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  1. KillerKat

    Kalil dealing with knee injury

    Also when you have trash drafts over the years and never address weaknesses. I'd also rather re-signing Norwell instead of signing Poe. I think Moton will be an improvement over Kalil. Can't get worse:
  2. Actually we might notice a difference. We might actually notice an improvement. Only so much you have to do to be better than a speed bump.
  3. And the guy most here wanted, including me, Whitworth is still playing at a high level.
  4. And we won't notice a difference
  5. KillerKat

    Kalil dealing with knee injury

    May finally see Moton to LT and Sirles at RT like I wanted.
  6. KillerKat


    Well you can't do black helmets due to the heat. White is being used a lot now so it won't be unique. It either has to stay silver or go darker gray.
  7. He's a KR too. Him and Byrd need to be back there on kickoffs.
  8. He's 28 years old. We can make space for that.
  9. Why are most of ex Panthers over the last 8 years complete douchebags?
  10. He played RG when Turner went out. Didn't notice him that much which is good for an olineman. I'd like to see him at RT with Moton at LT with the ones.
  11. "Dammit Cam you should've just thrown it right in Quinn's hands so that I can criticize you for the interception instead of the hesitation"
  12. I don't understand why this is so hard to understand for some people. Of course he's going to hold it "a little too long" since Matt didn't do his job and his man disrupted the play.
  13. Need to try Moton at LT with Sirles at RT
  14. Why can't posters just be happy for some players instead of taking it to the extreme for pie?