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  1. GRWatcher

    Hope y'all are ready to win.

    I'm ready! Let's go!!
  2. GRWatcher

    JR Statue to remain

    I'm not a conspiracy theorist but consider this. Tepper was debating about the statue because it was a lose-lose situation not a win-win. So Goodell asked JR to put a stipulation in the contract that it stays. JR would be the bad guy, not Tepper. JR always had the NFL first in priority so he agreed. PR problem solved. We'll never know.
  3. GRWatcher

    Tepper engaging fans

    He did say he put the Steelers gear in the closet.
  4. GRWatcher

    JR Statue to remain

    I really think that Tepper's more pissed about the "contractually obligated" than about the statue itself. That took the decision away from him. Personally, I don't care. I don't go in the North gate so I don't ever see it.
  5. GRWatcher

    Shady McCoy

    More details from Deadspin. https://deadspin.com/police-lesean-mccoys-ex-girlfriend-was-the-victim-of-a-1827490589 The child abuse claims are not of a young child. It's a 16 year old and court documents say they've been in a relationship for two years. The son is not his.
  6. GRWatcher

    Shady McCoy

    Because McCoy filed a suit to get her out of a house he owns in Georgia and they were to go to court today. Her lawyer postponed the court date. McCoy is in Miami. Have read that the photo was taken in London. At least that's what I had read. Here's the report in the Buffalo News. https://buffalonews.com/2018/07/10/lesean-mccoy-denies-allegations-of-domestic-abuse/
  7. Tepper doesn't strike me as a man who would enjoy having a yes man around. He seemed to imply that he values strong minds and tough conversations. He used the word "partnership" many times in his presser.
  8. @Jeremy Igo I felt very much like you do, in limbo. I had little enthusiasm. Things will change even on the field. It can't be avoided. But now I'm sparked, excited. Because I want to see Dave Tepper smash the idea that teams with a new owner are not winning teams in the owner's 1st year. Because now I can pull for the entire Panther family and feel positive about it.
  9. GRWatcher

    Tina Becker has stepped down

    I also don't think Rivera has any reason to be nervous. Wonder if he'll fly in to be at Tepper's press conference tomorrow. Schaffers Mill is at Lake Tahoe.
  10. GRWatcher

    Tina Becker has stepped down

    And this is what Coach Rivera is up to today.
  11. I'm so excited!