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  1. What do journalists do when they feel someone has attacked their journalistic "integrity"? They go on the defensive, and often via legal means. But to question the integrity of an athlete as a man simply because he is upset after the biggest loss of his career, and didn't want to answer repeated tired cliche questions about how he "feels" while the winning team talks poo literally right next to him is just totally fair, huh?
  2. That's called hypocrisy top dawg.
  3. Black on black crime? Um..... I just don't think you're ever going to understand this. Sad considering as far as I can tell you are a middle aged man. Does Bill Voth "take his medicine" when he has a tantrum, and blocks people off twitter for having the nerve to disagree with him? Telling anyone to man up over something as trivial as a press conference, coming from the press themselves is not only highly ironic, it is flat out preposterous. I'm not even going to bother going around with you on this all over again. You're the type to throw vague threats around on the internet anyway, so, we don't want to upset your delicate sensibilities here. I think we might have to handle you with "kid gloves".
  4. Levis Field is Horrible

    What have you done...
  5. This guy can't stop coming back to defend himself from people calling him stupid for literally acting stupid. But others are the "sensitive" ones. Sure... Sure.
  6. Bullshit. Repeatedly telling someone to man up is indeed calling upon their manhood. Ironic that you are talking about ignorance, yet downplaying that. You of all people should be familiar with this because you ranted for 2 pages with numerous paragraphs on an internet sports forum because you thought someone called you a name. Did anyone tell you to "man up"?
  7. The bottom line is this. Cam didn't have a good game. Our offense as a whole did not have a good game. Cam knows that he made mistakes, and ultimately those mistakes paired with numerous others led to losing the Super Bowl. That is what it boils down to, all this stupid poo about jumping on a loose ball is just fodder for feeble minds like the OP. Going beyond that, with taking the above into consideration, why would he have been anything less than upset at the press conference? Especially when the other team is practically right next to him breathing down his neck talking about how he, and the offense lost their team the game. This loss was a make or break moment for any team. What we've seen from our group so far would indicate that this will be fuel for a fire that will be burning for a looooooooong time. Add Kelvin Benjamin into mix, who has been chomping at the bit, and there is plenty to be excited about as a fan.
  8. That too. Associating his fairweather mentality with the name of Sam Mills should be enough to warrant at bare minimum, one swift kick to the nuts.
  9. Sam Mills Fan is a slightly more intelligent PanthersUnited. Just revoke his thread privileges, and we can all be on our way.
  10. Geez, I almost thought this was an old thread. Hopefully we can get him back relatively soon.
  11. Oh geez, not this again. This isn't about kid gloves. Questioning someone as a man goes beyond being about sports. It becomes personal.
  12. Moreso he is just reverting back to who he always was honestly. He all but led the anti Newton wagon in 2011.
  13. You don't see any irony in you labeling someone else self righteous considering your preposterous stance in this thread?
  14. Jangler, you have as much moral ground to stand on here as gritsrgreat, take your shitty world views somewhere else.