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  1. Josh Norman tips off our coverages presnap

    how great of a cornerback (or defense as a whole) are you when you can tell an offense what the fug you are doing and they still can't do poo about it?
  2. Lets dispel the "small market" persona

    the "market" line for the panthers is the combined outlying north carolina and south carolina borders. sooner or later people will grasp that concept.
  3. It would be sick if we still had Barnidge.

    barnidge? maybe... i wish shockey was still a panther. shockey, olsen, and
  4. Marty Hurney

    picking players wasn't hurney's issue. he was in fact very good at it. it's personnel decisions that he sucked at.  
  5. The Top 10 Panther Players of all Time

    remove peppers and replace him with jake delhomme and the list will be spot on.
  6. Panthers Radio Broadcast ?

    not on the radio in my area either.
  7. Did we retire BEAST MODE?

  8. Did we retire BEAST MODE?

    marshawn lynch has been trying to retire since the end of the 2013 season. the money that the seahawks keep throwing at him has been what's kept him around this long. 
  9. First Take - Confidence In The Panthers Was The Topic

    say what?
  10. Seattle Times: What Happens to Athletes Bodies in the cold.

    all that scientific stuff goes against the fact that training/playing in the cold feels fuging awesome.
  11. Looks like Wegher is gonna be activated

    stewart and newton make the run blocking look a hell of a lot better than it really is.
  12. Why did we abandon the run game?

    no stewart...and the panthers have been dropping back on short yardage all season long.
  13. No excuses today... we got beat

    ...and that would only exaggerate in the playoffs the overall lack off effort that was on display today.
  14. Norman in the SLOT : Shake it OFF

    julio was on fire today. norman shadowing him wouldn't have made a difference.
  15. The Atlanta team from 8 days ago will not be the Atlanta team

    it was the same atlanta team from 2 weeks ago...the problem is it's not the same panther team from last week. the whole team looked lethargic.