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  1. More, and more of these individuals are white, yes. But it isn't just crazy white guys. It's crazy people in general with far too easy access to firearms. Sad truth of the matter is, at this point in our country, you are more likely to be gunned down by a heavily armed deranged lunatic right here at home than you are some scary foreign "terrorist" who has somehow managed to sneak in the country. It's interesting that the same people who downplay this also seem to be more than willing to participate in the paranoia toward the Syrian refugees.
  2. Deranged people across America with access to multiple firearms, what could go wrong?
  3. Seem to be conflicting stories about what led to this. All that aside, you don't put the guy in a damn chokehold over it, that is incredibly stupid.
  4. Olsen on Pace for Another Career Year

    What makes Greg such a fantastic player is that he is the total package. There have been plenty of guys before him who had the size, and talent, but didn't have the character, and leadership to put it altogether. He is currently right there with Gronkowski in yards, ypa, and touchdowns. There is no doubt he is a top 2 TE right now.
  5. Captain America: Civil War

    Settle down Beavis. Have a laugh every once in a while, you might enjoy it.
  6. Steve Clifford Extended

    Not like there are many other options out there right now anyway. I'm good with it as long as he, and our front office remain on the same page.
  7. Skip Bayless

  8. Captain America: Civil War

  9. You're Welcome

  10. SQUAD

    Dude stepped his game up. Even he would likely tell you that last year was a disappointment for him. Instead of blaming fans for expecting better of him, just congratulate the guy for improving his game to the level we knew he was capable of.
  11. Along the Sidelines - Panthers at Cowboys

    Amazing work as usual.
  12. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Not only winning on Thanksgiving, but thumping the Cowboys, in Dallas.. Yes please. Enjoy it peeps.
  13. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    I don't necessarily disagree with you, but at this point in the game, your special teams shouldn't be whiffing like that regardless.
  14. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Gotta get this special teams cleaned up.