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  1. TheRed added a post in a topic Another Officer killed at a traffic stop   

    You've got just as big of an axe to grind as anyone else here.
    I don't understand why you keep attempting to play the victim, all the while hurling out insults yourself. Literally just about every poster here is guilty of getting verbal jabs in at one another at one point, that's basically any message board anywhere. So you continually getting on here, and immediately throwing your hands up like you are being berated by everyone, and flopping about in disgust that someone questioned you while you insult them is laughable at best.
    It isn't as much defending killers as it is the general sentiment, like people going out of their way to look for ways to blame the dead individual for basically bringing this upon themselves, particularly the ever popular "comply or die" logic which has been furthered on numerous occasions in threads here.
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  2. TheRed added a post in a topic Just an observation from my camp experience today   

    Considering all the hits he took last year. I can't blame him. You've got to protect your QB no matter who is behind center, or you aren't going to win many games. Which we saw firsthand last year while our QB was getting pummeled into the ground while we were getting blown out.
    I'm glad he is being vocal, all our players need to expect the best from one another. If you can't trust your teammate to do his job, it affects yours.
    Our franchise as a whole needs to up it's standards, mediocre is not acceptable. We are slowly changing that, but we've still got more to do.
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  3. TheRed added a post in a topic Panthers Training Camp Notes and Photos - Day 4   

    So how likely is it that Lee Ward makes the roster? With Oher being a question mark, we're gonna need all the help we can get.
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  4. TheRed added a post in a topic Star carted off practice field with foot wrapped   

    Might want to update the OP.
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  5. TheRed added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

    Well it's not a one size fits all scenario obviously.
    But I think most of us can agree that lethal force seems to be becoming the go to response to unarmed individuals in too many instances today.
    Now, as far as solutions go, we've gone over this many times in various threads here, there isn't just one universal solution you can apply to this, and say "there, all done!". This has been building for decades.
    In the situation this thread is discussing, the "let them go" argument could open the door the door for some other things potentially, but I still think you are applying that to situations that it does not fit with anyway so your conclusions are already made up in your mind.
    In this case it looks like the guy was planning on evading. However in the other cases I mentioned, (Bland, and the kid with the high beams for example) those individuals were not attempting to flee, and were pulled over for quite frankly pointless reasons, so simply letting them be on their way fits those scenarios more than this one.
    Regardless, shooting someone in the head should still be a last resort. As I mentioned in an earlier post, point blank execution in the street without allowing that individual his day in court should not be as acceptable as it is within the law enforcement community (take a look at that cop message board thread PhillyB linked).
    As for the number of individuals who are wary of police officers, and apprehensive to complying to commands during a frivolous traffic stop, I'm not saying they are in the right, but aggression on the part of the officer isn't going to solve matters either. It's a tough job, no way around that, you are going to deal with challenging people, but you can't go around pulling out your gun at the first sign of difficulty. The first and arguably the most important tool for any officer should be his ability to de-escalate situations instead of further escalating a simple traffic stop over a license plate, turn signal, or high beams into a physical confrontation or shooting.
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  6. TheRed added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

    This is basically what things have been reduced to these days.
    You've got this guy getting shot in the head point blank over a front license plate. You've got Sandra Bland being taken off to jail for 3 damn days over not using a turn signal while changing lanes/smoking a cigarette, and that kid who was shot to death because he was pulled over for flashing his high beams at a passing police officer.
    There's got to be a better way to do police work than this.
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  7. TheRed added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

    I can see your point, but you're really taking his comment to the extreme there.
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  8. TheRed added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

    I think the best way to prevent that is to begin fence mending immediately. Change the image of our police forces in America. "Protect, and serve" has basically become "Comply, or die" these days, and it is terribly sad to see, and too many lives are being lost, officers, and civilians.
    Other than that, the first order of business should be to stop putting officers on a pedestal so to speak. Yes they are human, yes they make mistakes, but police unions going around acting as if all officers are infallible, and should be above any and all reproach only further divides the police forces from the population they are entrusted to protect.
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  9. TheRed added a post in a topic DAY 4 - Training Camp Tweets
    I can't embed images on here for poo anymore, lol but this gif is too perfectly fitting as a response to the above tweet.
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  10. TheRed added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

    I wouldn't call this a witch hunt by any means. Officers should be held accountable the same as regular citizens.
    Look, the media is certainly not blameless in all this, but they are an easy scapegoat, as is social media. You cannot just blame the response to these growing number of incidents without accepting that the response itself is manifested through decades of this sort of thing happening with little to no action being taken.
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  11. TheRed added a post in a topic Photos from my weekend at Camp   

    Good stuff. Get this man some pie.
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  12. TheRed added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

    Once we as a society start rationalizing immediate on site execution for a traffic stop, welp, let's just say things have gone down the shitter.
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  13. TheRed added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

    As far as I can tell, the vehicle did not move until after the officer shot him in the head.
    Regardless, I doubt he will get convicted anyway, that's just the sad truth of the matter.
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  14. TheRed added a post in a topic Racism is Dead Part 89108392083: Black woman found dead in police custody   

    As it was stated some pages back in this thread, the state of Texas decertified the jail in question because of violations surrounding her death. Like in particular failing to properly visually check on an inmate routinely, especially one who may be dealing with mental or emotional problems which were only increased by an arrest. They are just as responsible for her death as she is if she did indeed take her own life. Those policies are in place for a reason, and simple human decency isn't that much to ask for.
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  15. TheRed added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

    You must be watching a different video from the one I and countless others saw ecu88.
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