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  1. RIP Kelvin Benjamin('s knee)

    is it possible to change the thread title? benjamin may no longer be on the team, but my heart was in my throat when i read it.
  2. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    yup. done for the day.
  3. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    saints/redskins game turning out to be much better than i anticipated.
  4. Shula, first call of the game

    hand off to....SIKE! play action bomb downfield to anyone. not a single run play is called in the opening drive.
  5. Does the Saints winning keep Carolina on pace?

    no. the panthers winning keeps carolina on pace.
  6. General Gameday thread...

    by default, dallas vs anyone is the game of the week.
  7. General Gameday thread...

    i can comfortably root for dallas to win today knowing there's no way they will survive the ezekiel elliott-less stretch.
  8. General Gameday thread...

    new orleans vs buffalo atlanta vs dallas
  9. i'd like to see players not whine like entitled bitches when things don't go their way.
  10. i guess the same debate about wether or not norman was trash or treasure will happen with worley. one thing is for sure, they are not following the same developmental path.
  11. this. norman's biggest issue was his selfishness to make his own highlight reel. he put himself before the team.
  12. but josh norman flashed potential. worley does not. his best pass break ups involve him never turning his head to track the ball, flailing his body in front of the receiver praying to not get flagged for pass interference, and having the ball hit him the the back.
  13. i know that, and you know that....worley apparently doesn't.
  14. “I mean, if you give up a catch or two, that doesn’t define who you are.” as a cornerback, yes the fug it does.
  15. Cut Stew before halftime

    his only responsibilty from here on out is goal line dives.