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  1. Josh Norman vs Dez Bryant

    Bryant will get his.  Norman will get his.  Both are elite players.
  2. I still have nightmares of Ken Lucas.  I don't think I have ever seen a corner get burned more than he did in the second half of that season.
  3. I think it is better to keep Tillman out.  At his age, you don't want to rush anything and we're going to need him in the postseason.  I have a lot of faith in Bene!
  4. Man, I thought 12 was a lot... 23 straight games is ridiculous.  Hopefully our postseason ends kinder for us than it did the '08 and '09 Colts though.
  5. A video message from Thomas Davis

    It's always interesting to see how guys interact on the team.  Like I wonder who the closest friends are. 
  6. Official Panthers - Titans Gameday Thread

    Offense has looked great today. With that said, why does Shula always overthink himself with those overly complicated screen plays?  They almost never work.
  7. Official Panthers - Titans Gameday Thread

    Nevermind, totally forgot about Webb.  So 5 WRs.
  8. Official Panthers - Titans Gameday Thread

    Only rolling with 4 WRs and 3 RBs for this game.  Scott Simonson is active for the game.  Interesting.
  9. Except I clearly just said it's a stretch to think that he could play it, at least play it well.  Cam would suck if he tried to play any different position now, but if he were to try to do so, then he'd be better off doing something on the offensive side of the ball than switching all the way to defense.  But yeah, I know nothing about football.  Right.   And what?  So what 6 positions could Jimmy Graham or Greg Olsen play since they can play TE?
  10. That Crazy Joe Web Wildcat Play

    If Webb attempts a pass in the playoffs or the Super Bowl without an injury to Cam and DA, it better go for a big play or Shula deserves to be fired on the spot.
  11. I can see how you got that impression and my apologies for miswording it, but I wasn't trying to imply tight end is easy.  Just that if he were to switch positions, the only one that would make much sense is tight end.  
  12. And I said to think he could excel there would still be a stretch. But if I had to choose a position where he would have the most likely chance of succeeding at if he had to play it right now, it would be tight end.  Doesn't mean I actually think he would play well there.
  13. Maybe tight end, that is it. Nearly every guy in the NFL has been playing and trying to perfect their craft for years now.  Maybe I guess if we are sending Cam back to HS and training him at a specific position, it's possible.  However, it isn't as simple as a plug and play or putting someone in the weight room.  There is no position he could step right into (except maybe tight end, and that is still a stretch) and "excel" at.  
  14. That Crazy Joe Web Wildcat Play

    I don't care what they plan on setting up for the future.  Running the wildcat when you already have Cam Newton is stupid as hell. If you really want to run a trick play where Webb throws the ball, do what we did in 2011.  Newton throws a pass behind the LOS to Webb, Newton runs to a spot on the other side of the field and Webb lobs it back to him.
  15. Next Four-Who do we beat?

    What?  How did you get that impression?  I just listed a game we very well could lose because, well.. WE COULD LOSE IT. And so were the Panthers not really good in 2013 either?  49ers beat us and we went one and done.  Plenty of really good teams have went 1 and done before.  Packers went one and done in a season where they went 15-1. Like do you guys want to always live in fantasy world and pretend we are invincible?  Cowboys with Romo absolutely could knock us out.  That is all I'm saying.  Cowboys have a good front seven, a lot of weapons on the offensive side of the ball, an outstanding offensive line, and a top ten QB in Romo.  I never said it's a definite we would lose.  Just that if we are to lose a game in the next 4 games, which is more of a probability than you apparently want to believe (3 out of 4 on the road), then my pick would be to the Cowboys.  And then the next best guess would be to a divisional foe.