. Their offensive line wasn't very good at that point and Floyd was an injury prone wide receiver who would often miss games. In 2011, he got more production out of Mathews (who we can all agree is no better than Stewart and definitely worse than McCaffrey) than we did out of our non-Cam rushing game this year. As a matter of fact, I can't remember the last time a back in our offense averaged 4.9 YPC. This was also behind a far worse offensive line. In 6 seasons with the Chargers, they ranked in the top 5 in 5 of the 6 seasons. Not just top 10. Top 5. Talent helped, sure, but coaching definitely played a role. The only year they finished out of the top 5 is because they were dealing with a LOT of injuries and turnover. Vincent Jackson left. Ryan Mathews was hurt. A crap-ton of injuries to the offensive line. People keep bringing up that Turner's offenses haven't ranked highly since 2011, but I don't think it's all on him. Cleveland is a lost cause (they were still 15th in yards and 18th in points that year; we were 19th in yards this year with far more talent). In Minnesota, it was a mixture of having QBs who were a total misfit for the scheme (Bridgewater and Bradford) and a terrible offensive line. Look, I'm not saying I agree with the hire. I don't. But I think a lot of people are underrating him as well. Norv Turner is far better than Mike Shula. They may be similar schematically, but Turner executes the system far better.
  8. Panthers offensive consultant
  9. Replacement Possibilities

    McAdoo would be a great hire. He was a good OC who Eli had 2 of his best years with. Then he became HC, Eli got older, and I just don't think McAdoo was a good leader of men. Same thing happened with Josh McDaniels.
  10. CMC is fast.

    I remember when I was one of the few people here hyping Henry up. I knew he would be a good back. Should get a lot more opportunities next year with Murray being phased out.
  11. There is no way he would be able to know this unless he has inside knowledge on who the owner will be, which he doesn’t.