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  1. He's the #2 we've been looking for. Don't settle. Still need a WR better than what we have.
  2. I can see either one honestly.
  3. idk, didn't it happen to Cam during a game when Remmers was RT?
  4. And most likely it was from Daryl Williams getting beat like a drum
  5. Those are catches NFL WRs make. That is considered accurate in the NFL. Anyone with a brain can see all of those should've been caught and had nothing to do with accuracy or touch since the throws were right on the money.
  6. Why can't it be that Ginn has just improved? Accuracy or "touch" has nothing to do with this situation when Ginn has dropped tons of balls that were laid right in his arms and between the numbers by Cam Newton. Has nothing to do with the QB.
  7. You're a fuging moron if you think the switch from Cam to Brees is the reason. The only way that would make a difference is if Brees is out there slapping Gorilla Glue on Ginn's hands in the huddle. Cam has put it right on the money for Ginn numerous times only for the ball to go through his hands. This thread is revisionists history at it's finest.
  8. He's showing why they didn't want him. Zero self-awareness.
  9. JAGs getting upset is funny because it's so stupid.
  10. RIP Kelvin Benjamin('s knee)

    yeah i couldn't remember if 5th was this year or next. Looks like next. Either way, if he plays next year, he will just be another body on the field so he might as well retire anyway instead of risking further injury.
  11. RIP Kelvin Benjamin('s knee)

    You really think the Bills will pick up the 5th year option on a slow WR now made even slower with 2 bum knees and will show up to camp overweight? Whatever KB's passion is, it isn't in football. It isn't worth the risk of his health if his heart isn't in it. Maybe some team gives him a chance, maybe even the Bills, but whatever team it is will be getting fooled and it will be a lose/lose situation for both parties.
  12. RIP Kelvin Benjamin('s knee)

    Yeah I had a feeling it was about something else. Then i clicked the thread and got the "site unreachable" page and got a sinking feeling in my stomach until i refreshed.