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  1. Moreso he is just reverting back to who he always was honestly. He all but led the anti Newton wagon in 2011.
  2. You don't see any irony in you labeling someone else self righteous considering your preposterous stance in this thread?
  3. Jangler, you have as much moral ground to stand on here as gritsrgreat, take your shitty world views somewhere else.
  4. As opposed to a grown ass man like yourself stalking women. Log out weirdo.
  5. Lmao, you're what, in your 40's, and have been practically stalking some chick you've never met since she was in high school? You're one to talk about maturity.
  6. Before the 2015 season you would be one of the main people complaining all the time about people creating threads about our franchise quarterback. Don't want to read about one of the faces of our franchise? Don't frequent a Panthere message board. Not difficult.  
  7. People are calling you out because you poo posted relentlessly about this all over the other threads about it, yet felt the need to rehash it all over again in a new thread. We get it, you have shitty opinions, bump one of the other threads if you feel like getting berated again for saying stupid poo.
  8. You've always tended to not much care for Newton. Why should anything be any different now?
  9. Question. What do Voth, and the rest of the twitter "journalists" tend to often do when they meet opinions to their views that they don't want to hear, or don't like? Oh. That's right. They block them. Yet these same individuals lose their minds, and have the nerve to say that Newton is a baby, and should man up because he was upset after losing the Super Bowl? But Cam Newton is the arrogant one? Lmao.
  10. I agree, but as a coach, when you see what the defense is doing, why not try to switch things up to put your players in a better situation? That's basically all I've been saying, but you keep going back to the players like I'm arguing that they didn't fug up. I knew they did, you do, and so do they. But moving forward we need to learn from this, and start making proper adjustments, this was a problem for years, that I thought we had corrected this season. But it reared it's head again. That is what I've been saying.
  11. There has been an awakening...

    I don't know that Cam will change or even has to change who he is. He was being himself on our way to the Super Bowl all year. Use this as motivation sure, but don't allow these people who don't like you, and will continue to not like you based on reasons beyond your control to change who you are moving forward. If he wants to change himself, then he should do it because it's what he wants to do as a man, not because it will make some prude somewhere more comfortable.
  12. If I'm supposedly making excuses for the players, are you not doing the same for the coaching? It's a two way street. I'm not absolving the players, or the coaches of blame. They are both responsible for that loss. Period. Who gives a poo about Cam's body language, or a press conference, only mouth breathing fools worry about that. We lost the Super Bowl. That's what I was worried about.