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  1. nosuchthingasapanther

    Bad review for an old friend

    people have this misconception that deangelo williams got into shape after carolina cut him and went to pittsburgh like a man on a mission. that's not even remotely true. deangelo williams arrived at pittsburgh in the same lazy shape he was in when he left carolina. mike tomlin demanded he be at 220lbs or less before the start of that season's training camp.
  2. nosuchthingasapanther

    Bad review for an old friend

    the read option didn't ruin stewart. he ran it all thru college. if anything killed his ypc, it's the annual physical beating of creating your own yardage because the offensive line couldn't successfully run block a peewee league defensive line.
  3. nosuchthingasapanther

    Bad review for an old friend

    knew exactly who this thread was about before clicking it... i was anticipating to see one more highlight reel season from stewart before he calls it quits....still hoping that all this is just a seasoned veteran going thru the motions because he has nothing to prove in the offseason.
  4. nosuchthingasapanther

    The team of bad luck

    it may not close on friday the 13th just because it's friday the 13th. some people will be shocked at how insignificant superstitious things still dictate major decisions.
  5. nosuchthingasapanther

    Best Drop Rates for Receivers last year

    i really felt bad for funchess in that game. how many times did he go to the sideline in pain only to come back out so the team had a chance? kid's arm was nothing more than decoration at that point in the video.
  6. nosuchthingasapanther

    Has Cam had to do more than any other QB for his team

    pretty interesting article. almost didn't read it because i assumed it would be bias, but i was wrong.
  7. nosuchthingasapanther

    Jameis Winston expects to be suspended

    i honestly believe jameis winston is just an idiot.
  8. nosuchthingasapanther

    Best 11 players in Panthers history

    top 15.
  9. nosuchthingasapanther

    Best 11 players in Panthers history

    i agree. jake is a top 10 panther.
  10. nosuchthingasapanther

    $20 wins you $600

    the patriots are on top because the historical odds of them reaching the superbowl is much better than anyone else. best chance to reach the superbowl = best chance to win it.
  11. nosuchthingasapanther

    Cam to CMC for 6

    very tough route to defend.
  12. only on the huddle would cam newton's name be mentioned as one of the greatest of anything outside of the panthers' organization.
  13. nosuchthingasapanther

    "Why would I care?"

    he's saying what's already the mindset across the board. hell, high school coaches don't prep their players for college.
  14. nosuchthingasapanther

    Devin Funchess may be better than we think

    or defenses are keying in on him being a legit threat....leaving him with less opportunity to get separation.
  15. fact....i damn near live in both states.