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  1. One Carolina

    Someone with better PhotoShop skills than I needs to whip all these into one poster ... I would legitimately print it and frame it.   
  2. In their prime: 1.  Gamble OR Peppers 3.  Gross 4.  Smith OR Moose
  3. Steve Clifford Extended

    Extending him early hopefully pays off as it seems as if he will be a hot commodity come this summer.  His name was mentioned when rockets fired McHale. 
  4. Pets Named after Carolina Panthers

    This is Jake (Delhomme) back in Week 1 at 5 months old ... he's having a pretty awesome first Panther season!  
  5. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

    Sounds like a woman trying to legitimize her feelings through her daughter.  Using your own child to mask and publicize your anger towards a football player is much more appropriate than the celebration by the evil that has forever destroyed your own perception of an "everyone wins, it's everyone else's fault" society.    #parentoftheyear
  6. Our Color Rush Uniforms

    Someone should update the photo shopped pics to adjust for the new info ... cause I don't have that type of skill or software.
  7. Jeremy Lamb extended by the Hornets 3 years/21 mill

    My only guess would be they would like him back but for lower $ than what the option is.  Let him become a UFA, offer him what they think he's worth, and go from there.  Its probably a risk worth taking with a developing player who has proven to be a knucklehead at times.  Just an idea.   
  8. Jeremy Lamb extended by the Hornets 3 years/21 mill

    I se this as the team gambling on his potential, buying low and hope he exceeds his contract.  Considering MKG's injury, Batum not guaranteed to re-sign, and PJ's inconsistent play ... it seems like a gamble worth taking for a small market team.  Toss in the increased cap and floor probably justified this move in their eyes anyway.  Considering his youth and ability to shoot the three I don't mind the deal.  Toss in the factors above and I can further see why the team may have done it. 
  9. It is clearly preseason...BUT you can see the difference in floor spacing by not having MKG and Henderson on the floor together.  You're also seeing the pressure off of Kemba and Al not having to be the primary scorers on most possessions (Batum).  Trying to temper excitement because its only preseason... but you have to be encouraged by what we've seen so far. 
  10. If you consider that Vegas typically values home games at 3pts when determining the spread... they really only consider Seattle a 3.5 pt favorite.  If you factor in Luke possibly returning and Lynch's hamstring...I would imagine betters will jump all over Carolina early in the week and push the line down. 
  11. Huddle Workout Warriors

    Yeah it makes sense..that being said I have gotten a great deal of results merely from the huge amount of exercises that use bicepts/tricepts, shoulders as secondary muscles..mainly the pushups and pull-ups. But, I would like to get stronger...even more than I am now. So dumbbells is definitely my next step.
  12. Huddle Workout Warriors

    Just an update from my last post: I am starting my last week..(Week 13) of p90x. During the past month is when I have seen the most physical change. I can really see the difference when I compare myself now to my pre-picture. Like I said in my last legs have seen the most improvement and my upper back. I did this run through with resistance bands, which actually worked better than I anticipated and are good for a small apartment and budget. That being said, I think I am going to invest in dumbbells and do it again. In the meantime I will do the workouts in an effort to maintain what I have and start it again after I get the dumbbells. I am thinking about asking for the dumbbells for christmas considering my poor grad student financial situation.
  13. Huddle Workout Warriors

    Hey Guys, I have been following this thread, lurking and not posting, but I figured since its slow at work today that I would join in for those interested. Background: I began working out in highschool for sports..typically doing sport specific workouts. I played baseball and basketball, so needless to say I was all legs in highschool. Once I got to college and was not playing competitive sports anymore (just intramurals) I continued working out, but was burned out on squats, leg ext., and basically all lower body workouts. So i concentrated mostly on core/upper body, while doing cardio through basketball and/or running. After four years of maintaining a weight of around 165 lbs at 6'0 and minimal gains in the weight room I decided to change things up. I am no longer burned out on legs and I wanted to get in better shape even though I was probably in decent shape already. While being home two months or so i found out my father (who works out regularly) had P90X dvd's. He has not done the traditional P90X, he does a DVD once every other day in an effort to build his strength into one day doing the entire program start to finish. Granted he is 53. Anyway, I borrowed his dvds. I already had the total gym system for pull-ups and deep push-ups. I live in a downtown apartment with no I found a great deal on resistance bands on Amazon that were highly rated specifically for p90x (did not want to invest in least not the first time through). I have not missed a day since I started. Today is day three of phase three and I am on pace to finish October 13th. The biggest changes so far... My legs and back..holy frick. My posture is better, my knees (from playing baseball-catcher and running so much for basketball) no longer ache, my ankle (I broke/sprained left ankle in highschool) no longer aches, and I feel better all from drastic changes in my legs. Needless to say, plyo whooped my ass..and still does though I can actually get through it now. I am now a beleiver in was tough at first, but now i can get through about 95 percent of the workout. I have always had decent shoulders and tricepts naturally..not really sure why, but I'm sure it has something to do with the push-ups regimine i did in highschool and through my undergrad. That being said, I have seen changes pretty much everywhere in my upper body. I wake up in the mornings feeling sore as if I just started which is great to feel. I will probably take a few weeks after to do the "maintence" program and then maybe do it again, but with free weights. TL;DR - got frustrated with lack of results in traditional workouts, so i borrowed p90X from my father...two months and two days into it. Feel great, seeing improvements, and motivated to finish the final phase! thanks.
  14. Official Netflix Thread

    Just finished watching both seasons 4 and 5 of Fox's Bones..which has become a suprising favorite of mine. Also, just watched the movie Wall Street, the 1987 orginal (the prequal to the new wall street movie). It is on instant stream. Def a good watch if you want something somewhat out of the box.