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  1. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    Trump is the definition of a manchild.
  2. How do you go from that to ranting angrily about SJW's? Yeah you don't get it Coolin. That's too bad.
  3. Are you done puffing out your chest? I don't care about fryfan or any other Hillary shill. I'm talking to you. I've been round and round about Dem leadership here, particularly leading up to and after the presidential election. I've also been quite frank in my criticism of Obama and how ultimately some of his decisions will reflect on his presidency years down the line. The entire point is we are where we are because we continue to remain content with just voting in another round of cronies bought and paid for by the same men. I could delve into the tone deaf support of Hillary amongst white people, but it would definitely ruffle feathers here.
  4. If you're downplaying the swamp filling being carried out by this current administration then you are being inconsistent.
  5. The Saha challenge

    You must have missed some posts then. Barely a year ago both of them were here giggling like kids parroting the racist "dindu nuffin" meme that is coincidentally furthered exclusively by white supremacists.
  6. The Saha challenge

    Even if I was I wouldn't let a bigot like you break my stride either way. You sound like you have some repressed feelings. Typical Repub.
  7. The Saha challenge

    Implying someone is gay as an insult reveals a lot about you.
  8. The Saha challenge

    I'm sure it's just coincidence that both donttreadonme and ecu88 stopped posting once it became clear Trump was more than thrilled to fill the swamp rather than drain it. Of course the fact that either of them actually thought a lifelong swindler like Trump was going to follow through on that is pathetic on off the charts levels.
  9. You being inconsistent. Especially in relation to these discussions of income disparity. People like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are two prime examples of priviliged American greed and corruption in this country. The reason we had to decide between either of the scumbags is because of the elites and corporations of this country with their hands in everything.
  10. That's not a realistic possibility under any scenario really. If Ron is demoted he's gone.
  11. This subforum has never been in short supply of people trying desperately to live vicariously through the wealthy elites by shielding them from criticism against all odds. It's as routine here as seeing someone casually post racist remarks.
  12. lol people like CarolinaCoolin rail against crooked elites like Hillary, and consider themselves Bernie bros, then turn around and take it right up the ass for the wealthy. Doesn't add up.