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  1. We've spent way too much time on Defense. It's time for that side of the ball to suffer some.
  2. why did they not release times and stations this time?
  3. Browns take 2 QBs?

    Cleveland should be banned from drafting any QBs. They ruin careers there.
  4. Adds more proof the NFL hates us. Lots of questionable decisions made through out our entire schedule.
  5. Definitely Kony Ealy http://www.panthers.com/team/history/college-draft-history.html
  6. I was saying this a couple years ago. DG went on an ego trip after our Super Bowl. You can't cut one of your superstars, have one of the worst drafts in franchise history, then try going the cheap route yet again to fill your holes and also not improving hardly anything after a Super Bowl year and then expect teams not to adjust to you when you have that huge target on your back. DG royally fuged us that year.
  7. Regular Season Schedule

    All I know is, someone better make a desktop wallpaper of it
  8. Most likely both. If he wasn't such a dumbass, we'd probably would've given him this year to prove himself.
  9. Daryl Worley Officially Released

    How the fug do you think the highway is a good place to park your car?
  10. Worley likely released per Les Bowen

    Even for being young, Worley was one of the worst CBs I've ever seen suit up for the Panthers.
  11. Bored

    Gamble never made All-Pro. Better question would be Eric Davis or Chris Gamble? I'd go with Davis.
  12. Bored

    Most of the worst DBs that have played for us have played under Rivera. Naka, DeCoud, Munnerlyn (for outside play), Worley, Zach Sanchez, Godfrey, Sherrod Martin, Florence, Robert Lester, Colin Jones, Teddy Williams. You can make cases for Bene and Melvin White also.
  13. Bored

    Btw, isn't it amazing most of them are during the Rivera era?