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  1. @Mr. Scot pie for "I Am Number Four"
  2. Goodbye, Color Rush Uniforms

    I had this problem for years on Windows 7 using chrome. Turned off adblocker (there's not a lot of ads) and installed quicktime and that helped. They were using old code. I've since reformatted and fresh installed Windows 10, using chrome. No problems. You can turn off autoplay for videos. Google "turn off autoplay videos xxxxx" where xxxxx=the browser you use.
  3. Goodbye, Color Rush Uniforms

    Ahhhhh. No more Christmas games between the Bills and Jets.
  4. You need to add another option @Mr. Scot : I don't care, just get it done. That'd have my vote.
  5. New catch rule video explaining the change

    What happens to "the ground can not create a fumble" rule? If the receiver goes down without being touched down after a newly defined catch and the ball pops out, it's all still subject to interpretation .... and possible instant replay. Speaking of rules, if they change PI to a 15 yard penalty instead of a spot foul, defensive backs are gonna be climbing all over speedsters down the field. They'll take 15 yards instead of 30, 40 all day long. I don't like that change at all.
  6. So, basically, we're replacing Bersin.
  7. OR what you think you were saying. Geez, get over yourself. I get you don't like me, tough poo. Like I said, don't jump on me for reading the posts the same as everyone else is.
  8. Well, our opinions will differ, I guess.
  9. I counted 12 mentions of $10M. They didn't all say "savings" but the implication was there that that's the amount we would be saving if we released Ryan. You alone mentioned it in 3 different posts. I'm not judging the posts in any way, I simply counted posts that used that figure. So don't jump on me for reading the posts the same as everyone else is.
  10. I know where everyone got "$10M" cap savings from but that's not true. If Ryan is released or traded before the 16th, the cap savings would be $7,125,000. After the 16th, the savings would be $5,625,000; roster bonus of $1500.00 is effective on the 16th. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/ryan-kalil-1229/ That's almost half what you're thinking the savings are. It's not out of line with other highly rated centers. I remember a lot more pressure up the inside with Larsen which is a Cam killer. He just doesn't pass the eye test, stats be damned. We know how well Ryan plays without a Norwell at left guard; we have no idea how Larsen will do. For $5.6M I don't want to find out.
  11. There will be groups that will surprise you. Nobody was talking about the Pegulas in Buffalo until they submitted their final bid. So be prepared to be astonished.
  12. WRAL has a free app if what she needs them for is news and weather.
  13. Some updated news about potential owners to share & where the process stands. From 8:00 am this morning. Pretty good read. Some excerpts. http://www.espn.com/blog/carolina-panthers/post/_/id/29281/steelers-minority-owner-so-far-leads-short-list-of-potential-bidders-for-panthers Ha! I said so: Spring meeting in Atlanta on May 21st. Also guessed that the discovery period wasn't ended and bidding had not begun. I also said to not believe anything about potential owners until the final bidding begins. And to support that statement: Honest, I did not have anything to do with writing this article. But I should be paid just the same .........