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  1. nosuchthingasapanther

    Devin Funchess may be better than we think

    or defenses are keying in on him being a legit threat....leaving him with less opportunity to get separation.
  2. fact....i damn near live in both states.
  3. oh look, another trash sc...nc is better thread. it's obvious a lot of you don't spend any considerable time in the "opposing" state. truth be told, they're damn near identical.
  4. nosuchthingasapanther

    How the gambling news affects Jerry Richardson

    it goes deeper than money. behind closed doors, they can lose control of their organizations.
  5. nosuchthingasapanther

    How the gambling news affects Jerry Richardson

    because people will go to great lengths to manipulate the outcome if games in order to make money. refs, coaches, players....think about how one call or play can change the outcome of a game. now think about somone paying for that outcome to actually happen.
  6. nosuchthingasapanther

    Fansided Names Top 5 Panthers of All Time

    top 5 is tough...i would actually argue that delhomme should be on that list.
  7. am i the only one who thinks moore is going to be one of the top wide receivers in the league next season?
  8. nosuchthingasapanther

    Panthers signing Kenjon Barner

    the very video you posted has him taking a screen pass for what looks like at least 50 yards.
  9. nosuchthingasapanther

    Panthers signing Kenjon Barner

    ...as if taking a screen or handoff 50 yards for a touchdown is a common thing. truth is, another of barner's responsibilities in philladelphia was handling screens.
  10. nosuchthingasapanther

    Panthers signing Kenjon Barner

    i'd put money on barner being a lock on his return ability alone.
  11. nosuchthingasapanther

    Panthers signing Kenjon Barner

    just in case none one knows it....barner is a pretty decent punt returner.
  12. nosuchthingasapanther

    Flacco and Roethlisberger

    cam newton.
  13. nosuchthingasapanther

    Back to back winning seasons

    i don't care about the team's actual win loss record on any given season...to me, the season's a loss any time they don't make the playoffs.
  14. working out 5x a week for 10 years isn't devoting all your time and money? truth is, those guys don't work out as much as you think they do.
  15. nosuchthingasapanther

    Julio Jones vs. DJ Moore

    juilo might be soft, but julio is anything but. the guy balls even when broken.