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  1. So your immediate response to the sight of a white girl being outwardly racist is to ponder why black people keep using the n word? Oof.
  2. If you're going to continue to make terrible posts, can you do it without ruining Jon Snow for everyone else?
  3. Holy fug, Saca really did jinx him.
  4. What's left at CB

    I'm not against using the draft. But we all know virtually no one here is going to have the patience for the inevitable growing pains of starting a rookie CB in a division with Brees and Ryan.
  5. I chuckled at the Giants avatar. Might be laying the edgelord routine on a little too thick.
  6. The Gettleman brigade that blasted every other former Panther that was critical of the organization better be here to lob some torpedoes his way.
  7. No angst for outspoken former Panthers? Interesting.
  8. Sh*t happens. We still have cap space and at the very least we can easily upgrade from where we were at with Worley. Maybe not quite to the level of Breeland, but we will be fine.
  9. I would keep him, and see how things shake out this season. The pick isn't very pretty no matter how you look at it, but unless someone is offering a quality player in return, it's not worth trading him.
  10. Did you ever have to watch Sione Fua play for the Panthers? I don't think you would actually be mad about this signing if you did.
  11. My man. Be happy. You'd be jerking off Gettleman if he made this signing.
  12. That's just division rivalry talk. Besides, people are inevitably going to change their tunes about a player when he goes from being affordable to signing a fat contract. See Josh Norman.
  13. Almost 20 million guaranteed at signing. Star was certainly a quality starter for us, but the huddle has tended to overrate him to a degree.