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  1. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Welcome back, Chris Harris   

    And Olsen!! Don't forget Greg.
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  2. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Welcome back, Chris Harris   

    I really liked his intensity when he played. Glad he's back coaching to pass that on.
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  3. GRWatcher added a post in a topic A great way to get no more cheerleader pics   

    I ignore the circlejerking & cat calling except to chuckle every once in awhile at who is fapping to what lol. I've been on the Huddle since 2003 & have seen many, many phases come & go. This too shall pass.
    The consumption of too much alcohol does bother me from time to time because it means that poster is not paying attention to the football being played & not able to intelligently discuss much of anything because they don't remember squat. That's why I typically stay away on game day. But it's not just a Huddle thing. From crowd watching at home games, it's apparently a football thing that affects men & women alike of all ages.
    I came to the Huddle for the football but stay because all of you make me laugh or think or both. And Jeremy's pics & videos are truly outstanding. 
    So, Jeremy, did you ban the guy or what?
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  4. GRWatcher added a post in a topic For Lola, the Huddle ladies (and lets face it a lot of you guys too)   

    No words. No words. None that I can post. Except, thank you.
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  5. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Kelvin Shines in Camp Debut   

    I saw KB helping with a QB-focused drill while the other WR's were going through separate drills of their own. Which tells me that Coach Proehl sees absolutely no problems with Kelvin. None. Good enough for me.
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  6. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Michael Oher vs Frank Alexander   

    I started out watching the big fellas, really wanted to see how both lines were doing. But realized that until they can truly tackle, it's not showing us much at all. Then I started watching the WR's & secondary.
    But IMO Ohr won that battle, keeping Alexander engaged & not letting him escape the block. Moving the DE sideways is always better than letting him move you backwards. Always. Besides, the play probably would've been over in half that time, before Ohr grabbed the shoulder of the jersey.
    Thanks, Jeremy, for the vine! Appreciate it! :)
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  7. GRWatcher added a post in a topic A Saints fan's "Scouting Report" re: Panthers   

    We played a much more basic zone defense at the beginning of last year than we had previously & I believe that was because of the injuries & inexperience in our secondary. Once players were healthy and showed talent within our system, we went to man-to-man & disguised defenses. Benwikere returned healthy & Norman got his groove on and they were freed to play man-to-man & cover tightly. IMO that is why we won the 2nd Saints game but not the 1st. We didn't make any big changes from the end of last season so, if everyone stays healthy, we will sweep them this year.  ::fingers crossed, sacrifices made to football gods::
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  8. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Saints Dumpster fire gets more fuel   

    I wouldn't get excited by this. Veterans Colston & Byrd are on the PUP list probably so they can avoid the full rigors of training camp. They'll start when it counts. No clue about Foster, this is only his 3rd season.
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  9. GRWatcher added a post in a topic The Bucs official hype video   

    Please tell me that is not John Hurt narrating that piece of poo. 
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  10. GRWatcher added a post in a topic What's the HAPPIEST you have been as a Panthers fan?   

    After the 1996 Steelers game that sent us to the playoffs, winning the NFC WEST in just our 2nd year. No one wanted to leave, no one! And then watching my children (13 & 11 then) high-fiving the players as they came back out & ran around the stadium. My kids were so excited, I'll never forget that night.
    Then us surprising the world by going to the Super Bowl.
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  11. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Camp starts in 3 days   

    I'll be there! :)
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  12. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Lowe's Kickoff Party (Friday) and camp parking info   

    Thank you!
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  13. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Panthers sign OT Tony Hills and G Davonte Wallace and waive RB Darrin Reaves   

    I feel so sorry for Reaves. From his tweets, he was really excited about training camp, more so than anyone else. Here's hoping they re-sign him at some point or he lands nicely somewhere else & does well. Stay in shape, bud!!
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  14. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Barnwell on the sinking Saints   

    Oh gawd, yes. I want the Saints to sink so low. But not so low that they end up with 1 of the top 3 draft picks, not ever. 
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  15. GRWatcher added a post in a topic what's the maddest you've ever been as a panthers fan?   

    I actually enjoy listening to the radio crew but it's not Mixon. It's Robinson. He's classic, honest, and can be funny as hell.
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