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  1. No excuses.

    I hope you did not truly mean that. Things might be boiling around here about Shula but I remember this board totally exploded over Chud and his lack of game planning and adjustments along with gimmicky plays that did not work and often put Cam in position to get pounded. He couldn't be gone fast enough in most minds, mine included.
  2. Ryan Kalil out Sunday

    Now I'm worried.
  3. Don't forget Drew Brees!
  4. Why is everyone forgetting that we signed Michael Ohr and that he did pretty darn good at LT until he was concussed. They put in the effort. Sometimes poo happens. Not saying that I wouldn't like them to continue the search. I've been worried about RKalil's replacement since Gross retired. Rivera's presser was designed to make Payton happy not fans. It's RR doing his best Belichick impression.
  5. Those goal line runs...

    Hindsight is always 20-20 but, really, not! People comment as if only 1 thing had changed, it would've worked. Well, that's the WRONG way to analyze anything. You're making the assumption that everyone else, especially the Bills defense, would do exactly the same thing they did on the film you're looking at and not react differently to the change. That's not how it works, not what reality is. So stop playing with dolls and action figures and stop posting such idiotic statements.
  6. Shula doesn't talk directly to Cam with the playcalling. You guys know that, right? Shula tells Dorsey who tells Cam. How do I know this? Dorsey himself said so in a piece done for panthers.com this past summer. And they showed him doing it in the SF game. Maybe this needs to change? I can tell you that everyone in the stadium yesterday knew Cam's helmet speaker wasn't working right.
  7. We had the ball for almost 39 minutes. If a defense doesn't have the ability to stay fresh for 4 qtrs while sitting for over half the game then they never will be able to stay fresh. I say our punt return game needs to improve a lot. CMC isn't running towards his blockers once he catches the ball. He needs to not hesitate and follow the blockers. A short field after a punt is almost as good as a turnover.
  8. Hate Week. Again.

    We NEED a laughing (rofl) emoji sooooooooo bad. Thank you, I enjoyed this immensely.
  9. ATX fan flying in for home opener!!

    Stay away from these places.
  10. What Bills fans are saying ...

    Of course they did. As any team would. Also, the Bills screwed anyone (hello, Sean Payton!) that thought they knew our signals. Yeah, Saints come to town in 2 weeks.
  11. It's a Tom Petty song and Johnny Cash recorded it too but I like Sam's best.
  12. What Bills fans are saying ...

    Bills are my 2nd team too but not this week. Love the people of Buffalo, grew up there. Been a Panthers PSL holder since the beginning. Best thing I saw on the webz to describe Buffalo: Buffalo is a great drinking town with a sports team problem.
  13. Don't be lazy @PhillyB. There's a website. roaringriot.com. Beelman's Pub 600 S Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90014