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  1. "Show me a good loser... "

    He's 100% correct, and I'm behind him all the way. Some of the fans, and media around here just can't move beyond those days where mediocrity, and losing culture were all too prominent within this franchise.
  2. Well Isn't That Convenient...

    It's troublesome, but this unfortunately happens with a lot of different teams. Hard to avoid, but you would think there should be policies in place to prevent possible favoritism as much as possible. I remember that Saints fan ref who was removed before the game some years back.
  3. Seriously wtf is this Charlotte?

    You quoted me. I'm not the one threatening you dude. Ease up, it's too early in the day for chest thumping.
  4. Seriously wtf is this Charlotte?

    Um, no one even quoted you or mentioned your name. You should definitely ease up a bit on the vague threats though. Might be time to take a breather if you have to take it that far.
  5. Seriously wtf is this Charlotte?

    Oh geez, let's just spare ourselves the internet tough guy routine please.
  6. Seriously wtf is this Charlotte?

    Lmao @ some slob on the internet actually telling any professional athlete to "man up".
  7. Seriously wtf is this Charlotte?

    Who really gives a poo how he handles the media. Have you seen the questions they ask these guys? This goes beyond just Cam Newton. Sports journalism in general save for a select few is pure garbage these days. Let's just put that to rest right now. Besides, Peyton Manning already commented that Newton was all class when speaking to him after the loss. So any huddlers chiming in here putting themselves on a pedestal because they think they know best how to speak to media members can go ahead and log back out.
  8. I have to say, I'm pretty moist right now.
  9. Cam to reporter "We'll be back"

    Well thanks, now I've gotta go watch T2 again. Masterpiece.
  10. After watching that OL in the Super Bowl, give me maulers all along the line.
  11. Winning with grace

    Where was this complaining when we were winning? You love to show up, and criticize after losses like you give a poo, but continually throughout the season when things are going well you're missing in action. Go be a bitter old fart somewhere else.
  12. What a hot new take.
  13. Super Bowl 51 Is Ours

    Aww, he can type in all caps. You are simply adorable. Dance for me.
  14. Super Bowl 51 Is Ours

    Does it say we lost to Denver solely because of a jinx? Maybe you could point that part out to me? Anyways, I'm not hearing any cooking over there. What's the hold up?
  15. Winning with grace

    I think our players can handle a little trash talk. They are men. Look, if you don't like it, okay, that's your prerogative. But none of that is why we lost. We had numerous opportunities to win that game.