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  1. TheRed added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

    As far as I can tell, the vehicle did not move until after the officer shot him in the head.
    Regardless, I doubt he will get convicted anyway, that's just the sad truth of the matter.
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  2. TheRed added a post in a topic Racism is Dead Part 89108392083: Black woman found dead in police custody   

    As it was stated some pages back in this thread, the state of Texas decertified the jail in question because of violations surrounding her death. Like in particular failing to properly visually check on an inmate routinely, especially one who may be dealing with mental or emotional problems which were only increased by an arrest. They are just as responsible for her death as she is if she did indeed take her own life. Those policies are in place for a reason, and simple human decency isn't that much to ask for.
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  3. TheRed added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

    You must be watching a different video from the one I and countless others saw ecu88.
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  4. TheRed added a post in a topic For those who follow Aaron Wilson...   

    Oh I agree. Voth has definitely stepped his game up this year, kudos to him.
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  5. TheRed added a post in a topic Another Officer killed at a traffic stop   

    No, these instances of brutality, and unnecessary killings at the hands of police are not happening to only black people. Most people that I've seen talking about this issue seem capable of realizing that.
    However, the people who go out of their way to mock "black lives matter" with "all lives matter" or whatever other quip they can come up with truly show how they just don't get it, and quite frankly are only reinforcing the fact that we have not made as much racial progress as some like to claim. Yes we know whites and other races are victims of this as well, but the brutality, and outright murders by police paired with systematic oppression that have been happening to black people for decades are why black lives matter has become as prevalent as it currently is. The growing cases of brutality. and wrongful deaths that we are seeing are nothing new, and only now does it seem to be becoming commonplace because of the internet age, and social media. Whereas years ago these incidents would have been brushed right under the rug, because without actual video footage it would have essentially been the word of the officer versus either an individual no judge or just about anyone else would believe or a dead individual unable to obviously defend themselves against the allegations.
    To be clear, I don't think that all of these bad cops are literally racists hurling around racial slurs left and right. But they are however too often flawed heavily by the us vs them dehumanizing mentality for individuals they encounter that has festered for decades within police departments, which has only been supported by the brotherhood mentality, and a lack of real accountability and punishment through internal investigations by those within their own departments that obviously lead to little to nothing actually being done to correct the problem. All of which has directly lead to what we are currently witnessing.
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  6. TheRed added a post in a topic Another Officer killed at a traffic stop   

    Meh, there are some people on both sides of the issue that have an axe to grind.
    You can acknowledge that there are plenty of good police officers out there while also calling for change in regards to the policies, and police unions that allow these unfit officers who should not be out there on the streets (and those who protect them by lying) to continue making a bad name for all the others.
    To that end, we've already been over the number of police officer deaths in the line of duty the last few years (68+) compared to the number of civilian deaths (1500+).
    So this "gotcha" type of commentary when an officer is killed by some piece of poo who will certainly rot in prison serves no purpose except to deflect from the issue at hand.
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  7. TheRed added a post in a topic Oher Struggling Early in Camp   

    At one point, Byron Bell was also regarded as serviceable.
    Might be time to up our standards.
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  8. TheRed added a post in a topic Another Officer killed at a traffic stop   

    You littered this type of nonsense in the Sandra Bland thread too.
    Look, we've had differences, but if you are going to flip your lid when people ask you if you are a bigot, posting this poo isn't exactly helping your case bud.
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  9. TheRed added a post in a topic Oher Struggling Early in Camp   

    I'm not sure which is more concerning, the fact that our starter Oher is struggling, or the fact that his backup at this point is Nate Chandler.
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  10. TheRed added a post in a topic Training Camp Day 3 Tweets (Sunday August 2)   

    It's easy to preach patience in August, but if our QB is being relentlessly sacked into the turf again come October, pretty much everyone will be losing their poo.
    Give Oher a proper chance, but do not forget how awful that stretch of losses was last year, impacted substantially by our lack of adequate OL talent.
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  11. TheRed added a post in a topic Garland terrorist bought gun through F&F   

    So he bought one handgun at that store (article mentions it's not confirmed he used that pistol in the attack btw). Hmm.
    Troubling. Even bigger question is, where, and how did he and his accomplice acquire the other weaponry we know was used in that attack (total of three pistols, three assault rifles, and 1,500 rounds of ammo)?
    Before the usual folks begin the circle jerk attempting to absolve the NRA of blame, perhaps they should ponder that as well.
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  12. TheRed added a post in a topic Training Camp Day 3 Tweets (Sunday August 2)   

    It's the first day in pads, so I'm not going to be too hard on Oher, but after the Byron Bell fiasco, I'm not going to take things for granted either. If this trend continues, we need to go out and get ourselves some more tackle depth asap. We cannot make the same mistake as last year. We need as much time as possible for our starting OL to gel.
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  13. TheRed added a post in a topic Possible MH370 Debris found on island in Indian Ocean   

    So apparently more debris has washed ashore on that same island.
    There is also a report of individuals claiming other items supposedly washed ashore there a few months back, like a blue plane seat, and luggage.
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  14. TheRed added a post in a topic Another Officer killed at a traffic stop   

    Ah yes, if someone points out your hypocrisy, there goes the name calling. I thought you were above that sort of behavior? Oh wait, you're not....
    Also note, I did not claim that you said "racist things" in the Trayvon threads. Rather that it was a prevailing attitude that his life being lost over nothing but trying to walk home was inconsequential, it was a general matter of fact way in talking about his death, not to mention the defending of George Zimmerman who we now know is a pretty terrible human being who pulls his gun on not only minors, but women as well.
    So one poster supposedly calling police pigs represents everyone speaking out against police brutality?
    I'm gonna just drop all the petty back and forth for a second. You genuinely seem to be pissed about the comment in the planned parenthood thread regarding hypocrisy about the attitude surrounding Trayvon Martin's death, while at the same time vehemently railing against abortion. Perhaps this is something for you to seriously ponder instead of taking it out on the messenger? It's okay though, if this improves you as a person, I will take your aggression in stride stirs.
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  15. TheRed added a post in a topic Another Officer killed at a traffic stop   

    So wait, let me get this straight. You created this thread, which for those familiar with your posts on police brutality over the last couple years is clearly showing an obvious axe to grind. Not only that, you immediately call out other people here who supposedly "won't care that this happened because it will serve no political point", which is obviously preposterous, yet isn't that exactly what you're doing? Literally your first sentence in this thread that you created is you using the death of this officer to call out strangers on a sports message board because they don't agree with you.
    Showing your true colors there stirs. How about you spare us the holier than thou act?
    I've literally not seen one poster in here referring to police officers as pigs, or saying they should get what's coming to them.
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