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  1. definition of a #1 receiver

    We can split hairs about the "#1" distinction. But there's simply no arguing with the fact that we need another playmaker.
  2. I love you motherfuggers

    Ehhh, I absolutely can't stand him either but this might be taking homerism to the brink. He's been throwing insanely accurate passes all season. Like it or not he'll have the same arm and probably an even more improved offense next season. It's crucial that we bring in another offensive playmaker this upcoming offseason.
  3. I tend to agree with you. But considering we have fans here who take solace in cheerleading on behalf of our former GM who had an indisputable hand in our undoing this past year, I'd say this at least somewhat reasonable if only for tonight.
  4. I love you motherfuggers

    I don't think you're a crappy person at all like some of the players and classless fans. But we both know they were trying to take him out. You don't even have to admit it to me here publicly. It's fine. Also, I have no memory of this Super Bowl you are referring to....
  5. I love you motherfuggers

    I'm sure it has nothing to do with cheering injuries and openly talking about trying to take a guy out of the game after being harshly punished for bountygate.
  6. I love you motherfuggers

    You know you're a franchise with some truly awful human beings in the mix when Panthers and Falcons fans can find common ground on your downfall.
  7. I love you motherfuggers

    Oh wow, I hadn't seen those locker room pictures. I can't imagine how such a humble team could end up hilariously getting knocked right back down to earth by Case Keenum.
  8. Don't forget the other Charles Johnson, and Tiquan Underwood. They're gonna light the league up sooner or later.
  9. It would be nice to actually still be competing in this rather lackluster NFC postseason, but alas we're relegated to living vicariously through the Vikings in celebrating the devastating loss of a rival. As much as things change, they stay the same.
  10. They're gonna have to put up a statue for Keenum if he manages to lead them to the Super Bowl.
  11. What a fitting end for a group of cocky asshats.
  12. Saints took over the division in one offseason and handled us in 3 different games after taking Ginn off our hands for peanuts. Meanwhile on the huddle...