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  1. It's now been found that all Skittles taste the same. It's the color and smell that has people thinking they are different flavors. Would that affect the trade?
  2. Payton makes everyone hate the Saints

    Since Day One of Payton's coaching term, I've hated on him. He's one of the most publicly egotistical, arrogant people (100x worse than Brady or Belichick) that puts himself on display no matter what. His one year 'suspension' just added to his mystique and power over Benson and Loomis despite his approval of bountygate. He loved it. He publicly pouts when the Aints suck and gloats like a 12 year old when they're playing better. He's a bully. Without Brees, he's nothing. I'm glad they lost to the Vikings and I'm ecstatic that they lost the way they did.
  3. It at least has something to do with Sabates' reaction to HB2 and the NBA All Star game moving from Charlotte, right @Panthro? Now I see the Chick-Fil-A connection. https://deadspin.com/hornets-minority-owner-has-wild-bigoted-poo-to-say-ab-1784132073 https://www.outsports.com/2016/7/25/12268096/charlotte-hornets-minority-owner-goes-on-anti-trans-rant-hb2 http://www.wbtv.com/story/32504270/hornets-co-owner-blames-nba-charlotte-city-council-for-all-star-game-decision
  4. No shadow because it looks exactly the same on WCNC's video of them arriving at the hotel.
  5. They will be sharing the new stadium once it's built with the Chargers. Just as Giants and Jets share a stadium. Thus, NFL logo at midfield.
  6. I'd guess that his ankle is wrapped.
  7. I have the video starting at the point where he talks about the runs NO broke out and why those worked ..... holding that should have been called. Which we all knew, call us whiners or not. It confirms what I saw. Watching this has me more hyped than any Panther hype video. Hope the FO loudly complained to the NFL about the many missed calls that game so the refs are going to be more on point. He also calls the Panthers winning the wild card game.
  8. Watch closely and you'll see that he gets held a lot by the blocker with no flag thrown. Without that or a double team it's difficult to keep him out of the play. Especially with the Saints and Falcons who seem to pay off the refs every game.
  9. It's hate week part 3!

  10. Healthy WR

    Funchess will probably start but he's not healthy. Let's hope Cam stays upright because DA got sent home with the sickness that's going around.
  11. Thanks. You voted for Steve Smith Sr. - CAR. Poll Results Richard Sherman - SEA43% Steve Smith Sr. - CAR57% Share your vote with your friends and followers?
  12. I'm telling you guys..

    I can see this theory somewhat. There were a lot of plays and personnel groupings that weren't used/not called that we had used most of the season with some vanilla stuff thrown in. Especially the protections but that may have been because Turner was out. The miscues between Greg and Cam could point this way though.
  13. Just want to point out that LaFell made a sideline tiptoe first down catch in the Bengals series that lead to their winning td this past weekend. I never thought he sucked or even played badly. I don't see that Funchess has any more potential than LaFell.