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  1. Let's play pick two running backs

    Will all the people saying CAP give him a free pass when he puts the ball on the ground again? Not likely.
  2. Yeah, don't you guys know that if you just stop talking about racism it will most definitely go away on it's own. Geez.
  3. Looks like this is going to be another thread where pstall just flails around on the floor in front of us like a fish out of water. Come at me bro.
  4. Anything to keep NC straight. Hey peestall, if you need a courtesy flush, all you have to do is ask.
  5. The second these Christians feel that they are being persecuted for their beliefs (eye roll), the constitution that apparently goes right out the window for anyone gay or transgender suddenly is the law of the land again. Quite convenient.
  6. Racist White Conservative Christians. Now there's something you don't see everyday.
  7. I guess I get that. But your logic is a little out there. Sounds like you've seen the movie "Crash" too many times maybe.
  8. Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2

    Alycia Debnam Carey is smoking, and I want her to bare my children. But, unfortunately, the character depth in which she is given to work with is bleh.
  9. Are you suggesting that if the shooter did indeed do something as monstrous as that after he left the scene, the CCW owner would have ultimately been responsible by not running up on him bullets flying before he could drive away in his truck?
  10. Just how many shootings this week have you personally stepped in to put a stop to? I can't speak for others, but I haven't "chided" the man. The loss of life is tragic. But him confronting the shooter the way he did was going to end with one, or both men, and maybe even an innocent bystander also being shot. Besides, once it goes over the police radio, the shooter was not likely going to be getting very far. The likely best course of action would have been to tend to the injured woman, and contact police to give them information on the suspect. This isn't a Charles Bronson "Death Wish" movie, you can't expect to attempt to shoot or apprehend a shooter on your own, and everything have a happy ending. That's just the ultimate truth of the matter.
  11. Selective use of logic: Guns and Bathrooms.

    Guns R good. Nothing to see here. Let's anxiously pie each other and touch tips. Move along.