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  1. Post Super Bowl thoughts

    The better defense won. However, Talib can eat rocks & die for all I think of him. I hope Philly Brown is going to be okay. What were the Bronco DE's doing that had both Ohr & Remmers jumping offsides at the same time? Happened multiple times & I'm sure it was some underhanded poo. It is a foul for the defense to mimic the QB. Josh Norman, don't cry. Stand up & be proud. It's been a hell of a season. Then I turned the tv off.
  2. And you believe him? 
  3. My Last Thread - On Cam and Conformity

    It's funny how, despite the "50" hoopala & marching past MVP's on the field, the history of the Super Bowl is more like recent events. I remember when no one wanted to talk to the losing team. When the losing team's locker room was off limits to the press, out of respect for the players. When QB's & players refused to talk to the press after the game. When only written statements were issued. When statements were read at the podium with no questions taken. When grown men cried at the podium. When QB's would throw their teammates under the bus (Hey Jimbo, I'll never forget, you asswipe. Karma is a bitch.) When, out of respect for all the men who play the game of football, the meet-the-press areas were separate for winners & losers. And now, because social media. I have no problem with Cam's demeanor at the postgame podium or that he walked away. Would it have been any better if he had said, "I can't talk about this now" like others before him have? No. People grieve differently & that is what losing the Super Bowl is, grieving. I do have a large problem with how the NFL is handling all the postgame crap (in the losing team's locker room? Really??) & especially how our local media has blown it up, starting with the Charlotte Observer.
  4. NFL Rigged?

    I tweeted CBS & CBS Sports & NFL on CBS quite a few times during the game about not showing replays. That they were wasting all that high tech crap they had. That it was the worst super bowl telecast ever. Etc, etc. (Seriously, I saw nothing beyond the usual type of telecast that would make any broadcaster want to spend the extra money for high tech anything. FOX did a better broadcast with our NFCC game.) IMO they were told after disagreeing with Cotchery's catch--->noncatch call to cool it about the ref's calls & they cut back on replays on purpose. Simms even screwed up a few times, talking like we were watching a replay but there wasn't one for us to see. Which means the NFL Game Pass replay will be exactly the same way. And that sucks. The All 22 tape won't be out for awhile either.
  5. Stay Cool

  6. At what point do I give up on sleep?

    This season I haven't been able to sleep before a game. I don't feel hyper, have felt calm all season but my body says otherwise. Despite fighting a bad cold so I'm on heavy cold medicine, here I am, awake after sleeping 2 hours. Also watching a Pertwee Doctor Who marathon on UNC-EX. 
  7. Well Done Buzz City!! Well Done..

    Plant! But that was funny!!
  8. Coach Beam is there! Proof in the pictures

      Bring It 4 Braylon on Friday Breakfast in San Francisco..Go Cats Baby!
  9. Another short good article (how could they not be?) about Coach Wilks.  
  10. Who's taking TD's place on hands team?

    Coleman or Norman
  11. Trying to pump myself up for this game

    @chknwing I am so sorry to hear this. My sincere condolences.  I can't tell you what to do or how to feel. Grief is personal. My mother passed the Monday before Thanksgiving 5 years ago. The next day I woke up surprised that the world could continue on, the sun would rise. As a family we went on with Thanksgiving as usual. It was subdued but we felt we needed to do it. We didn't think about what would she want us to do, we came to the decision based on how we felt as a family. To honor someone is not always about thinking what they would want but about what you need to do. As has been said, your obligations will be there later. What else would you be able to do over the weekend that would help your father or your family?
  12. wtf does this statement have to do with anything that will happen on Sunday? This is not going to happen. Both Newton & Manning will play to the best of their abilities. This statement alone tells us that you apparently have not watched many Panther games over the years or Bronco games for that matter.   Stop. Just stop. You're embarrassing yourself at this point. And although I do not care about you at all, it is ugly to watch.
  13. Getting Annoyed

    Charlotte CBS station 3 WBTV have had great station spots. They ask, who wants the Panthers to win Super Bowl 50? then have Panthers players answer with, WBTV and me. Luke, Olsen, Tolbert, TD. They also have a really great spot: show the clip of Cam & everyone on the side line when Cam says, dab on 3 ... 1,2,3,dab; "Dab on 3WBTV" then shows over the picture of the team dabbing. They've gotten the spirit. They have a crew in SF & tonight they said they've seen many more Panthers fans today & not all from NC. They interviewed 1 SF man who named his son Steph, after Steph Curry and therefore, because of Curry, he's a Panther fan. Even had a Panthers hat on. Besides, the Panthers employees JR paid for just arrived tonight.