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  1. Hurney looking at safeties he should've signed before Searcy
  2. Not shocking, his knee has to be in real bad shape.
  3. Searcy gonna getting that classic UNC severance package, hell the Hornets might sign him to play PG now.
  4. YoungPanthers89

    Ron tells a Luke story

    Not film projectors just projectors that you connect to a computer
  5. YoungPanthers89

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    The use of the word rumor is interesting
  6. YoungPanthers89

    The Super Bowl is going to stink. Amiright?

    Nobody said race has anything to do with who they choose to perform but "economics" means they want to attract the largest percentage of people possible which means = white people (myself included) which is why its usually some horrendous pop act. And if you don't think New Orleans isn't "hip hop country" and Detroit isn't a hotbed of classic rock then i'd like to see examples of cities that are.
  7. YoungPanthers89

    The Super Bowl is going to stink. Amiright?

    The greatest hip hop city in the world and Maroon 5 is the choice, way to go.
  8. YoungPanthers89

    I Think We Will See More of DJ Moore

    The social media person has no idea about game plans, of course we'll see more of him we couldn't possibly see less.
  9. YoungPanthers89

    Corey Coleman...

    You want every free agent WR ever
  10. The Saints drafted Michael Thomas after this bum
  11. YoungPanthers89


  12. YoungPanthers89

    Does Funchess deserve a Payday?

    Moore and Samuel >>>>>>>>>>> Funchess and Smith