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  1. A question about the Shula bashing??

    yes, people would still be bitching and moaning. ...and the panthers would have won by 14 because of cam newton, not because of shula... that's how it works.
  2. no correlation to positional coaching because the line's run blocking has been crap long before 2016. i've stated several times over the years that stewart and newton have made the oline's run blocking look much better than it really is.
  3. trubisky isn't the answer for a defense that did absolutely nothing.
  4. not knocking the bucs...but the bears were basically standing around the whole game. not sure what the deal is, but chicago was straight trash today.
  5. Afternoon/Evening Games 9/17 Thread

    looks like cowboys fans are getting a dose of reality early this season...
  6. Afternoon/Evening Games 9/17 Thread

    lol @ the dallas defense falling for the same scoring play on back to back drives.
  7. the panthers aren't going to lose three straight.
  8. Afternoon/Evening Games 9/17 Thread

    i want to see the packers wreck the falcons... that'll put the panthers at the top of the division. woohoo!!!
  9. 8 carries 10 yards.......

    oline is still a major liability.
  10. stewart has long been the unspoken focal point of the offense.
  11. Cam doubters sign in here

  12. Cam doubters sign in here

    not hating on him. simply stating the truth.
  13. Cam doubters sign in here

    no, it's not. newton has gone thru his entire career so far making bad reads, slow progressions, and ignoring wide open receivers.