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  1. After 8 years of claims that Obama was the antichrist, you'll just have to pardon me if I can barely muster a shoulder shrug over Hitler analogies.
  2. If the mere idea of social responsibility on a very basic level leads someone to vote for Donald Trump of all people, I'd have to say that someone is either woefully confused or just plain dumb.
  3. He never stopped living here. His family home is in NC, and even when he was in Baltimore they stayed here. It stands to reason that since retiring and taking a TV gig that he would be here a lot more now.
  4. Jerry Richardson - Tenderbox Edition

    But muh all pro money.
  5. I get what you're saying, but I think for JR it's all about image and perception, both of which ultimately boil down to money. I think he didn't want to alienate his perceived main customer base that is the affluent wine and cheese crowd that the Carolina Panthers fan base has been known for all these years.
  6. Imagine entering a thread about alleged misconduct on the part of a wealthy white businessman to see rantings about pants sagging.
  7. JR neutering the entire team earlier this season with the protests provided the crystal clear picture of who he really is. When it boils down to it he will impede progress if it harms his bottom line.
  8. Rantings about SJW's from self described bearded white guys. Yup, it's the Carolina Huddle.
  9. Thurs: RR presser and more

    Nobody cares how many beers someone has had with Joe P. He's a mediocre beat reporter that has to resort to using children as pawns to sensationalize stories because he's too lazy to do his own work or actually be creative. See the Brandon Lafell child support story.
  10. The only collab E Cat needs is with a bottle of Drano.
  11. I managed to get through the whole thing. He's really gone off the deep end since his mom passed. It's a shame.
  12. If you have to reiterate to someone that you're trolling, you probably are actually the one getting trolled
  13. The funny thing is, barely a year ago you were here swinging Gettleman's dick around to anyone critical of him citing his Super Bowl rings that he got with the Giants. Now you're downplaying the significance of drafting even though those very drafts Reese oversaw had a direct hand in winning those rings? Your credibility is in shambles bud.
  14. The way we so effortlessly at times waste 1st and 2nd downs is vintage Mike Shula football.
  15. I mean we're all just shocked that you of all people would attempt to shame sexual assault victims.
  16. I don't think they need more of the same if they're trying to right that ship for the future. When you factor in Gettleman's penchant for attempting to replace quality starters in key roles with jags from the bottom of other teams rosters, it doesn't look like a very good pairing long term. None of this is even mentioning the matter of his at times iffy approach in managing personnel, which makes the idea of him dealing with OBJ almost laughable.
  17. Roy Moore LOSES

    Accurate. But that buffoon isn't worthy of Monty Python.