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  1. Which running back do you want?

    seconding royce freeman.
  2. Steelers Release S Mike Mitchell

    mitchell brings the attitude that carolina's defense needs.
  3. As of today, are the Panthers better or worse?

    i don't know about better...but i will say i haven't been this excited about a personnell shake up in a very long time.
  4. J-Stew to the Giants

    ypc be dammed...stewart is now more than ever a very effective red zone threat. good for him.
  5. Odell Beckham Smoking Blunts And Banging Girls

    came here because i thought the same thing...odell banging a female???? ...and in the video he's trying to get someone else laid.
  6. Stewart visiting Seahawks

    wouldn't surprise me if he retired if seattle doesn't pan out.
  7. want to know a secret? stewart refused to take the lead dog spot from williams. he held back.
  8. st. brown's overall weight scares me (anothr 10-15 pounds won't hurt)....but his route running and body control is exceptionally fluid for being 6'5".
  9. NFL investigation of JR

    the fact that he isn't fighting the sale of the team says it all.
  10. With Stewarts Release, Will McCaffrey start at RB?

    the panthers need another capable back. period. the talent level after mccaffrey drops off considerably. that's whay stewart was around 1-2 seasons longer than he should have been....there was nothing after him. carolina doesn't need another double trouble. they just need a decent number 2.
  11. had to check the calendar to see if it was april fool's day. thought i lost a month of my life.
  12. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    i would love to see stewart in a seahawks uniform.
  13. i'm even slower. i'm reading thru this thinking who the fug cares...then i read your post.
  14. ...it's as if this thought hasn't crossed any reasonable person's mind. as ridiculous as it sounds, no one is safe. not the newly extended coach, not the not yet hired gm, and not even cam newton. i can already see that the meltdown on this forum would be epic.
  15. Potential Steal Alert

    After watching all of his targets from the 2017 season, the drop-off in production is easily explained. Yes, he has a couple drops, but the lack of accuracy at the quarterback position was the main reason for his disappointing numbers. He consistently created separation down the field, only to see the ball fly out of reach. the big question if the panthers draft him and he doesn't pan out...is it his fault, or cam newton's.