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  1. TheRed

    Canada officially legalizing weed!

    I wish we could finally get some meaningful movement on legal marijuana in the south, but there's no way the bible thumpers will let that stand.
  2. TheRed

    WTF have we become

    When you get right down to it, you have to remind yourself that we as a country are realistically only barely a few generations removed from droves of actual living breathing Americans who considered themselves to be "good christians" while also happily supporting and nurturing segregation.
  3. TheRed

    WTF have we become

    Why are there so many white conservatives in this country that take some kind of smug warped personal satisfaction in dismissing the suffering of others? Whether it's children separated from their parents, or black people unjustifiably killed by police officers, you can practically hear the glee in their voices while they casually dismiss any concerns people may have. It's becoming psychotic.
  4. TheRed

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    When the Hornets brought in Dwight we all knew this thread title was on the horizon sooner or later. It's all comically predictable at this point.
  5. TheRed

    Disagree with them? Label them

    So stirs has no time to comment on our current administration locking away children in cages, but the left doing something bad is what moves the needle, and from national review of all sources? Yet he just can't figure out why people think he is an awful person.
  6. TheRed

    Don’t ask Cam about the SB fumble...

    There's a time and place for personal trash talk like that, a charity sports event certainly isn't it. That's a douchecanoe move regardless of how old the kid is.
  7. It's ironic that this guy apparently idolizes Julius Peppers to the point he has his username and avatar selected after him, because Julius himself would look at him like he's a complete clown for the views he's expressed here.
  8. You're a cookie cutter dad politics contrarian. To top that off you desperately try hard to exude this NYC tough guy douchebag aura. Not exactly breaking the mold. You probably even have the same hipster haircut as those alt-right tiki torch numbskulls. Odd duck? More like just another asshole.
  9. Seemed pretty clear PSC was lampooning the bizarre dismissive go to argument from some white men that having a very small percentage of Native American ancestry means they somehow have earned free reign to effortlessly delegitimize the concerns of current African Americans about inequality or the history of slavery in this country.
  10. TheRed

    WTF have we become

    The use of the term "illegals" is basically just coded or thinly veiled language now. The purpose is to make it normal or acceptable to dehumanize these people so that their voices are eventually silenced altogether.
  11. Not sure, but he's touted himself as a progressive and made it a point to blast Trumpers. Yet he just can't help himself from revealing his true feelings on issues like this. Basically just another independent wannabe with awful social views.
  12. Way to put a cherry on top of your ignorance by getting in a reparations dig. Yikes.
  13. You could use this opportunity to attempt to evolve and not just become another clone of a guy like g5jamz who has rationalized his ignorance so much that he is too far gone down the rabbit hole to ever recover. Or you could just double down and start babbling about how you actually meant something else even though your words were quite clear.
  14. This dude actually tried to to call somebody "brother" while simultaneously and casually denouncing black empowerment. You are Donald Trump dude. How do you not even realize it? This is baffling.