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  1. Question should be over/under 20
  2. Armah promoted to the team

    Don't think Armah lined up once as a TE in preseason. We need to call up another TE as well.
  3. REPORT: Gary Barnidge

    REPORT: Winning Season Is not an option at this point. per Mike Shula.
  4. I know Brees has the whole state of Louisiana on his face
  5. Shula was getting pounded on 99.9 today btw.
  6. I don't think he knows how to use anyone.
  7. Those goal line runs...

    Don't understand why a sneak is so hard to call there.
  8. Again, if we had a competent OC, Cam's mistakes would not seem like a big deal. We should've been up 28-0.
  9. lol @ you calling for other people's threads to be deleted after bitching about the way people criticize your threads. Hypocritical much?
  10. If the same thing happens against the Saints, there's just no verbal gymnastics Rivera can pull off justifying keeping Shula.
  11. I thought the deal was basically a 2 year prove it deal since he could be cut with a manageable hit within the first 2 years.
  12. Kalil was probably my 3rd choice after Reiff and Whitworth. Seems like we went after him because he's Ryan's brother. Uniting brothers doesn't work out that well. Just ask the Hurricanes.