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  1. nosuchthingasapanther added a post in a topic Jonathan Stewart's calves would not fit in the general Pics thread....   

    probably more than just a couple of inches since he did that with a bad toe.
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  2. nosuchthingasapanther added a post in a topic Huddle volunteers needed for daily tweet threads   

    my usual efforts will be close to non-existent this season.
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  3. nosuchthingasapanther added a post in a topic Michael Oher vs Frank Alexander   

    people are still bellshocked. had that been bell, this thread would be five pages of brutal criticism.
    oher may have been effective, but overall that was ugly as hell...let's pray that one drill was the exception and not the norm.
    if it's the norm, the panthers are in trouble.
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  4. nosuchthingasapanther added a post in a topic How the Panthers spend: running back   

    but you are cherry picking.
    fact is, since 2008 when stewart was drafted and double trouble was born...deangelo williams has missed more games than jonathan stewart.
    williams - 24
    stewart - 22
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  5. nosuchthingasapanther added a article in Carolina Panthers   

    John Kasay to retire a Panther
    Carolina Panthers kicker John Kasay will retire today as a Carolina Panther after signing a 1 day contract.
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