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  1. TheRed

    So they DO notice

    Shocking to see @Professor Chaos having another meltdown. This time letting everyone see exactly who he is. This is why you don't like posts by known shitty racist edgelord wannabe trolls.
  2. TheRed

    So they DO notice

    @Professor Chaos are you really up at 6 in the morning ranting angrily about Cam homers? Good grief.
  3. Cam is going to get his rushing yards regardless. He is that crucial to this offense. But for whatever you may feel about CMC, if the goal is to make another deep playoff run, he is going to have to be right there in the thick of things amongst the rushing yardage totals for the best RB's in the league. In 2015 Cam had Stewart running like a madman, that catapulted our offense to the top of the heap. We need that spark again.
  4. That Butler pick. Oooooooooooooof times infinity. Can we just cut him now, and be done with this depressing mess?
  5. TheRed

    The flag at the end

    You wondered why Cam threw to him at the end after watching all those drops/tipped passes from the other receivers? In just 2 passes thrown his way, DJ Moore had one long score, and another very close one to tie the game inside the end zone as time expired. Maybe instead of looking for a reason to ridicule Cam Newton, you could instead ask why it took being down big late in the 4th quarter to finally get DJ Moore actively involved. This on the road against a bitter division rival. That is just pitiful.
  6. TheRed

    Norv Turner

    If there is a repeat next week of this buffoonery of not giving DJ Moore looks at WR until the game is nearly out of reach we need to begin looking for a new head coach
  7. The entire identity of this team is based around a stout defense. You don't let Matt Ryan rush for touchdowns and call yourself an NFL defense. It's time to warm some seats.
  8. The only thing that makes me feel better about this is that David Tepper is watching, and evaluating. This is a classic Ron Rivera coached performance. Ron will not get the same lengthy patience that Jerry Richardson afforded him.
  9. I've always been a vocal Funchess guy, but he plays embarrassingly soft, and it doesn't look like that is going to change.
  10. It's quite clear who is derailing this thread, and what their ultimate motivations for doing so are. There's a reason those same posters initially ran to pie your pinned post, and started doing a victory lap.
  11. TheRed

    Tepper's take on Trump-Anthem-Perspective

    I'm trying to process witnessing someone with a supposedly functioning brain posturing about warmongering warhawks like Hillary Clinton in one breath, and then turning around and very enthusiastically talking about supporting Donald Trump in another breath.
  12. TheRed

    Tepper's take on Trump-Anthem-Perspective

    This is where you told on yourself. Trump's brand of nationalism and those who think like he does is steeped in overt white supremacy. Either you're a troll, or you're unbelievably confused.
  13. I'm beginning to think that's just an alt someone had stashed away.
  14. Such a breath of fresh air to not have an owner hopelessly stuck in the 1950's.
  15. TheRed

    Tepper's take on Trump-Anthem-Perspective

    Comments here get out of hand sometimes. If I do then I will apologize. I am not trying to condemn you for eternity as if you are beyond any and all redemption as a human being. As a white kid that grew up in the 90's and 2000's, I can tell you without a doubt that societal issues in America are worsening rapidly. The advancements with the internet and technology have put a lens on this, but it's always been this way. Perhaps what you should consider is how you approach these discussions. Instead of making it about your voice, try to consider how you could elevate others voices. Like by not omitting relevant information from sight just because a group of fans do not want to be inconvenienced by the sight of any reference whatsoever to racial injustice.