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  1. Where have I done that? You're the one unraveling with this tangent about crying racism. Here's a thought. Maybe you could not link gifs shared primarily amongst racists, and stop posting remarks that E Cat proudly endorses.
  2. Pepe the Frog? Indeed. You're in interesting company to say the least.
  3. It's just a total coincidence that you happen to share the one google search image result also featured with this little gem that is also a link to Breitbart...
  4. I'm sure it's just a coincidence you used Oprah for that. Nice source for that gif btw https://rashmanly.com/2016/09/22/hillarys-message-distilled-everything-is-racist-everything-is-sexist-and-everything-is-islamophobic/
  5. Panthers fan chimes in with a hot take downplaying dirty hits on Cam Newton, and then proceeds to high five a Saints fan. Clearly we still have some good ol' boys left from the Jerry Richardson days.
  6. I can't personally say with 100% certainty if there is active referee or league bias against Cam. It's up for discussion at the very least though. My issue is the track record the last several years as a whole. I've never seen an NFL quarterback head hunted the way Newton was against the Broncos in 2016. That was flat out sickening to witness. I also do not agree with the minimal fines or lack of suspension for those players referenced here for their hits on QB's like Luck or Flacco. Dirty is dirty. If a player has established a trend of going after players heads then they should he suspended, point blank period. I have been consistent with this, I didn't mince words when Thomas Davis got suspended. Honestly this tends to delve into a discussion of hypocrisy from the players association in defending dirty players who actively seek out to injure other players who are supposed to be protected under the same policies in place. At what point do you draw the line, and say enough is enough? I fully support anyone who is protective of Cam Newton, and vocal in their defense of him against unjust criticism and NFL defenses literally trying to take him out of games by going for his head or trying to take out his knees. As for saints4lifeagain, I've yet to come across a Saints fan that wasn't morally corrupt. Fans here need to stop trying to be so cordial to obvious rival trolls.
  7. Oh you definitely did. You didn't want us to think you were just another scumbag injury cheering Saints fan. But surprise surprise. That's what you are. You post here daily. Not to mention you just sent a mention to my notifications in a thread I hadn't even posted in yet. Yeah, you care so little about what people here think about you lol.
  8. I remember @saints4lifeagain having to quickly backtrack after attempting to defend fans in NO who began cheering quite LOUDLY when Cam Newton went down after a big hit in one of our recent games the last few years. Can't remember which one it was. F*ck this guy.
  9. TheRed

    So they DO notice

    Shocking to see @Professor Chaos having another meltdown. This time letting everyone see exactly who he is. This is why you don't like posts by known shitty racist edgelord wannabe trolls.
  10. TheRed

    So they DO notice

    @Professor Chaos are you really up at 6 in the morning ranting angrily about Cam homers? Good grief.
  11. Cam is going to get his rushing yards regardless. He is that crucial to this offense. But for whatever you may feel about CMC, if the goal is to make another deep playoff run, he is going to have to be right there in the thick of things amongst the rushing yardage totals for the best RB's in the league. In 2015 Cam had Stewart running like a madman, that catapulted our offense to the top of the heap. We need that spark again.
  12. That Butler pick. Oooooooooooooof times infinity. Can we just cut him now, and be done with this depressing mess?
  13. TheRed

    The flag at the end

    You wondered why Cam threw to him at the end after watching all those drops/tipped passes from the other receivers? In just 2 passes thrown his way, DJ Moore had one long score, and another very close one to tie the game inside the end zone as time expired. Maybe instead of looking for a reason to ridicule Cam Newton, you could instead ask why it took being down big late in the 4th quarter to finally get DJ Moore actively involved. This on the road against a bitter division rival. That is just pitiful.
  14. TheRed

    Norv Turner

    If there is a repeat next week of this buffoonery of not giving DJ Moore looks at WR until the game is nearly out of reach we need to begin looking for a new head coach