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  1. This revisionist history I'm seeing now about the Cam Newton pick like it was a no brainer is just bullshit. He was compared for months to every draft bust imaginable. Very few people at the time thought Carolina made the right pick. 60-70% of this board wanted nothing at all to do with him whatsoever. Cam wasn't even the consensus top QB on the board for many.
  2. If we're gonna draft a QB, go in and just use an early pick on one for the future. Throwing darts at the wall drafting a QB just to say that you did is a waste of time unless you just strike gold on one late which is like winning the lottery anyway. I never suggested a mid round pick is going to salvage the entire offense, but I'd rather add some depth to the offense or shore up the D in weak spots more than drafting a QB in a half ass way. As for Stewart, it's a simple question of who replaces that production. So far no other RB, CMC included, has proven they are capable of helming the run game.
  3. Will there not be any potential options available in free agency that can reasonably fit those stipulations? I'm just honestly viewing it as a bit of a slap in the face to use anything more than a 6th or 7th rounder on a backup QB when we asked our current QB last year to literally drag us to the playoffs carrying our run game while throwing to guys who wouldn't even make the roster on many other NFL teams. I'm not saying I don't want a capable backup to a degree, I'm just saying think how that would look if you were in Newton's shoes. Especially if we are indeed cutting Stewart like it has been rumored. These are just things to ponder.
  4. Why not just pick one up in FA? Using a draft pick on a QB after watching receivers drop passes left and right on the road in the playoffs is a little absurd.
  5. I already informed you that Gano is barely more clutch than Olindo Mare career numbers wise. I'm thinking it's possible to find a balance between kickers like Medlock/Mare and Gano without having to use a franchise tag. If we can't even agree on that, I guess there's nothing to discuss.
  6. Well if that's where we are setting the bar, we can get that for a lot less than what we're potentially investing by tagging a kicker.
  7. Leave it to stirs to turn this into a pity party for himself.
  8. Marcus Peters to the Rams

    It was to a degree but people bought into the notion we could just plug in whoever and be good. I really hope they have learned form that. Even moreso our FO. Honestly the situation is even more dire this year. We have Funchess who right now is a #2, and two guys with potential but nothing else coming off season ending injuries in Samuel and Byrd. Plus Olsen spent most of last season hurt or trying to get back into the swing of things. I completely agree with you about needing a playmaker. We're still trying to replace Steve Smith. I know people don't care for him anymore, but we need someone with capabilities like that or it's just going to be more of the same hoping and praying for magic from Cam Newton to save the day.
  9. Marcus Peters to the Rams

    It was rather minimal. Remember the threads about how the other Charles Johnson and no hands Russell Shepard were just waiting to light up the league? You think Hurney receives the same benefit of the doubt for bargain shopping if the roles are flipped? Personally I'm open to a trade or whatever we need to do to improve the offense, but I'm not going to flip out in February.
  10. Marcus Peters to the Rams

    Where was this angst about splash moves when we tried to replace proven talent with jags at the WR position?
  11. Then why couldn't he make what should have been a gimme in that same game? You're using your own argument against yourself. If people can scream for the backup QB to come out when Cam misses on a throw, why should it be unrealistic to expect our kicker to make the easy kicks, especially in the postseason? If you want to rationalize mediocrity that's up to you, but some of us actually want more than just folding like a lawn chair in the playoffs when the lights are bright.
  12. Who cares? I've seen this argument before. Someone posted the all time accuracy rankings for kickers as validation that Gano is actually clutch. But you know who else was right there smack dab in the thick of that list with him? Olindo Mare. By this logic I guess we should have kept that guy, eh? Perennial losers and losing teams hang their hats on meaningless poo like rankings. All I remember is him missing a kick in a close playoff game on the road against our arch rival.
  13. You don't tag a kicker that still struggles to make the gimme kicks. Matt Bryant for the Falcons is 42, and he is more consistent than Gano at this point.
  14. Hurney and drafting receivers

    I get negativity sells, but geesh. We all know the history. It isn't just a Hurney problem. The Panthers have struggled to find anyone beyond Steve Smith that is actually capable of helming the WR corps. Who do we have to show for our efforts in the Cam Newton era so far? KB is stuck in Buffalo now. So Funchess? That's it. We traded up for him. And he's a #2 realistically. The unfortunate reality is it isn't as easy as some of you guys make it sound to draft an elite WR capable of taking over a game. But if you want the ugly truth, we still have to try. Maybe we shouldn't have thrown 50 million at one of the worst left tackles in football? But we're here now. We need WR's who can actually catch the ball and make plays for Cam. I'm not thrilled about it either, but moves must be made. No more jags. Get real talent in here.