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  1. In case you lost count....

    Lee Ward lol omg brb ttyl etc
  2. Harriet Tubman

    "Throwin' Tubmans at the club"
  3. I need a new TV show to binge (any recommendations)

    Can't believe nobody has mentioned the greatest show of all time yet. Season three just started up.
  4. Pulled The Trigger (MNF)

    Came to this thread hoping to watch a sweet ass video....was disappoint..... Congrats buddy
  5. I was outsmarted by saints fans

    I derped and herped on that one
  6. I was outsmarted by saints fans

    Nice title change mods. Lol if only I would've scrolled down a bit further....
  7. I was outsmarted by saints fans

    God damnit. fug this peice of poo date.
  8. Official NFL Free Agency Thread

    Just created a thread with link included
  9. I was outsmarted by saints fans

    3 year 19 mill per year according to
  10. Official NFL Free Agency Thread

    Roddy White to Saints on a 3 year 19 mill a year deal....
  11. Strong Safety

    Sherrod Martin is available. We could try that again for some added depth.
  12. Bayern Munich vs Inter Milan tickets are on sale

    Thought about getting into lacrosse
  13. Reasons I cant trust Pitbulls

    Whatever you say man, but I've had a blue/brendle pit bull and a chihuahua in the same house and the chihuahua ran that bitch so. Its all in how they are raised.
  14. Reasons I cant trust Pitbulls

    My buddy is watching my GSD for me for awhile so I can find a house and all. He has a pit. Let's just say my German has pretty much took over the house in a dominant fashion. Pinning it to the ground when it gets out of line. Just saying....pits aren't the most badass of the breeds by any stretch. Pits are wonderful dogs if you don't punch them in the face constantly.
  15. How old is your primary TV?

    2013 60"Insignia. Amazing picture, shitty ass sound. Like 2 tweeters in the bitch with zero bass.Gotta buy a surround at some point.