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  1. nosuchthingasapanther

    NFC South..rank the teams after two games

    wait...you understood that? please translate.
  2. nosuchthingasapanther

    NFC South..rank the teams after two games

    1. tampa bay - tampa bay looks like the team to beat. people are waiting for fitzgerald to fold, but in the mean time... 2. atlanta - in second place because the offense looks like it's caught it's stride....either that or it's just because the panthers' defense sucks that bad. 3. new orleans - initial thought put carolina at this spot, but brees and company are going to feast on the panthers' defense. 4. carolina - the offense looks good, but there are too many injuries. how long before it collapses? the defense is just awful.
  3. kinda pick your poison. engage the lineman that isn't your assignment and allow the linebacker a free lane to newton vs chip the lineman to help buy newton another half second and finish your assignment. he actually made the right call. this play is dead soley because of amini.
  4. nosuchthingasapanther

    Bucs @ Saints

    it's more than just grapevine when the buccaneer's general manager wouldn't commit to handing the team back over to winston when he returned.
  5. nosuchthingasapanther

    Photos: Panthers logo at midfield

    looks photoshopped. not gonna believe it until i see it live on tv.
  6. nosuchthingasapanther

    Panthers are 4th oldest team in NFL

    read the thread title and was like wtf as i starting doing the math for 1995 to now... it's definitely a holiday monday.
  7. nosuchthingasapanther

    Byrd, Frazier, Barner and Artis-Payne

    byrd and barner. should and will happen.
  8. nosuchthingasapanther

    So How's Jonathan Stewart Doing in New York?

    i'm a big stewart homer and had no issues defending him in the double trouble debates years ago. yes, stewart has slowly lost a step. yes, the giants oline is trash...and yes, shula is the oc. but there is a night a day difference between the declining stewart that we saw in carolina and what is on display in new york. he will always be one of my favorite panthers, but the truth is he looks like hot trash right now. that being said, i'm still rooting for one last highlight reel season from him.
  9. nosuchthingasapanther

    3 headed monster Run game!

    i believe with the running backs being the focal point, it opens up more opportunities for even bigger scrambling plays from cam newton. his number of plays may decrease, but the size of those plays may not. 300-400 yards, imo, is too conservative.
  10. nosuchthingasapanther

    3 headed monster Run game!

    might be easy to do. the panthers were 4th in rushing last season.
  11. nosuchthingasapanther

    Video of Curtis Samuel touchdown today.

    good to know.
  12. nosuchthingasapanther

    Video of Curtis Samuel touchdown today.

    is something physically wrong with cam newton? it seems now more than ever, he's underthrowing his receivers. while this isn't a blatant example, there's been too many examples of the receivers having to turn or stop to catch what should be deep balls.
  13. rarely do i get excited about a rookie, much less at camp. simply stating that moore's stop and go is not the same as cmc's juke'em a million times till they fall manuevers.
  14. moore's stop and go acceleration is ridiculous. it's not the same as cmc's shake and bake moves.
  15. nosuchthingasapanther

    Does Kenjon Barner make this team?

    i say he makes the team based on what he brings to the special team. cap is the odd man out.