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  1. Definitely Payton is #1. Gruden absolutely because of his tricks. June Jones of the Falcons, mostly because of his rants on the sidelines and his insistence of having Jeff George as his QB.
  2. This isn't on Luke or our coaches. This is on the other team's OC and QB. They know Luke eats tape for breakfast, lunch and dinner and they are relying on that. They get to the line, set for a certain play and change it up maybe 2 or 3 times before the snap, not giving Luke enough time to offset their changes even though he knows what to do. But he tries anyway, thus the last minute shuffle. Sean Payton figured it out and they're studying Sean Payton and Brees. Not every QB can do this but Alex Smith is a very good QB and has no problem with multiple changes at the line. Nor does every team have the offensive personnel that can handle it. Every team tries to disguise what they're doing but it goes beyond that to fooling Luke. Having Davis back will help because he quickly sees what Luke does.
  3. GRWatcher

    Hype Video From Cam

    Well Cam's video didn't make it to twitter but this one did. #KeepPounding
  4. Not on twitter yet. Here's FB. I'll post twitter when I see it. May load better for some.
  5. GRWatcher

    Lighten Up....

    I'm so sorry about your illness. Welcome to the Huddle! I like your little dog avatar. #KeepPounding
  6. Maybe the tweet will render faster. Click the picture if you don't see the uniform.
  7. Hate it for the affect on Special Teams with Norris out but love that TD is back.
  8. I prefer the white jerseys with blue pants but, like @LinvilleGorge said, just win.
  9. This so needed to be said. So needed.
  10. Well. It's something they can all laugh about during Cam's induction into the Hall of Fame.
  11. GRWatcher

    Lighten Up....

    Every year someone has to set the attitude for the team. This year it's our o-line getting the job done, fully giving us that don't quit, we got this, lunch pail spirit. It's rubbing off on everyone. And, until our D gets up to speed, it is the fight in the trenches that we are winning. That's where it all starts. Oh, and, I think we should introduce Special Teams every time.
  12. GRWatcher

    Upon further review...

    Exactly, that's the point. After the second holding penalty is called, it tends to not become as much as a problem because they stop holding so much. If it isn't called at all, holding just escalates all game long. What is the point of having 2 refs behind the line of scrimmage to protect the QB if they don't do the rest of their jobs?
  13. GRWatcher

    Whelp Norv

    I will. The Giants defense played a very well disciplined game, holding their gaps, staying with their assignments, putting a spy on Cam who ignored CMC, adjusting to Norv's adjustments well. And they got better as the game went on. CMC was not the decoy he was in the Cowboys or Bengals games because he was often held in to block. I'll be glad when Olsen comes back just for his blocking.
  14. GRWatcher

    Crowd Yesterday Was Electric

    The sun was brutal. The fans were there but probably standing in the shade offered in the club level lounges or in the tunnels where there was a breeze.