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  1. Kurt Coleman Fined

    Didn't that hit put Coleman in the protocol too? Or maybe a different angle? Camera work that game was terrible.
  2. Good posts. Good luck, @SixMileDrive. I explained where audibles come from and what the QB actually did at the line a few years ago and it was basically ignored. I also advocate not taking one play at a time; it has to be understood in the context of the personnel, game and opponent. Actually, I think there's too much drinking while watching games.
  3. Panthers Snapchat last night

    Here's your Panthers Social Media Team. Three ladies and an NC State grad filming. Not what you thought, huh? lol Good piece by WBTV tonight. http://www.wbtv.com/clip/13907679/panthers-social-media-behind-the-scenes sorry, there's apparently a trick to embedding these things that i don't know.
  4. Panthers Snapchat last night

    She still does.
  5. 6:45 Pregame Show

    Thank you!! Playing now!
  6. Obligatory help needed thread

    If you do #3 (which I have often), make sure you have an ad blocker extension in your browser. I also use tampermonkey and No Coin. Be patient too.
  7. Panthers had commercials over the weekend for a special pregame presentation on their website done by Panthers TV. Starts at 6:45. There's nothing I can find on panthers.com about it. Does anyone know anything about it?
  8. Vague Worley tweet

    He's on the depth chart as starter.
  9. idk what's up with Taylor. To Cam, KB would be open if he was in front of a shorter CB and that happened often in this game. Times, he was wide open. Taylor just didn't look his way. Once NO figured that out, it was game over.
  10. Maybe it's more along the lines of, Seymour is taking the coaching/teaching better than Worley. That's something we fans would not be able to see.
  11. Hopefully Corn Elder will come back healthy and hungry too.
  12. How about Condoleezza Rice? Didn't she once say her preferred job would be NFL Commissioner?
  13. Why so? You do know that he was our first GM, right?
  14. Of course it wasn't all on one player. The line and Cam had to sell it too. But Stewart's previous runs to the right had set this up. The edge defenders were, yes, probably spying on Cam but they were no where near him, yards away, so I don't think they knew he still had the ball. No one charged Cam. McCaffrey goes out left, downfield and there is nobody anywhere near him, no CB, no Safety, no LB, no DE. NOBODY. It was a beautifully called and executed play.