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  1. Roy Moore LOSES

    Accurate. But that buffoon isn't worthy of Monty Python.
  2. The Year of the Headless Liberal Chicken

    For someone that claims to be so far above it all, and mocks others for frequenting message boards, you sure seem to spend a lot of time here begging for attention.
  3. New user here who happens to be black

    Toolbox calling someone else paranoid when he has to make threads to express how fearful he is of immigrants lolololol.
  4. Alabama elects Moore. Just kidding

    That's one angry white boy.
  5. Things that trump says

    Mods just need to go ahead and remove the "box" from his username and make it official.
  6. Things that trump says

    It's been established cwg is a veteran. The irony of you questioning him when you're over there pretending to be Mexican so you can spout racist rhetoric about immigrants is just unreal.
  7. New user here who happens to be black

    The "I swear I'm not white, but I've got a strangely racist hot take about *insert any nonwhite ethnicity here* that you guys should here" shtick is more common than you would think these days unfortunately.
  8. Oh, step aside everybody. We're entering some seriously uncharted waters here. The "Well you guys are just losers that post on the Internet all day. I win." routine is something we've never seen here before. How cutting edge.
  9. Alabama elects Moore. Just kidding

    Yeah, this white on white racism is just so unfair. Where does it end?
  10. Alabama elects Moore. Just kidding

    Toolbox being a tool as usual. Yawn. Funny how quickly he gave up his "I'm a minority, I swear" shtick. Poor little white boy.
  11. People talk all the time here about expecting more from Cam Newton. Well, he's within the top 30 rushers in the entire NFL. He's holding up his end of the bargain. Saying we need to find better ways to get CMC involved in the run game shouldn't elicit such rage. It's common sense. He's an 8th overall pick. If we're relegated to squabbling about his yards from scrimmage or trying to pad his numbers by adding punt and kick return yards, that's an issue. Even he knows what's expected, he's talked about it himself. I'm hoping he really starts to turn it on heading into the postseason. He's got the talent.
  12. He routinely parrots rhetoric from the alt right.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if he plays, but after the Luck fiasco who knows.